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From Hisato in China

Dear Maseratisti,

Our friend Hisato has very kindly paid another visit to the Shanghai Auto Show to capture even more images of Maserati's new four-door Ghibli.


Representatives of Maserati China at the Shanghai Auto Show

for the World Premiere of the Maserati Ghibli

The Maserati Ghibli

The Maserati Quattroporte

The Maserati Ghibli

The Maserati Quattroporte

The interior of the Maserati Ghibli


The interior of the Maserati Quattroporte


The engine bay of the Maserati Quattroporte

The Quattroporte's ample boot/trunk space

The engine bay of the Maserati Ghibli

The Ghibli's ample boot/trunk space

The new twin turbocharged V6 power unit




The V6 power unit

The V8 power unit

Maserati GranTurismo MC Stradale MY13


Maserati Ghibli

Maserati Ghibli

Quattroporte and Ghibli


The Maserati Ghibli's engine bay


The Maserati Ghibli's traditional analogue clock !

"Ciao Maseratisti,

Just been sent notice of this exciting video clip of a Maserati MC12 Corsa doing battle with a Ferrari ZXX over a lap of the Nürburgring circuit.

Cick HERE to enjoy !

From Harnesslink in the USA

Celebrity Maserati, driven by Tom Jackson, won his second race this year by winning the US $139,600 Dexter Cup for 3-year-old trotters at the Freehold Raceway.

Celebrity Maserati on his way to victory in the Dexter Cup

The win means Celebrity Maserati is now eligible for August’s $1.2 million Hambletonian Stakes at the Meadowlands.

Might be worth a little flutter !!!

From Fredric in Sweden

"Hi Enrico,

Now I have some beautiful pictures for you! Last summer my car was photographed for a feature in the Swedish car magazine “Gran Turismo”. It is equivalent to “Octane”.

They have waited with the article to be able to run it at the same time as the launch feature of the new Quattroporte.

Yesterday I received some of the pictures taken and they are beautiful. So if you want to post some on your website, feel free. I’ll send a couple of mails because of the size.

I have received confirmation that it is ok to use as long as it is not for commercial purpose.

Best regards,



The classical lines of Fredric's Quattroporte 1a serie



Beautifully captured through the camera of Peter Gunnars



From Stefan in Germany

"Cari amici di Pietro Frua,

Today and this year we celebrate the 100th birthday of the great car designer and coachbuilder Pietro Frua, who was born on 2nd May 1913 in Torino (Italy).

Pietro Frua worked as a freelancer most of his life and was one of the most important car designers of the "Scuola italiana". The British Picture Post ranked him among the "Fashion Kings of the Car World” in 1956. He designed his automotive works of art in his small studio in Torino in northern Italy and built them himself as fully functional prototypes. With his death in 1983 the world lost one of the perhaps "last Romantics among the Italian coachbuilders" (Max Stoop 1987).

Frua designed and built more than 200 one-offs, prototypes and production cars on the mechanics of nearly all major car manufacturers including A.C., Alfa Romeo, BMW, D.B./Panhard, Fiat, Ford, Glas, Jaguar, Lancia, Maserati, MG, Lamborghini, Opel, Peugeot, Renault, Rolls Royce, Volkswagen and Volvo.

His most successful designs (in terms of production figures) were:

1958 Renault Floride + Caravelle
1963 Glas 1700 Limousine, BMW 1800/2000/1804/2004 SA
1963 Glas 1300/1700 GT Coupé + Cabriolet, 1967 BMW 1600 GT Coupé
1963 Maserati Mistral Coupé + 1964 Spyder
1963 Maserati Quattroporte I
1965 Glas 2600 V8, 1967 BMW Glas 3000 V8
1965 AC 428 Convertible + 1967 Coupé
1976 Maserati Kyalami

His contributions to car styling were significant, yet he never received the public acclaim he rightly deserved; his quiet and unassuming nature most likely contributed to this. He lives on in his creations which are documented on the website of the Registro Pietro Frua:

The celebrations of 100 Years of Pietro Frua include the following events:

18-20 May 2013: Pietro Frua exhibition including original drawings and other memorabilia at the 40th yearly meeting of the Glas Club International (including 50 years of Glas GT and Glas 1700)
Location: Hotel Hirsch, Ottobeuren (Germany)

8 September 2013: Concours d'Élégance "100 Years of Pietro Frua"
class 7 in the Concours d'Élégance at 5. Schloss Bensberg Classics 2013
Location: Schloss Bensberg (Germany)

I am looking forward to meet you at these events.

Stefan Dierkes - Registro Pietro Frua."

Maseratisti may also like to visit Stefan's page dedicated to the Maseratis designed by Pietro Frua at .

