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From Hisato in China


Following on from the success of the inaugural Maserati Festival held in 2012, the 2nd Maserati Festival took place on Sunday 12th May 2013. The event is organised by Maserati Japan with the aim of introducing visitors to an experience of the Maserati brand.


Mr. Fabrizio Cazzoli, President of Maserati Japan, opened the event by welcoming visitors and announcing a variety of programmes including a driving school, circuit racing, a concours d'elegance and an exhibition of the latest model just premiered in Japan in April the "Maserati Quattroporte GT S".

Seventy successive models of classic and later Maseratis took part in the Concours d'Elegance, a 1975 "Ghibli Spyder" winning the Grand Prize.

In addition, there was a "circuit taxi" ride. Ten lucky Maseratisti, who were selected by lottery, were taken round the circuit in a Maserati driven by three professional drivers. A chance to experience a Maserati being driven to the limits of its sports performance.

And the event ended with a truly spectacularly colourful "parade run" with more than 200 Maseratis taking part.

SPONSORS (in no particular order): Citi Cards Japan, Inc., Bulgari Japan Co. Ltd., Total Therapy, Cova Japan Co. Ltd., Photo Create, Fiat Chrysler Japan, Papabubure, Firette and Nespresso.

"Dear Enrico,

It already took some time, but I would like to send some pictures of Maserati Festival 2013 in Japan this May. It was held at Fuji Speed Way which is the same place as last year.

Even though I presently live in China, it is not very far, so that I can have weekend trip to Maserati Festival.

The day before event it was always raining recently, but for the event day the weather was nice.

I stayed at a hotel near Fuji Speed Way with members of Maserati Club of Japan. Most members woke up early and cleaned thier Maseratis at the hotel.

238 Maserati and 450 Maseratista (including friends and family) came together and enjoyed.

Free circuit driving program and driving school are prepared.

My friend joined all the program ! ( Free Sport, Active Family, Enjoy Family and Driving School).

There was also a Concours D'Elegance, GranTourismo test drives, a Parade Run and various family activities.

Three nice Spyders, a 1975 Ghibli Spyder, Biturbo Spyder and a GranSport Spyder, got a prize at the concours this year.



After the rain on the previous day...

...members wash down their cars for the Festival

Mr. Fabrizio Cazzoli, President of Maserati Japan


Lunch service and Cafe by Elio's Catering


A young lad is applauded after making sweets !

The sweets on display !

Maseratis, old and new...

...fill the parking area at the Fuji Speed Way





Participants relas "al fresco !"

Hisato's friends enjoy a drink and a chat !

The sumptous buffet was included !


This splendid Biturbo Spyder...

...was the winner in its class !



The three Spyders were winners in their class...

...with the 1975 Ghibli Spyder being the overall winner !

Maseratis driving through he pit lane...

...on their way to the circuit !

Maserati Quattroporte

Maserati Ghibli

Maserati MC12




From Jim in Germany


"Dear Sir,

In 1963 (could be 1964) I visited the Maserati Factory.

As I recall a “vice president” (I do not speak Italian and I do not remember the man’s name) showed me and my friend around.

We were able to take pictures, and in one room he offered to take my picture sitting in the Tipo 151. The car is in 'Lucky' Casner’s 1963 Le Mans colors. But the number on the car I’m sitting in is different (#54), as opposed to Casner’s Le Mans car (#2).

Do you know anything about this car ?

Do you know anything about the car in the second picture ?

If these pictures are of any interest to you, you may use it in your publication or Internet. But please credit my name (Jim Tarr) if you do.

Thank you for any information you might have in filling in the “empty spots” in my memories.

Jim Tarr."

Photo by ©JIM TARR

Jim sitting in the Maserati Tipo 151 at the Maserati Factory
Photo by ©JIM TARR

The unknown Maserati sandwiched between
the Tipo 151 at a Maserati Tipo 61 "Birdcage"

"Dear Jim,

Thank you for your email.

Lovely photos, and I'm sure lovely memories.

Do you own/drive a Maserati ?

The Tipo 151/1 you are sitting in, I suspect was being prepared for the "3 Heures d'Auvergne" at the Clermont-Ferand Circuit de Charade on July 7th 1963.

There is a photo of a Maserati Tipo 151 #54 on page 102 of the book "Maserati Tipo 151 - The last monster from Modena" by Michel Bollee and Willem Oosthoek.

