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Hoen button on a Maserati A6G/2000 Frua Spyder
You can click on some pictures for a better view!!
From Pierre in France


I'm a new owner of Masérati with an Indy 4900.

This car give me a lot of pleasure.

Now, the engine is in total work and it will be like new in one month.

Best regards,

Pierre from south of France."

Visiting the Panini Museum


I saw with interest your pages about the Panini Collection of Maseratis. I was wondering if you have any contact information for the Panini Collection or the Maserati factory itself?

We're planning a trip and would love to go. can't seem to find much detail on the web.

BTW, your Maserati pages are great.



"Hi Bob,

Thank you for your email.

When do you intend to visit?

Go to this site

Send an email to or phone phone +39 059 510660 to let them know when you intend to visit and they will let you know if that's OK.

There you will see directions to this farm (see attached image).

The farm belongs to the Panini family and the museum is on the farm. Don't forget to buy your Parmesan cheese there. It's one of the, if not THE best you can buy. Also buy some of their Balsamic vinegar, it's like syrup. It's not cheap, but it's half the price you would normally expect to pay in the shops for that quality.

Regarding the factory, I believe their showroom is open to the general public but a factory visit might prove difficult. The factory is now officially closed until September for 'ferragosto', the Italian annual holiday period.



From Moving History in Italy

News of an interesting classic car meeting for Maserati and all other enthusiasts who find themselves holidaying in Italy during October 2005.

This event is organised by Mike Hofer and the Moving History Team, who are sure to make the weekend an interesting one!

From Daniele in Italy

"Ciao Enrico,

ti spedisco la foto "Maserati Connection".

A presto!



The Maserati Connection at the 2nd Marco Turci Memorial Meeting - Mirandola (MO), 2005

A Maserati Merak 2000 and a 1995 specification Ghibli Open Cup - Mirandola (MO), 2005
A 'Viertür' to rival the 'Quattroporte'.

Porsche this week ended speculation about a possible four-door model joining the line-up, confirming the all-new Panamera will enter the market in 2009.

The new car will be Porsche's first sports coupe to have four seats and four doors, and will be powered by various engines, one of which is believed to be a V8.

The rear-wheel drive car will will go up against other premium four-door sports coupes such as the Maserati Quattroporte, Mercedes CLS and Bentley's Continental Flying Spur.

The name Panamera is derived from the Carrera Panamericana long-distance race.

All very well, but what could they possibly produce to rival these models??

!!!NEWSFLASH!!! At the recent Frankfurt Motor Show Maserati announced two new Quattroporte variants, the 'Executive GT' and the 'Sports GT'. However there is a unique variant that has been kept very quiet by the factory, the Quattroporte 'Banana'. It was displayed on the Maserati Club stand at the Bonhams Silverstone Classic last weekend.

From Alex in France

"Dear Enrico,

I hope you're doing well.

I was browing the web when I found this picture.

It's the aftermath of the tragic F1 1978 Monza GP start.

Lotus driver Ronnie Peterson was involved in the crash at the first chicane, his car is visible on the left, while on the right you can see that the rescue car was in fact... a Maserati Ghibli!

Keep up the good work with the site!


RuoteClassiche - Italy's foremost classic car magazine

The following are the prices quoted for Maseratis as at July 2005:

