Biturbo Club Italia
1° Raduno Internazionale Biturbo
Modena 2003

"Maserati, Maseratisti, Modena, Musei, Mangiare e Bere!


Having sampled yet more of the Cucina Emiliana and partaken a 'little' more of the local Lamrusco, we proceeded in 'orderly fashion', did I really say that, a short distance to the nearby, Ceramica Mirage car park. A course lined with traffic cones had been laid out in an area of the car park by the mh-team in preparation for our 'Driving Test'. The timed test, was composed of a short sprint to a pole (A to P1) which had to be touched, without knocking it over, followed by a sprint in reverse through a chicane (P1 to P2) over the same distance without displacing any traffic cones to another pole which again had to be touched, without demolishing it, and finally a sprint for home (P2 to B); penalty points being added in the event of the said poles (200) being knocked over or cones (25) being displaced. The winner being the fastest car incvurring the minimum number of penalty points.

Mike Hofer, in his black Shamal, demonstrated what was required in a most professional manner, and when asked, wouldn't disclose how many times he had done this test before!


The deserted car park

Biturbos line the car park.

The driver's brief-in!

Ready for the challenge!

Mike demonstrates the technique!

The enthusiastic!

The over enthusiastic!

Boris's demolition job!

360 bhp sprints for home!

The more cautious approach!

A Spyder prepares its assault!

The 'event' attracts a larger crowd!

The car park was deserted when we arrived but the sound of Maserati engine power and screeching tyres hadn't gone unnoticed by the nearby residents and we soon had an appreciative audience. I am happy to say that most drivers, including the lone Alfa, rose up to the challenge! Much to everyone's relief, a 'stiff neck' prevented yours truly from demonstrating how it should be done! Boris, however, was in fine fettle and in spite of incurring penalty points for 'demolishing' the first pole (his car was so low that having knocked the pole over it dragged itback to its upright position!), was fast enough to register the second quickest time of the day.

The Biturbo Special Challenge - RESULTS

The test over, we proceeded to our next destination, the Panini Museum. Mike had given us a detailed and very easy to understand 'ROAD BOOK' to assist us on our way. Now in my wife's defence I must add that this was her first rally, but to make a mistake at the first turn was more than even I could take and in spite of the Ghibli's efficient air-conditioning system, the temperature inside the car rose dramatically. It must have been the same for the poor chap in the green Ghibli who followed us! Having realised our mistake we needed to turn around, but as always happens in such cases, do you think we could find a safe place to turn around on this winding road, no way!

My Ghibli parked outsidee the Panini Museum

Eventually we did turn around and we set of in 'hot pursuit' in an effort to catch up with the other drivers. I know it was 'hot pursuit' because, all of a sudden, my wife went very quiet!


Matteo Panini talks about his wonderful Maserati Collection

Believe me, we drove pretty quickly but didn't see them again until we arrived at the Hombre Farm. I parked right outside the museum and as I got out of the car, someone called "Enrico, what happened to you, did you get lost?" I looked up and it was Matteo. We shook hands and I looked in the direction of my wife as I explained the reasons for the slight delay.

I have been to the Museum many times before and on every occasion I have always found something new to admire. This time was no exception.

Matteo very kindly offered us all some refreshments and gave a short talk on the history of the collection that included an interesting insight into how the family came upon possession of these fabulous Maseratis. On behalf of all the Maseratisti present, I would like to express our sincere appreciation to Matteo for allowing us access to the museum to view his magnificent collection, THANK YOU!

For the first time, I went up to the mezzanine floor to see the 'static' Chubasco, the Tipo 61 'Birdcage' chassis, the 'static' Barchetta Pista and the collection of Maserati engines.

Matteo very kindly opened the engine bonnet of his recently restored Tipo 63 and I was able to photograph its 3-litre V12 engine. This car will make an appearance at the Festival of Speed, Goodwood on the 11-13th July this year. Be sure not to miss it!

Event organiser, Mike Hofer, checks out the Tipo 63 engine

As does Augusto Marcucchio (right) of the Biturbo Club Italia

The visit to the museum over, we said our goodbyes and toured back to the hotel to ready ourselves for the evening's Gala Dinner and Prize Giving Ceremony hosted by Mike Hofer and the mh-team.

In the meantime you may view the Maseratis!

#1 -Shamal

#2 - Shamal

#3 - Shamal

#4 - 3200GT

#5 - 222

#6 - Ghibli

#7 - Ghibli GT

#8 - Biturbo S

#9 - Biturbo Spyder

#10 - Spyder 3 serie

#11 - 222 SE

#12 - Biturbo 420

#14 - 2.24v

#18 - 

#20 - Ghibli 1 serie

#21 - Biturbo Spyder

#22 - Biturbo Spyder

#23 - Biturbo

#24 - Ghibli

#25 - Biturbo Si

#26 - Spyder 90

#27 - Biturbo I

#28 - 420

#29 - Ghibli

#31 - Biturbo Spyder

#32 - Ghibli

#33 - Ghibli

#34 - Biturbo Spyder

#35 - Biturbo S

#36 - Racing

#37 - Spyder 90

#38 - 422

Maseratis, all in a row!



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