The car in the centre of the other photo is a Maserati Tipo 61 "Birdcage" #2472 with bodywork by Drogo. Casner raced it unsuccessfully at Le Mans (Oh no he didn't !! SEE BELOW !!). It is now part of the Panini Collection and housed in his museum just outside Modena. See

I wish I could be of more help.

All the best,


REPLY FROM MICHEL BOLLEE (co-author of the book "Maserati Tipo 151 - The last monster from Modena")

"Hello Enrico,

I hope you are well. Congratulations for your site.

I have seen the message sent by Jim TARR.

The photos were taken after the 3 Hours d'Auvergne race (July 7 1963) and before the Guards Trophy at Brands Hatch (August 5 1963).

After the Auvergne race because on the 151 the door's windows are removed and the nose has a vent. These modifications were done at Clermont-Ferrand where the car obtained his best result in 1963 : 8th. At Brands Hatch the car had n°2.

The T61 chassis 2472 didn't raced at Le Mans. The n°56 is from Auvergne race where it finished 11th driven by Lucky Casner. His last race was at Brands Hatch (n°9 - DNF). This car is the last T61 built. It was completed on Febr. 25 1961 and won, same year: Nurburgring 1000 Km driven by Masten Gregory and Lucky Casner; Rouen Coupe Delamarre-Debouteville driven by Casner.

Hoping this will help.

Best Wishes,

Michel Bollée."

PS: Please see several pictures of these cars in my book "La Maserati du Colonel".

From Newspress in the UK


The 150,000 spectators at the Goodwood Festival of Speed were treated to an amazing sight as an extraordinary array of over 30 supercars sped up the hill at the 2013 Goodwood Festival of Speed on Friday lunchtime.

Amongst them were the Trident Marque’s three latest additions: the GranCabrio MC, the GranTurismo MC Stradale four seater and, making its official UK debut, the new Ghibli.


The new Maserati Ghibli at Goodwood Festival of Speed

The new Maserati Ghibli at Goodwood Festival of Speed

The Maserati Ghibli is set to define new boundaries in the trident brand. It is the first Maserati saloon in the Premium Executive E segment and is also the first Maserati in history to feature a diesel engine, designed by former Scuderia Ferrari F1 Head of Engines Paolo Martinelli. The Ghibli will arrive in the UK in the autumn and OTR prices will start from £48,830.


Maserati GranCabrio MC at Goodwood Festival of Speed

Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason with Maserati GranCabrio MC

The Ghibli will have a sportier character compared to the Quattroporte: it will be equipped with two Twin Turbo V6 petrol engines of 330 hp (Ghibli) and 410 hp (Ghibli S). Completing the range will be a 3.0-litre V6 turbo-diesel delivering 275 hp (Ghibli Diesel). All versions are equipped with an eight-speed automatic ZF transmission.


Maserati Quattroporte Generations I to VI and the new Ghibli

Maserati Quattroporte Generations I to VI and the new Ghibli

Crowds also gathered at the Press Centre, sponsored by Maserati, to view the stunning display of Quattroportes parked there. The incredible and rare line-up exhibited all six generations of the marque’s flagship model, celebrating fifty successful years since its creation and highlighting the fantastic evolution of the unrivalled executive four door saloon. Completing the display was the Quattroporte’s little brother the Ghibli, allowing spectators to admire the car from up close and explore the interior.

Celebrity chef James Martin was the first one to get behind the wheel of the GranTurismo MC Stradale four seater: a fine connoisseur and collector of classic and modern supercars, James made the most of the Maserati’s V8 and sent the crowds into a frenzy as he tore up Goodwood Hill.


Celebrity chef James Martin with Maserati GranTurismo MC Stradale

Celebrity chef James Martin with Maserati GranTurismo MC Stradale

Taking advantage of the fantastic weather in the GranCabrio MC was Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason; a great racing driver of classic cars whose collection includes a Maserati 250F and two Maserati Birdcages.

Photo and text courtesy of Maserati.

From the H Family in Germany


"Hallo Enrico,

wir wollen heute unseren Maserati Primatist Automatik bei euch vorstellen.

Es ist bis jetzt der erste bekannte Primatist mit der 2,8 ltr Maschine und Automatik.