A6 1500 (1946-50) - EURO 155,000.00

A6G 2000 PININ FARINA (1951-53) - EURO 130,000.00

A6G/54 2000 ZAGATO (1954-57) - EURO 210,000.00

A6G/54 2000 ALLEMANO (1954-57) - EURO 105,000.00

A6G/54 2000 FRUA SPIDER (1954-57) - EURO 130,000.00

3500 GT COUPE TOURING CARB. (1957-64) - EURO 39,000.00

3500 GT SPIDER VIGNALE CARB. (1959-64) - EURO 62,000.00

3500 GTI COUPE TOURING INIJECTION (1961-65) - EURO 36,000.00

3500 GTI SPIDER VIGNALE INIJECTION (1961-64) - EURO 57,000.00

5000 GT (1960-64) - EURO 93,000.00

SEBRING GTIS 3.5-litre, 3.7-litre and 4.0-litre (1963-69) - EURO 28,000.00

3500 GT 2 POSTI (MISTRAL) (1963-64) - EURO 36,000.00

MISTRAL 3.7-litre and 4.0-litre (1964-69) - EURO 36,000.00

MISTRAL SPIDER 3.7-litre and 4.0-litre (1964-69) - EURO 62,000.00

GHIBLI 4.7-litre (1966-73) - EURO 33,000.00

GHIBL1 SPIDER 4.7-litre (1969-73) - EURO 62,000.00

GHIBL1 SS 4.9-litre (1970-73) - EURO 36,000.00

GHIBLI SS SPIDER 4.9-litre (1970-73) - EURO 67,000.00

MEXICO 4.2-litre and 4.7-litre (1967-73) - EURO 21,000.00

INDY 4.2-litre, 4.7-litre and 4.9 (1969-74) - EURO 31,000.00

QUATTROPORTE 4.2-litre and 4.7-litre (1963-70) - EURO 18,000.00

BORA 4.7-litre and 4.9-litre (1971-80) - EURO 47,000.00

MERAK 3-litre (1972-74) - EURO 21,000.00

MERAK SS 3-litre (1975-84) - EURO 23,000.00

MERAK GT 2-litre (1976-84) - EURO 18,000.00

KHAMSIN 4.9-litre (1972-83) - EURO 26,000.00

QUATTROPORTE II 3-litre (1974-75) - EURO 15,500.00

KYALAMI 4.2-litre and 4.9-litre (1976-84) - EURO 18,000.00

QUATTROPORTE 4.2-litre and 4.9-litre (1976-81) - EURO 7,000.00

QUATTROPORTE 4.2-litre and 4.9-litre (1982-87) - EURO 8,000.00

QUATTROPORTE ROYALE 4.9-litre (1987-88) - EURO 10,000.00

BITURBO 2-litre (1981-83) - EURO 2,000.00

BITURBO 2-litre (1984-87) - EURO 2,500.00

BITURBO 425 2.5-litre (1984-87) - EURO 3,000.00

BITURBO II 2-litre (1986-88) - EURO 3,000.00

222 2-litre (1988-92) - EURO 3,500.00

BITURBO S 2-litre (1984-87) - EURO 3,000.00

BITURBO Si 2-litre (1987-88) - EURO 3,500.00

228i 2.8-litre (1985-87) - EURO 5,000.00

228i 2.8-litre (1988-90) - EURO 6,000.00

BITURBO 420 2-litre (1985-86) - EURO 2,500.00

BITURBO 420i 2-litre (1986-87) - EURO 3,000.00

BITURBO 420i 2-litre (1988-90) - EURO 3,500.00

BITURBO 420S 2-litre (1985-87) - EURO 3,000.00

BITURBO 420Si 2-litre (1987) - EURO 3,500.00

BITURBO 420Si 2-litre (1988-90) - EURO 4,000.00

2.24v 2-litre (1988-93) - EURO 4,000.00

422/4.18V 2-litre (1988-92) - EURO 4,000.00

4.24V 2-litre (1990-93) - EURO 6,000.00

BITURBO 430 2.8-litre (1988-90) - EURO 5,000.00

430/430 4V 2.8-litre (1991-94) - EURO 6,000.00

BITURBO SPIDER 2-litre (1985-87) - EURO 6,000.00

BITURBO SPIDER i 2-litre (1987-94) - EURO 7,000.00

BITURBO SPIDER 2.0 2-litre (1987-94) - EURO 7,000.00

BITURBO SPIDER 2.8i 2.8-litre (1987-94) - EURO 7,000.00

BITURBO SPIDER 2.8 2.8-litre (1990-94) - EURO 8,000.00

KARIF 2.8-litre (1988-92) - EURO 5,000.00

SHAMAL 3.2-litre (1989-95) - EURO 10,000.00

RACING 2-litre (1991-92) - EURO 7,500.00

GHIBLI 2.0-litre and 2.8-litre (1992-95) - EURO 8,500.00

QUATTROPORTE BITURBO 2-litre and 2.8-litre (1994-95) - EURO 11,000.00

Manuals for 4200s and Quattroporte

I have been asked numerous times about the availability of workshop manuals for the new Quattroporte and the 4200 Coupe and Spyder. Here is a reply I received from a well respected supplier of manuals:

"Dear Enrico,

I finally got a straight answer from someone at Maserati. The 4200 and new Quattroporte info is available on CD-rom. However, the CD rom must be used in conjuction with a 'Dongle Key' that is attached to the PC and allows the program to operate.

I think the Dongle Key is the same one Ferrari now uses and the key alone is US $2,000.00 (Yes, that's two thousand US dollars!!!!!). Once I found that out I did not inquire any further as to the price of the CD.



Complimenti Dottore!!!

I would like to add my congratulations to those posted by friends and fellow Maseratisti on the Repartocorse Forum for Dott. Claudio Ivaldi, President of the Biturbo Club Italia, on his recent 'extraction' of a Doctorate in Dentistry at the University of Genoa.

From Modena and Mirandola, Italia

On a recent visit to Italy, I met up with fellow members of the Biturbo Club Italia and other Maserati enthusiasts at the 2nd Marco Turci Memorial Meeting. The meeting began at the Maserati factory in Viale Ciro Menotti where a tour of the factory had been organised. From there we travelled with a police escort during a 20-odd mile trip north to Mirandola where the 85 Maseratis, and one OSCA, present were placed on display in the main Piazza.

Rossano of 'Repartocorse' fame was kind enough to let me join him in his Biturbo Si as I feared turning up in a Hertz-hired Ford Fusion wouldn't go down too well with the Maseratisti present. We arrived early to find this little jewel parked in Maserati's multi-storey car park. A rare, in fact sole survivor of the two OSCA "1600 GT 2" Coupes, with coachwork by Giovanni Michelotti, produced by the Maserati brothers at Bologna in 1961. Believe me, I tried unsuccessfully to put it in my pocket but alas it was bigger than I thought!

"I'm off to the Silverstone Classic this weekend and I'll be publishing more photos from the Marco Turci Meeting next week.



The splendid little OSCA 1600 takes the slow lane to Mirandola!

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