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BR 01 Tourbillon
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From Newspress in the UK



Maserati GB is proud to announce that the 1000th Quattroporte has just been registered in the UK, since its debut on UK roads in 2004.

The 1000th car, a Maserati Quattroporte Sport GTS in Blu Oceano with Sabbia leather interior, was delivered yesterday by Maserati GB’s Head of Sales Peter Denton and Edward Lovett, Dealer Principal at Dick Lovett Maserati in Swindon, to its proud new owner John Burton. A keen racing driver of World Sports Racing Prototypes (he still races his Chevron B26 that he used to drive in the ‘70s), Mr Burton, accompanied by his wife Rosie, couldn’t wait to get on the road, accompanied by the sound of the GTS’s thrilling V8.

The Maserati Quattroporte, which had its worldwide premiere at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2003, took the sport luxury saloon segment by storm, thanks to its distinctive Italian soul. It speaks for the traditional Maserati values and provides continuity with the great saloons bearing the same name that have achieved success in the past, from the first Quattroporte with Frua body in 1964, to the “presidential” Quattroporte in 1984, of which the Italian President Sandro Pertini was particularly fond.

After five years of success, with 46 awards won internationally, the new Quattroporte range reinforces the model’s exclusive image with a thorough technical and styling upgrade, and with the Quattroporte Sport GTS performance reaches new peaks.

Conceived and developed as “a real driving machine in the guise of a luxury saloon”, the Quattroporte Sport GTS features the new V8 4.7 litre engine with increased power output (440 HP), specific gear-shifting software, front and rear suspension with single-rate dampers, stiffer springs and lower ride height and a sports exhaust controlled by pneumatic valves for a deep, throaty and captivating sound enhanced by large twin-oval tailpipes.

The Maserati Quattroporte Sport GTS is on sale at £89,865.


The 1000th Maserati Quattroporte registered in the UK delivered to John and Rosie Burton
From Jim in Scotland

“Scottish Italian Car Day” 24th May 2009


"Hi Henry,

I hope you are well.

It’s Jim in Edinburgh here with the silver Ghibli Cup.

I was just scrolling through you’re EVENTS listings there and an idea started to form in my head. Italian car get-togethers are so rare in Scotland than they can be counted on one finger. And even this event itself produces very little publicity about itself.

We have, every year at the end of May, the “Scottish Italian Car Day” at Craigtoun Country Park outside St Andrews.

The event, as I understand it is an Alfa Romeo meet onto which a lot of other clubs attend, most notably perhaps the Fiat Coupe club see quite a successful turnout.

All the big guns turn out but as a marque, Maserati is usually a bit of a hit or miss in the representation stakes. – I’ve been one of only two cars previously and also one of ten!

The event is without format and literarily involves a collection of cars in a field, however this is often the only time many people meet up - I witnessed a particularly amusing exchange a few years back between two owners of Lancia Thema 8:3s who had never before met!

The lack of turnout has bothered me for some years, but only recently I have started to think more seriously about trying to motivate local owners to go. Whilst I know only a couple of people locally to talk to who have Tridents on the front of their cars, I cannot help but to have noticed there are now three recent Maserati owners within a mile of where I live in Edinburgh!- including a spanking new GranTurismo which lives outside!

This, I think, is indicative of the relative success of the marque in finding owners which perhaps previously would have been driving something else and I can only assume represents the wider success of the marque internationally. Now, nobody ends up buying a Maserati by accident, and a certain level of inherent enthusiasm must prevail with all owners, as such I would think many (as I am) are perhaps regular visitors to your site and wonder whether it is perhaps worth a small note to everyone to publicise the event to the local Trident community.

The event will be held on the 24th May this year, so Maseratisti please come along if you can make it. It's sure to be great fun!. I will review the footage, but in the meantime, I'm sending you this one now as a taster...

All the best,


From Maurizio in Japan

"Dear Enrico,

I wanted to bring to your attention a video of a recent drive by a group of Maseratisti here in Japan. They all own Maserati (and others) cars designed by the great Marcello Gandini. The Shamal drivers also regularly take their cars to the various tracks in Japan for races and events.

All the best,


From Enrico in the UK

MASERATI The Road Cars 1981-1997Ciao Maseratisti,

I've just found out that David Thomas Motoring Books are offering the book "MASERATI The Road Cars 1981-1997" by John Price Williams for only GB £10.99p!

A great price for a good read!!!

MASERATI The Road Cars 1981-1997 - an informative read for the Biturbo-era owner!