Das Fahrzeug ist seit 4 Jahren in unseren Besitz und hat eine lückenlose Historie. Die originalen Aufkleber haben wir auch noch zu dem Fahrzeug, waren aber nie montiert.

Das Fahrzeug wurde 1997 so ausgeliefert, wie es auf dem Bildern zu erkennen ist, mit OZ Felgen und dieser Innenausstattung.

Allerdings "verschwand" das Fahrzeug innerhalb von 3 Monaten von der Bildfläche, um im Jahr 2000 wieder in Deutschland aufzutauchen. Wir sind die dritten Besitzer.

Vielleicht kann uns ja der eine oder andere noch mehr Details zu diesem Fahrzeug geben.

Trotzdem wäre es interessant zu wissen, ob es noch mehr Primatisten als Automatkversion gibt, oder ob unserer der einzigste ist.

Viele Grüße aus Deutschland.

Familie H."

"Hello Enrico,

Today we want to share with you photos of our Maserati Primatist Automatic.

It is up until now, the first known Primatist with the 2.8-litre engine and automatic transmission.

The vehicle has been in our Ownership now for four years and has a consistent history. We also have the original stickers, but they were never installed.

The vehicle was delivered in 1997, and as can be seen on the images, fitted with 17-inch OZ wheels, and this interior.

The car was originally sold in Germany, and then probably sold to Italy, and then appeared again in Germany in 2000. We are the third owners.

Maybe someone out there has more information to share about this car ?

It would be interesting to know if there are anymore examples of an automatic Primatist, or whether this is the sole example.

Greetings from Germany.

H Family."
















From Enrico in the UK


One of the attractions of the Biturbo era cars was that now famous analogue clock installed on the Biturbo II and later models. It was preceeded by a simpler digital clock made by Veglia Borletti.

The gold clock is a beautiful product, but the Swiss clock is easily removed and, was therefore, very attractive to both thieves and previous owners, who kept them as a souvenier.

Contrary to popular belief, the clock was not made by Cartier, but Bouchet-Lassale of Switzerland. A very expensive item to replace, it is very important to replace a missing clock with the correct type; there are in fact 4 models which differ not only in appearance (the dials differ), but its power supply, method of illumination and position of its winder.

Biturbo Coupe 1a serie
Original digital clock by Veglia Borletti

Biturbo Spyder


Quattroporte Royale



Ghibli GT

Ghibli Cup

An early analogue clock with the central winder

Fabrique par Bouchet-Lassale SA Geneve - Swiss Made

From Maserati in Italy


- Cecchellero's First Trofeo Win

Race 1 in the third round of the Maserati Trofeo MC World Series went to Andrea Cecchellero. The action at Silverstone saw the Italian scoop his first win of the season.


Andrea Cecchellero - Maserati Trofeo MC World Series

Maserati Trofeo MC World Series

Cecchellero’s consistent driving saw him top off a fine day’s work after he earlier claimed the first qualifying session. Renaud Kuppens, from Konvex Motorsport, tried to challenge the eventual winner but was forced out halfway through when a wheel came loose. He was sitting in second at the time.

Runners-up spot was taken by Swiss Team’s Mauro Calamia after a battling comeback from lower down the field. The Swiss driver started on ninth but gradually made his way through the pack. He claimed second place at the expense of Riccardo Ragazzi, shunted into third.

Mikkel Mac, from Denmark, took fourth with Frenchman Ange Barde edging Monaco-based Cedric Sbirrazzuoli into sixth in the closing stages.

The destination of the Trofeo Europa has been put off to tomorrow with Renaud Kuppens, despite today’s retirement and lack of points, still leading the standings.

Andrea Cecchellero: “The start was crucial: being up front into the first turn was important because I then just had to build up a lead without asking too much of the car or tyres. The track was dirty and dangerous and it was very hot. At last we have pulled a great result out of the bag, one that we have been waiting a while for. For a number of reasons, in the first few races we couldn’t really express ourselves fully but have shown that we deserved something better, both in tests and qualifying. We just needed that little extra belief and finally we found it”.

Race 1 result

1. Cecchellero/Fascicolo 31:15.950
2. Mauro Calamia 31:23.911*
3. Simoni/Ragazzi 31:24.956

*competing in the Pirelli Team Cup

Kuppens crowned Masrati Trofeo European champion

Renaud Kuppens, from Konvex Motorsport, has collected the first title of the 2013 Maserati Trofeo MC World Series. Competing at Silverstone, the prize is awarded to the driver who tops the standings at the end of the three European rounds. This weekend’s meet comes after the rounds at Nuerburgring, Germany, and Paul Ricard, France.