From Maserati in Italy

FIRST ROUND: Kuppels doubles up at Paul Ricard

28/04/2013 - Le Castellet, France

It was a triumphant weekend for Konvex Motorsport's Renaud Kuppens. The Belgian secured two wins and a second place in the first round of the Maserati Trofeo MC World Series. After this weekend's action at Paul Ricard, France, Kuppens leads the standings on 59 points.

The reigning champion in Maserati's single-make series missed out on only the final race of a weekend conditioned by fog and rain; the weather even forced Saturday's second qualifying session to be cancelled. It was Mikkel Mac, the Dane making his debut, who secured the win in the 50-minute endurance race. The safety car was called for just after the start to allow debris to be removed from turn one. The debris came from a crash involving Riccardo Ragazzi, Niki Cadei and Andrea Gardelli; all three were ruled out. When things got going again, the action came thick and fast with places continually swapped. With the compulsory pit stops out of the way, Mac had taken the lead by making the most of the new regulation that adds 20 seconds to the time the quickest driver in the first two races has to pit. In this case it was Kuppens.

Behind the Dane and the Belgian came the Swiss Team pairing of Romagnoli/Calamia. The crew made the most of the drive-through handed to Mathijs Bakker for not respecting the pit-stop window - this was the second podium Bakker missed out on this weekend. The Dutchman eventually took sixth behind Columbian Felipe Merjech. In fourth came a surprising Maxim Akhtyamov, the Russian journalist appearing as a Maserati Trofeo guest and who set the race's fastest lap of 2’41.229.

Taking the runners-up spots behind Kuppens in the 30' events were Niki Cadei and Alberto Cola (on Saturday) and Riccardo Ragazzi and Mathijs Bakker (on Sunday morning).

The next round in the Maserati Trofeo MC World Series is scheduled for 2 June at Germany's famous Nuerburgring.

Renaud Kuppens: "It was a fantastic weekend: two wins and a second place in the endurance race was the most I could have hoped for in France. The weather was no help at all and the safety car also held me up. Without the stop I might have built up a big enough lead to have come out of the pits in the lead. Still, those are the rules and this is still a great result. Now we prepare for Germany and the Nuerburgring; my favourite of the European circuits".


Maserati/GrimFoto 1. Renaud Kuppens 32:43.862*
2. Ragazzi/Simoni 32:49.188
3. Mathijs Bakker 32:49.934


1. Mikkel Mac 52:07.473
2. Renaud Kuppens 52:14.922*
3. Romagnoli/Calamia 52:47.191*

* Taking part in the Pirelli Team Cup


1 Renaud Kuppens 59 points
2 Mikkel Mac 37 points
3 Cadei/Pellegrinelli – Simoni/Ragazzi - Bakker 25 points

Text and photos courtesy of the Maserati Corse Press Office

Photo ©Maserati/GrimFoto

Some of the Maserati Trofeo MCs participating in this year's championship
Photo ©Maserati/GrimFoto

Konvex Motorsport's Maserati Trofeo MC - Renaud Kuppens
Photo ©Maserati/GrimFoto

Konvex Motorsport's Maserati Trofeo MC - Renaud Kuppens
Photo ©Maserati/GrimFoto

Photo ©Maserati/GrimFoto

Photo ©Maserati/GrimFoto

Photo ©Maserati/GrimFoto

Photo ©Maserati/GrimFoto

Photo ©Maserati/GrimFoto

From Theo in South Africa
MASERATI 3200 GT assetto corsa

"Dear Enrico,

Thanks for your great site! I’ve been looking at it for years.

I have a 3200 GT Asetto Corsa and simply love it! It may be the only one in South Africa. I have had some throttle body problems, but since I had it converted to solid state by Xemodex in Canada it has been absolutely awesome. It has never been so smooth.

Recently now there is a problem with the battery going flat in a few days. We have checked all the electronic systems but everything is fine except that the alarm does not appear to be working. All the inside and boot panels where stripped looking for aftermarket satellite trackers etc. but there is nothing that could be found.

I now think it is the self-powered alarm siren battery that is ruined and drawing power all the time.

Could you kindly let me have the relevant information on where the siren is and how to remove it ?

Kind Regards,


"Hi Enrico,

Wow! Thanks for the quick reply and your kindness in helping me.

The Maserati is with my mechanic at present, so I’ll see if he can mail me the info that you need and then send it on to you. I will send you a few photos. I purchased the car second hand from the agents in Johannesburg.

I am doing my utmost to keep the car perfect, it is very rare in South Africa.

Again thank you so much!

Kind Regards,



Theo's Maserati 3200 GR assetto corsa


Theo's Maserati 3200 GR assetto corsa


Theo's Maserati 3200 GR assetto corsa

From Peter in Spain

"Greetings Enrico,

Thank you for your reply, photos shorthly. My son has sent me photos which I have reduced for you.

