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From Jacques in France


Si les dernières touches de finition ont été un peu longues à se mettre en place, elle peut enfin lézarder au soleil.

Cela valait bien la peine d'attendre un peu, non ?

Bon été à tous




Even if the final finishing touches took a little longer to put into place, she can at last laze in the sun.

It was worth the pain of waiting a little longer, don't you think ?

A jolly good summer to you all !



Jacques' spectacular Ghibli Spyder!






Jacques' spectacular Ghibli Spyder!



















Il piccolo!!

Il grande!!
From Matthias in Germany

"Hi Enrico,

it's me again. Since the "day out in the Indy" it was time to have it serviced. If you consider this to be an interesting posting, feel free to put it on your website.

Three weeks ago the first tune up of AM.116.47.998 was due. My favourite workshop not only does a great job, it's allways fun just to be around, as there are usually some lovely cars around. The main concern were the carbs, and we found the choke cable to be stuck in the wrong position. Then the float levels were set, the oil changed and the ignition timing set, and the Indy was ready to take on the next task.

The "Tiefenbronn Classics", a local historic rally, proved to be an excellent event. Well organized and perfectly layed out to enjoy your classic car, it once again took us into the Black Forest. In the home country of Porsches and Mercedes any Maserati is a rare sight, but mine wasn't the only one: a beautiful Mistral joined the event, and both our Maseratis were very well received.

Though the Indy performed flawlessly, the fuel consumption is worrying. Also, now that I'm more familiar with the car (and a little braver as well), I noticed that the engine has a lot of grunt low down but is somewhat hesitant to rev past 4000 rpm. Time to put it on a proper dynometer!

To cut a long story short, not all is well: due to a weak ignition the engine starts to cut out above 4000 rpm. The responsible engineer explained to me that the old Bosch "HKZ" ignition - a transistorized high currency unit - can't cope with the rich mixture of carburetted engines because the spark is very short. So I'll be looking for a modern alternative in the near future. My preferred ignition timing was actually way too advanced as well, reaching no less than 48° at 4000 rpm (without detonation!), but it made the Indy so very responsive at lower rpm. A vacuum advance would work magic, but there's no device on the Maserati V8. Needless to say we corrected the timing, setting it at 12° at idle and at 40° from above 4000 as it should be.

What's completely off is the jetting of the Webers, as was revealed through the analysis of the exhaust emissions. We ran out of time at this point - going through various jet sizes is a time consuming affair. But it will be fixed.

By the way, dynometer runs are not for the faint hearted. Seeing your favourite machine being revved to its limit while standing next to it increases your pulse rate - and it is noisy as hell.

Best of all is a neat little printout of the power and torque curves. What's not so good are the numbers themselves which are almost too embarassing to publish at this point. At least I now know that at 4000 rpm there's a healthy 210 bhp, and all we have to do now is to find more power in the upper rev range.

Best regards,



How a Maserati workshop should be!

"Where's that timing mark?"

"The details that count!"

Float level check!

The start of the rally!

Lining up for a timed stage

Porsches everywhere!

Travelling through Calw, Herrmann Hesse's home town

My Indy takes a well deserved break!!
From Bob in the USA

"Hi Enrico,

I saw the post from John? with the cars from Le Belle Machinne and as you can tell it was quite wet. I know I should have taken more pictures but honestly is was raining so often that I just gave up.

Some spectacular Maseratis were there and Walter showed up as well!

This year I brought my Lamborghini Espada.

Anyway, here's a picture of Espada in the rain.



Bob's Lamborghini Espada!!
From John in the USA

Maseratis at Pocono 2009


"Dear Enrico,

I often check your website for stories about Maseratis around the world. I recently attended the Italian car show in the Poconos where Maserati was featured. Maurizio suggested you might appreciate using my photos from the show on your website. If you click on a specific photo, there is a button for "all sizes". Clicking on it will then let you download a high resolution image. It would be great if you used them on your website, feel free to use any of them that you want.