Renaud Kuppens - Maserati Trofeo MC World Series

Maserati Trofeo MC World Series

Kuppens also scooped the Trofeo Europa in 2012 and heads home with a win in the endurance race and a second place in the Sunday morning event. His haul could have been even bigger if he hadn’t lost a wheel in Race 1, on Saturday afternoon, when in second. The Belgian’s winning margin was six seconds over Frenchman Ange Barde and twenty-three over third-placed Simoni/Ragazzi. Fourth went to Mikkel Mac after a certain podium position slipped away because of a drive through for not respecting the track speed limit. Gobbo/Cola picked up the same penalty and were also held up with a pit stop; they eventually came home sixth. Adrien De Leener, another Belgian, did well to finish fifth.

A lot of drivers were hit with drive throughs this weekend, especially in Race 2 where victory went to Brian Wong. This came after Cola’s win was overturned by officials. Twenty-five seconds were added to Cola’s time, as it was to Kuppens’ and Mac’s, for not making a drive through; the penalty had been handed out after the drivers exceeded the track limit. The officials’ decision meant that the final race order read: Brian Wong (Swiss Team), Cola, Kuppens, Mac, Calamia, Simoni, Bakker, Fascicolo, Waszczinski and Segler.

Guest drivers, journalists Roberto Giordanelli and Jaime Hernandez, do not pick up any points and ended the endurance race in sixteenth spot.

Round 4 will be disputed at Sonoma, USA, on 25 August and will be the first event held outside Europe. From there it will be on to Shanghai, China, and Abu Dhabi on 14 December.

Renaud Kuppens: “It was difficult but I pulled it off: I managed to win on a circuit that was really hard to drive, even though I was in pole. It is not one of my favourites. For the first time this year victory came in the endurance race, perhaps because I didn’t have to spend any extra time in the pits. The points I earned here gave me the European title, one I won last year. I am really pleased but there is still a long way to go. We are halfway through the season, there are still nine races left and anything can happen. The important thing now is to stay focused and keep doing what we are doing. The next round is at Sonoma, close to San Francisco, in the US, and it is a track I really like”. Race 2 result

1. Wong/Cesari 31’23.050*
2. Cola/Gobbo 31’27.941
3. Renaud Kuppens 32’28.799*

Race 3 result

1. Renaud Kuppens 50’00.592*
2. Ange Barde 50’06.806
3. Ragazzi/Simoni 50’23.688

*competing in the Pirelli Team Cup

Overall Classification

1 Renaud Kuppens 139 points
2 Mikkel Mac 99 points
3 Cola/Gobbo 83 points

The complete classifications can be found on the website. The site also features interviews, in-depth reports, videos and photographs from the third round of the Maserati Trofeo MC World Series.

Text and photos courtesy of Maserati

From Hugh in Australia


"Hi Enrico,

Mast be 1999 since I saw you last.

I Still have Shamal number 25, red and black delivered to me in 1995.

Also 430 3-valve auto Blue and cream. Factory delivered in 1995.

Also 1984 Biturbo Carbie of course white and brown and now right-hand drive.

Past President of Club Maserati Australia.

I carry out all my own service work on the cars and have my own workshop car lift with all the tools. My business is supplying tools to the auto trade. This is my 35th year in the trade.

I was cleaning up the other day when I came across some electrical diagrams of the Biturbo and service books covering 3 and 4-valve cars.

The electrical one on your web site has been difficult to read, the wire and component numbers. I have copied these to a PDF file and will email them to you.

Hugh Zions.

P.S. Pic taken after car was allowed on the road again. 7 years restoration and enjoyed every minute of it !"

Hugh sitting in his recently restored Maserati Biturbo

From Thor in Norway


"Hi Enrico,

Love your site, an amazing resource for everything Maserati !

Two and a half years ago I bought a 1980 Quattroporte III. As the seller quipped after I drove it 500 miles home from the shipping terminal, "Great to see you drove the car after picking it up. I dont think that many 35 yr. old Ferraris could do that after having been shipped !" So true, so true ;-).