The book also contains two photos of my Ghibli MY94 and one of Roger's "due, due, due, quattrovalvole!!!", and they've got to be worth at least £10 on their own!!!

David Thomas Motoring Books

From Lorenzo in France

Journées Maserati Circuit de Charade


"Bonjour Enrico !

2nd Maserati Days MeetingEncore une fois, bravo pour la qualité de votre site, le lien reconnu de tous les passionnés de la marque de Modène.

Je vous joins quelques photos des 2e journées Maserati, organisées par le Club Maserati France le week end du 1er Mai.

Cet événement a lieu tous les deux ans autour de la location d’un circuit français.

Après le circuit de Bresse en 2007, c’est le circuit de Charade, en Auvergne qui était retenu pour cette année.

Le programme était culturel le Vendredi, avec une découverte de la région et de la ville de Clermont Ferrand, siège historique du groupe Michelin.

Le Samedi était consacré à la conduite sur le circuit, et nous avons profité du Dimanche pour sillonner les merveilleuses routes de montagne parmi les volcans millénaires.

L’assemblée était composée de 24 équipages

Les voitures présentes :

1 3500 GT recarrossée en barquette
2 3500 GT (une première série et une seconde série)
5 Ghibli ( deux 4,7L et trois SS)
1 Indy 4900
1 Merak
1 222
1 Barchetta
5 3200 GT
2 4200 Spyder
2 GranSport
1 Quattroporte V
1 GranTurismo
1 Citroen SM
Et… une 308 Quattrovalvole car il faut toujours une exception !

Une sortie très réussie, de l’avis de tous les participants…

Rendez vous est pris pour le 1er Mai 2011 !

Amitiés aux Maseratistes !

Lorenzo, trésorier club Maserati France."


"Hello Enrico !

Once again, well done for the quality of your site, well known by all enthusiasts of the Modenese marque.

I would like to share a few photos of our 2nd Maserati Days, organized by the Club Maserati France over the week-end of May 1.

This event takes place every two years, and staged at a French race circuit.

Following our visit to the circuit at Bresse in 2007, this year we chose the circuit at Charade, in Auvergne as our venue.

Our programme for the Friday was cultural, with a discovery of the area and town of Clermont Ferrand, historical seat of the Michelin group.

The Saturday was devoted to driving at the circuit, and on the Sunday we benefitted from a drive through the marvellous mountain roads around the thousand-year-old volcanos.

The gathering was made up of 24 teams.

The cars in attendance:

1 3500 GT (re-bodied as a Barchetta)
2 3500 GT (one 1a serie and one 2a serie)
5 Ghibli (two 4.7-litre and two 4.9-litre SS)
1 Indy 4900
1 Merak
1 222
1 Barchetta
5 3200 GT
2 4200 Spyder
2 GranSport
1 Quattroporte V
1 GranTurismo
1 Citroen SM
And ... a 308 Quattrovalvole car, there's always an exception!

In the opinion of all participants, it was a very successful trip ...

Our next 'Maserati Days' meeting has been booked for 1st May 2011!

Greetings to all Maseratisti !

Lorenzo - Treasurer Maserati Club France."




Discovering the area and town of Clermont Ferrand


Maseratis and the one "exception" ...

... parked outside the hotel

A Merak, a 222 and a GranSport

Club members wait their turn at the circuit

Maseratis on the circuit at Charade in the Auvergne mountains.

The Charade Circuit is also known as the
Circuit Louis Rosier and Circuit Clermont-Ferrand.

Club members spot the Barchetta on the circuit!

A "Full House" of Ghiblis!

Maserati 3200 GT

Maserati Barchetta

Maseratisti enjoying a drive through the marvellous ...

... mountain roads around the thousand-year-old volcanos.

Finally, a closer look at that barchetta-bodied 3500 GT !
From Radim in the Czech Republic

"Hi Enrico!

First of all, I would like to express appreciation to your great web site, probably the best Maserati fan sites worldwide. When I write articles from Maserati history, occasionally inspires me texts that you have here.

Let me inform you of the fact, that there is already one year since we have finally in the Czech Republic official Maserati club. Address is and now we have about twenty members.

The spectrum of club cars ranges from Indy, over the Biturbo era to the present. Undoubtedly the most exciting car in the club is one MC12.

Here you can find some pictures from fourth club meet:

and Club history (in English):

I wish you all the best in education and supporting of fans Casa del Tridente!

Radim Novy - Club Chairman."