Best regards,


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Maseratis at the Poconos 2009
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It's so good to see the newer models joining in!
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Maaserati Sebring 1a serie
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Maserati Tipo 4 CS with coachwork by Brianza
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Maserati A6GCS Berlinetta by Pinin Farina
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Maserati 300S
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Maserati Tipo 8CTF #3032 - the "Boyle Special"
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Winner of the Indianapolis 500 in 1939!
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Maserati Tipo 8C 2800
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Maserati V4 - a very special Zagato bodied road version
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The Three Maserateers - All for one, and one for all!
From Philippe in Belgium



"Ciao dal Belgio!



Davide with his Lancia Thema came all the way from Italy!

Charles' Maserati GranSport MC Victory came from France

A Maserati Biturbo SI (left) nand a Maserati 222 (right)
The 222 was the first model to lose the name "Biturbo".

Neat X-ray drawing of the Maserati 250F

De Tomaso Pantera SI Targa

Paul Fregrave;re - racing driver and journalist

Lamborghini Miura

Lamborghini Jarama GTS 400

Maserati Ghibli

Iso Rivolta Coupé G.T.
From eBay in the UK



A right-hand drive Maserati Ghibli Cup #400203 that sold on eBay for only GB £8,000 !!!

Described as: "This Maserati Ghibli Cup is one of only 24 RHD's remaining to my knowledge.

This model is the most sort after Ghibli produced by Maserati in the late ninties, with black leather interior with carbon trim, Momo alloy pedals, gear knob, and Momo Corsa steering wheel. It's the road going version of the Open Cup. With far superior Brembo brakes, wheels, and rear axle assembly and differential than the standard Ghibli.

Full service history.

I have now owned this car for just over 2 years, in this time it’s been well looked after. I’m the fifth owner.

Since owning it, this Cup has undergone the following modifications.

Brand new front Brembo drilled & vented brake disks & Yellow Stuff pads.

Full set of new W rated SCUDO tyres.

Brand new complete instrument assembly.

New brake master cylinder.

New front grille and front indicator assemblies.

New VARTA battery.

The new speedometer is in kilometres, as all Cups are, and shows Shows 7,230 Kms. In total the car has done 145,667 kilometres.

The car has also had oil and filer changes twice (Selinia Fully Synthetic Oil used both occasions), along with air filters and spark plugs. Since owning the Cup I’ve only covered 5,000 Kms.

The car service history includes a large a file of receipts detailing all the work carried out, during both the services and at other times.

In 2005, the engine was rebuilt using a brand new short engine supplied by Eurospares direct from a race team in Italy. The receipt for this alone was £3,760. The car was then sent to Owen Developments in Oxford. They stripped the engine down completely and replaced anything worn with new parts. Open Cup engine was used with heads from the original engine as they where in excellent condition. All liners were nickel ceramic coated, Motorsport big end bearings fitted, new rings, uprated race spec oil pump fitted, race spec oil sump baffle plates, all new gaskets belts, re-mapped etc. and rev limiter fitted and set to 6,750 RPM. Dyno print out shows engine producing 365.7bhp @ 6,676 rpm and torque figures of 335.7 lbs.ft. @ 5,164 rpm.

I’ve only run the car during the summer months, never ever in the rain. Car was also Dinol corrosion treated when new. It always garaged and is stored in a car air chamber !

This is a good clean example, the best colour and trim combination I think. Engine, interior and body are all good as you can see from the photos. I also had the underside treated with wax oil and the side skirts removed at the same time. Both sills found to be in great condition no rust found.

Car has a full stainless Maserati sports exhaust system fitted and Eibach Springs. CD changer in the boot. Alarm imobiliser is a Meta.

There are a few minor niggles/ faults, one half of the fuel cap key is broke off in the lock, cap still locks with the other half of the key, never got round to fishing the piece out. There are 2 small marks on the OSR lens. Also suspension control always shows level one though I sure it is in the level 2 setting, could be just the control switch. Never investigated it as the suspension is set just right for my style of driving."


ON A PERSONAL NOTE, I'm sorry that the seller didn't get a better price for what looks like a very very nice motor car, that with a little extra tender loving car, could well be a future CLASSIC!















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