I bought the car as a project that my son and I could work on together, and we've both learned a lot, while going through the car methodologically and fixing things. Earlier this year we reached the point where we had to enlist the help of professionals in order to do a full bare metal respray. There's only so much one can do in a home garage.

In order to share experiences, tips, parts and ideas with other Quattroporte III owners, as well as owners of cars that share engines or other components (e.g. Quattroporte I, Khamsin, Indy, Mexico, etc.) I've set up a blog outlining the work performed so far. It would be great if you could publish the link and invite your readers to have a look and comment on anything they find interesting there.

The blog is at:

One other thing, this particular car is pretty well documented and has been written about twice in VCM. I'll attach the two articles for you to read. Mike had the car for 16 years, 15 of those in a garage on axle stands as he restored it, I purchased it from Chuck who had it for about 3 years and used it for family outings to classic car events and the like.

Best regards,


Thor's Quattroporte III














From Maserati in Italy


- Alberto Cola and Patrick Gobbo secured the last race in the Maserati Trofeo MC World Series.

This weekend’s second round was held at Nürburgring and saw 24 Maserati GranTurismo MC Trofeos take to the track. The endurance race was the most entertaining event and took place on a sunny Sunday. This was a welcome change from the rain and fog that had lingered over the past few days and that had delayed the Saturday programme. Early on, Renaud Kuppens was in the spotlight, as he was when claiming the first two races. Starting on pole, he had to overtake Alan Simoni before defending a lead he held until the compulsory pit stops. This was when the podium places were sorted out. Cola and Gobbo, who had been in fifth, managed to take the race lead. They made the most of Ange Barde’s axle shaft giving way, and Mikkel Mac’s tyre problems, to inherit top spot. Cola and Gobbo went on to cross the line without any major incident. Their front right tyre did blow but this happened on the very last corner and their lead over Swiss Team’s Andrea Gardelli/Fabio Venier was healthy enough. Third spot on the podium went to Riccardo Romagnoli/Mauro Calamia.

Simoni/Ragazzi missed out on the chance to finish in the lead places because of a drive-through earned after crossing the white line when leaving the pits after the driver change. Pierre Marie De Leener and Delli Guanti/Boccellari were also penalised for the same thing. So, as at Paul Ricard, Renaud Kuppens failed to score a triple. The extra 20 seconds spent in the pit lane, a regulation affecting the top five crews, played a major role, as did the puncture he suffered when in sixth.

Race 2 was disputed in the morning and, as mentioned above, the win went to Renaud Kuppens. In second was the Dane Mikkel Mac, with Italian Alberto Cola third.

As a mark of respect for Pietro Stragliati, the AF Corse collaborator who died here on Thursday, there were no celebrations for the drivers on the podium.

The next round in the Maserati Trofeo MC World Series is scheduled for 14 July and will take place at Silverstone, England. The meet will also see the Trofeo Europa assigned to the driver leading the overall standings after the first three rounds.

Alberto Cola: “It was a great result, even though we didn’t get off to a good start. I soon found myself behind Mikkel Mac and realised he had tyre problems. He was pretty slow and it was tough getting past him. Once ahead of him I tried not to take too many risks and focused on handing over the car to my team mate in decent shape as the tyres were feeling the pace”.

Patrick Gobbo: “It is true that the tyres weren’t 100% but the car reacted well. I managed to settle into a decent rhythm and hoped everything would go well. Luckily, I punctured at the very last curve so still managed to claim the win”.

Race 2 result

1. Renaud Kuppens 32’04.484*
2. Mikkel Mac 32’05.152
3. Alberto Cola 32’11.755

Race 3 result

1. Gobbo/Cola 23 laps
2. Venier/Gardelli +2.947*
3. Romagnoli/Calamia +8.690*

*Enrolled in the Pirelli Team Cup

Overall standings

1 Renaud Kuppens 101 points
2 Mikkel Mac 67 points
3 Cola/Gobbo 57 points


The Cola/Gobbi GranTurismo MC Trofeo takes the chequered flag !

The Renaud/Kuppens GranTurismo MC Trofeo

From Onno in Belgium


"Hello Enrico,

Here's a video of the latest Curbstone Trackday event; we even had a MC12 participating. Quite a stunning car to lay the least. CLICK HERE !