Maserati Club Czech Republic o.s.
Na Orechovce 580/4, 162 00, Praha 6

Web site:


The Fourth Meeting of the Maserati Club Czech Republic


From Maurizio in Japan



The Biscotterati - Trident Sweetened!
From in Italy

A GRANTURISMO WIRELESS MOUSE - "The mouse with the nous!!"


Priced at only EURO 35, this wireless mouse is a perfect miniature of a GranTurismo. Headlights light up when the mouse is switched on. It comes with a charger with USB interface for all PC types. A wheel incorporated into the car's engine bonnet enables you to scroll up and down!


Squeakly Clean - The GranTurismo Mouse!

Image and text courtesy of the Maserati Store.

From Novitec Tridente in Germany

NOVITEC TRIDENTE Refines the Maserati GranTurismo S


600-hp Supercharged Engine and an Exclusive Designer Suit

NOVITEC TRIDENTE now also refines the Maserati GranTurismo S: The newly developed supercharged engine represents a jump in rated power output of the V8 engine from standard 440 hp to 600 hp / 442 kW. With it, the 2+2-seater sprints to 100 km/h in 4.5 seconds and reaches a top speed of 315 km/h. A strikingly styled aerodynamic-enhancement package and custom-tailored 20 and 21-inch wheels lend the coupe an even more exclusive appearance. A sporty yet comfortable sport suspension provides more agile handling.

Increasing power output by using compressor technology has been the trademark of NOVITEC since its inception in 1989. The new NOVITEC TRIDENTE supercharged engine for the Maserati GranTurismo S continues this tradition.

The combustion air of the 4.7-liter eight-cylinder four-valve engine is supercharged by a mechanical cogged-belt-driven charger with a maximum boost pressure of 0.37 bars. The extensive NOVITEC TRIDENTE SPORT compressor conversion further comprises a water-to-air intercooler, a modified intake system and larger injectors. New mapping for the engine electronics ensures maximum power yield, perfect suitability for daily use and compliance with strict Euro IV emission limits.

The NOVITEC TRIDENTE SPORT compressor conversion starts at 23,681 Euros MSRP. It boosts power output of the GranTurismo S from standard 440 hp / 323 kW to 600 hp / 442 kW. Simultaneously peak torque grows from 490 Nm to 588 Nm at 5,400 rpm. Driving performance benefits accordingly: A sprint time of 4.5 seconds from rest to 100 km/h represents an improvement of 0.4 seconds over the production car. And with a sprint time of 14.6 seconds to 200 km/h the tuned 2+2-seater bests its production counterpart by a full 2.6 seconds in this discipline. Top speed grows from 295 to 315 km/h.

Another focal point of the NOVITEC TRIDENTE program is the car’s exterior. The designers have developed a package that optimizes aerodynamic properties while further emphasizing the sporty character of the coupe. All exterior components are optionally available with a clear-coated carbon-fiber finish.

The NOVITEC TRIDENTE front spoiler lips are attached to both sides of the production front apron. Their sophisticated shapes reduce aerodynamic lift on the front axle at high speeds. Rocker panels calm the airstream along the sides of the vehicle and give the coupe a longer, sleeker and lower appearance.

On the rear axle a subtle spoiler lip on the trunk lid and the diffuser for the production bumper provide the aerodynamic balance necessary for even better directional stability at high speeds.

NOVITEC TRIDENTE light-alloy wheels are yet another custom development for all Maserati GranTurismo models. The three-piece wheels with five double spokes are available in various color combinations in size 9Jx20 in front and in size 12.5Jx21 on the rear axle. They fill out the available space beneath the wheel arches perfectly. The optimal high-performance tires come from technology partner Pirelli in sizes 275/30 ZR 20 and 355/25 ZR 21.

NOVITEC TRIDENTE sport suspensions allow customers to select their preferred ride height and damper settings. But that’s not all: For further increased day-to-day utility a version is available that raises front and rear axle by 40 millimeters at the push of button. After the driver has thus safely negotiated speed bumps or parking ramps the suspension can be lowered to normal level from the cockpit. If the suspension is not lowered by the driver it’ll revert to the normal level automatically once the car reaches a speed of 80 km/h.

Exclusive interior options including a custom-made fully leather interior in any desired color or upholstery round out the NOVITEC TRIDENTE program.

For additional information please contact:

A Business Division of NOVITEC ROSSO GmbH & Co. KG
Hochstrasse 8
D-87778 Stetten

Phone: +49 / (0) 82 61/ 75 99 5-0
Fax: +49 / (0) 82 61 / 7 73 88 20
Web site:
















All images and text courtesy of Novitec Tridente




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