The story is the car lived in France until its owner moved to the Spanish Islands. It was driven a bit to fast over a speed bump, and as a result, the stainless steel exhaust compressed, caught the wiring loom - shorted it and cause a loom fire.

The engine did not cut out, then it went to a Spainsh Garage that just gave up. All the clocks Cartier (?), have been put safe in store and it's a low miles car.

My son is a Land Rover expert and has a small garage in Spain and picked it up off the owner who also has a Land Rover. He looks after the owner's Land Rover.

Hope this of interest and look forward to your thoughts.

All the best.






















From Marcello in Italy

The ideal leather upholstered office chair for the Maseratista, tailored to your personal requirements:

- available with or without armrests
- available with armrests in black plastic, or chromed to match feet
- available with electrically adjustable backrest complete with rechargeable 12 volt battery
- available in blue, black, beige or green
- available also black (3200 GT seat)
- pedestal base with revolving wheels available in polished aluminium or black plastic

All enquiries to Marcello at
From Enrico in the UK

Ciao Maseratisti,

I noticed a very nice Maserati Merak SS coming under the hammer at Brightwells Classic Vehicles sale of "Classic & Vintage Cars & Motorcycles" on Wednesday, 15th May at 11:00 am at Easters Court, Leominster, Herefordshire, HR6 0DE.

The sale of motorcycles begins at 11am with cars to follow commencing at 12 noon.

Lot number 184
Estimate £22,000 - £25,000
Description: Maserati Merak SS

Registration: XUY 433V
Year: 1980
Colour: Oro Longchamp Metallizzato (Gold metallic)
Engine size: 2,965 cc
Chassis No: ZAMCA2102AA222776
Engine No: AM114-63-30

Launched in 1972 to compete with the Ferrari Dino 246 and the Lamborghini Urraco, the wonderful Maserati Merak was a compact mid-engined supercar in the finest Italian tradition.

Essentially a lighter version of the gorgeous Giugiaro-styled Bora, it looked virtually identical but had open flying buttresses instead of the Bora’s fully glassed rear for superior all-round vision. It also used a more compact quad-cam 3-litre V6 engine in place of the Bora’s 4.7-litre V8 which not only liberated sufficient room in the cabin for +2 seating but also improved the handling thanks to lower weight and better front/rear balance.

The first cars had Citroen-derived hydraulic systems for the brakes, clutch, windows and seats, but when Alejandro de Tomaso took over Maserati in 1976 he soon ditched these complex and troublesome systems in favour of a conventional servo-assisted set up. He also made the cars lighter and more powerful, the new model being called the Merak SS which now produced 220bhp instead of 190bhp.

Driving through a new ZF 5-speed manual gearbox, this gave the car a top speed of 153mph with the 0-60 dash taking just 7 seconds. Like any true thoroughbred, the Merak possessed handling commensurate with its supercar pace. “Performance and handling are the raison d'etre of a mid-engined sportscar, and the Merak's astounding cornering power is a match for its straight-line punch,” observed Motor magazine. The most successful Maserati of its day, the Merak ceased production in 1982 after 1,832 had been built, only 928 of which were to SS specification.

This particular left-hand drive SS was supplied new to Flickinger Associates of Denver, Colorado, in January 1982. It then moved to an owner in Arizona before being acquired by Edgar van Veen of Aurora, California, who was to keep it from 1996 until 2011 when the current owner acquired it, attracted by its total originality and low mileage.

On arrival in the UK he treated the car to a thorough engine overhaul at Quick Motorsport of Hereford which cost over £4,000 (bill on file). The triple Weber carbs have also been rebuilt and the whole car treated to a bare metal respray in the original Longchamp Gold as the existing paint had faded somewhat in the hot California sunshine. All the bodywork was revealed to be in excellent rust-free condition (photos on file), hence the factory-correct shutlines and panel gaps.

The Apricot interior is also totally original and in excellent condition as you might expect from such a low mileage car – the 58,000km (36,000 miles) on the clock is said to be genuine. Being a later model it is also spared the complex Citroen hydraulics.

The car comes with some history from its time in America, invoices for the recent work, the original owner’s handbook and service book, three detailed Merak parts books, spare wheel and wheel-changing kit plus three sets of keys. Taxed until July and MOTd to November, this lovely car is said to drive beautifully with exhilarating performance on the open road yet remaining completely untemperamental in town traffic.

The vendor believes that you would be hard pressed to find a better preserved, more unmolested example, and we have to agree with him. These fabulous mid-engined sportscars seem huge value compared to a Dino or a Bora and we can’t help feeling that the market has yet to appreciate what great and useable machines they are. Another one to buy now while you can still afford to ?























Text and photos courtesy of Brightwells




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