Here is a lovely picture by Dennis Noten:

Photo by Dennis Noten

The fabulous Maserati MC12 at a Curbstone Trackday Event !

From Justin in the USA


"Dear Justin,

Thanks for the great shot of that Porsche headlight. You have an eye for automotive beauty. Very thoughtful of you to send that to me.

In response and thanks I've enclosed a copy of the best picture I've ever taken, Juan Manuel Fangio during practice in Monaco either '56 or '57. He was driving an experimental Maserati V-12. The brute was all over the track and not driven in the race.

Photo by Bob Pickard

The great Juan Manuel Fangio at the wheel on the experimental Maserati 250F V12 !!

I had bluffed my way into the pits by having convinced an innocent Monocan young woman in the press booth that I was a photographer for the Stars and Stripes (the official paper for American servicemen). With pit pass around my neck along with my Voitlander Vitessa (camera) I waltzed around taking pictures of all of the team cars and rubbing elbows with the likes of Fangio, Moss, Collins, Hawthorne, and Von Trips. Was one of my life's great racing thrills.

The picture was taken at the end of the straight near the starting line. The turn was a 180. I stood on a short barrel at the apex and looked down into the cockpits as drivers practiced. There was no zoom lens. I look at this picture now and wonder how I stayed on the barrel!!! Only Fangio came this close.

Hope this finds you doing well.

Thanks for the Porsche picture.


From Hisato in China


"Dear Enrico,

I visited Paris last week and I met Maseratrista there.

Thank you for your information about Maseratitude and Maseratista in Paris.

I enjoyed a lot even short stay.

Here is some pictures in Paris.

It was my first visit to Paris and I look around famous landmarks on first day.

Gun and Bruno from Maseratitude (French Maseratista's web site) came to my hotel on moring of second day.

We chatted with fine coffee and Gun drove his Ghibli with me to the Charles de Gaulle International Airport.

It is my fantastic experience, to know French road condition, Maserati ride feeling in Paris and so on.

I also feel passion of Maseratista, kindness too.

I would lile to see them again some time in Italy as Maserati 100th aniversary.

If I do not own Maserati, I would just see some Paris landmark only....But this is fantastic.

I would like to say thanks to everyone, especially to Maseratitude and Enrico for support.

For your reference, below is Maseratitude web site -



Hisato and Ben standing by Ben's Maserati Ghibli

Hisato and Gun, president of Maseratitude, standing by the Maserati Ghibli

Driving through Paris in the Maserati Ghibli

Driving under Paris in the Maserati Ghibli

From Mario in Italy


"Ciao Enrico,

First of all, thank you for this excellent site and the job you're doing for Maserati enthusiasts.

Me and my brother are Ghibli GT owners.

This is what we found after removal for a check on our Ghibli's diverter (Pop-off) valves: one was cracked and the other had melted.

So I decided to follow the link on page 171 (grazie Preecha). On the site there is Preecha's valve with 3 different springs, plus an adjustable valve that could be use as a blow off valve too.

I chose the adjustable recirculation valve but after inspection I changed the O-rings (should be high temperature resitant).

At the end it work too but there is no point to have an adjustable valve because it should be tightened to the maximum to work with our turbo pressure, and it's better to have the recirculation (no pschiit noise and no confusion to the metered air flow system), except the O-rings, the quality is good (aluminium body and brass piston) and with the shipping it cost 50 euro per valve.

Here are some pictures of the melted valve.

Also, some Ghiblis instrument panel covers are losing their shape after having been cooked under the windscreen during a southern Italian summer..(or maybe it's just due to the rubbish plastic they've used..).

It's not too difficult to give it is original shape with an electric heater (of course you have to remove the leather and wear a pair of gloves when you re-work it..).

I also decided to attach it properly to the dashboard with extra zee brackets, as you can see on the picture.

And finaly I've installed a heat shield to these (often failing) relays on the right hand of the engine bay.

It's an aluminium plate with a coat of heat resistant material similar to asbestos.

Hope this will help.



The melted po-off (dump) valve

The new adjustable pop-off valve in place

Re-shaping the instrument binnacle

Extra 'Zee' brackets for the instrument binnacle

The heat shield protecting the relays

From Daniel in France


"Dear Enrico,

I thought you would enjoy to see my Quattroporte Janus Two Seater Version.

Best wishes,


Daniel's Quattroporte Janus Two Seater Version !!




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