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From Hisato in China

"Dear Enrico,

I went to Shanghai Auto show today.

Unfortunately I counld not be there during the world premiere of new Ghibli, but I saw and felt the Ghibli.

Here are some pictures from the Shanghai Auto Show.




The Maserati Stand

The new Maserati Ghibli

Leaning against the car...

...Lorenzo Ramaciotti (Maserati design boss of the Centro Stile)





The new Quattroporte equipped with...

...a new V6 engine developing 330 bhp

Christian Gobber (Managing Director at Maserati China)

The GranTurismo MC Stradale (2014)

The new V6 and V8 power units

Custom brake calipers, steering wheels and alloy wheels

They even left one for me !

Hospitality suite for visitors.

It's true what they say. "Beauty attracts beauty !"

The Ghibli is the first Maserati ever to be offered with a diesel engine, a 3.0-litre V6 turbo co-developed with former Ferrari chief motorist Paolo Martinelli. The engine produces 275 HP (202 kW) and 600 Nm (443 lb-ft) of torque, helping the Ghibli reach 62 mph (100 km/h) in 6.3 seconds and return 47 mpg UK (39.2 mpg US or 6 liters / 100 km) with CO2 emissions of less than 160 g/km.

Maserati will also sell the Ghibli with a V6 3.0-litre twin-turbo gasoline engine delivering 330 HP (243 kW) and 500 Nm (369 lb-ft). In this case, the rear-wheel drive variant returns 29.4 mpg UK (24.5 mpg US or 9.6 liters / 100 km) and needs 5.6 seconds until 62 mph.

There's also the Ghibli S with a more powerful variant of the same engine generating 410 HP (301 kW) at 5,500 rpm and 550 Nm (405 lb-ft) from 1,750 rpm, enough to hit 62 mph in 5 seconds and a top speed of 177 mph (285 km/h).

Regardless of the chosen version, all engines are linked to an 8-speed ZF automatic transmission. In Europe (excluding UK) it will be available with a Q4 all-wheel drive system which promises to provide "the responsiveness of a rear-wheel drive combined with the added security that only an all-wheel drive can bring in critical situations".

The 2014 Maserati Ghibli has a 20cm shorter wheelbase compared to the Quattroporte, while the overall length has been reduced by 29cm. The range-topping S version comes with 360mm x 32mm ventilated cross-drilled dual-cast front brakes with Brembo six-piston calipers along with 350mm x 28mm ventilated rear discs with four-piston calipers. Ghibli sits on 18-inch wheels, but 19-, 20- and 21-inch rims can be optionally fitted.



Together with a new 330 Hp Quattroporte purposely conceived for the Chinese market.

Shanghai, China, April 20, 2013 - The Shanghai Motor Show will mark three giant steps in Maserati's march towards its goal of 50,000 cars a year.

The Maserati momentum that began late last year with the all-new V8 and V6 Quattroporte continues in Shanghai with the all-new Ghibli – the first-ever mid-size four-door luxury sports saloon in Maserati's history.

Both the Quattroporte and the Ghibli saloons will each boast two different power outputs from their turbo-charged V6 petrol engines.

The Ghibli will additionally be offered with the first diesel engine in Maserati's history. The turbo-diesel 3.0-litre V6, developed by Maserati engineers under the direction of Scuderia Ferrari former Chief Motorist Paolo Martinelli, will deliver traditional Maserati high performance and sound but will use less than six litres per 100 km (more than 47 mpg) on the NEDC fuel economy cycle. In addition, its CO2 emissions output will be less than 160g/km on the combined cycle.

Another Maserati making its world debut in Shanghai is a version of the new Quattroporte equipped with a V6 capable of 330 Hp (243kW) and specifically conceived and developed for the Chinese market.


The all-new Ghibli is set to break new grounds for Maserati at the Shanghai Motor Show, it marks the first time in Maserati history that the Italian sports, luxury and prestige maker will have two four-door saloons on sale at the same time.

The Ghibli's design ethos emphasises its more dynamic driving characteristics by maintaining visible links with the larger Quattroporte while delivering a more aggressive visual personality.

The outline of the body reflects a coupe-like philosophy for the four-door saloon, while there are strong feline hints around the Ghibli's grille and headlights. The grille takes its inspiration from the current GranTurismo and it can draw a line back to the classic A6 GCS of the 1950s.

It also maintains Maserati's distinctive C-pillar treatment, which delivers much of the coupe-like stance and carries the classical Saetta Maserati logo, carrying on a tradition dating back to 1963.

The side profile is dominated by a swage line that runs from the traditional Maserati grille vents behind the front wheels and finishes in the rear lights themselves.

Inside, the Ghibli sets itself apart from the Quattroporte with its own dashboard design that perfectly meets the buyer's need for a sportier and youthful experience without losing any of the luxury expected in a Maserati. The Ghibli also delivers a sporty design combined with the typical roominess of an executive saloon.

The Ghibli will have a more-focused, sportier philosophy than the larger Quattroporte. It will be available with two turbocharged 3.0-litre V6 petrol engines, and an eight-speed automatic transmission.

The most powerful of the V6s will be the twin-turbo unit in the Ghibli S, which produces 301kW (410hp) of power at 5500rpm and 550Nm of torque from just 1750rpm.

The rear-wheel drive Ghibli S will reach 100km/h in 5 seconds flat, and has a quoted top speed of 285km/h (177 mph).

The second turbo-charged 3.0-litre V6 petrol engine available on the Ghibli not only has an impressive power of 243kW (330hp) and 500Nm of torque, but delivers a fuel economy figure of just 9.6 litres/100km (28.8 mpg). It is much more than a fuel saving car, though, because it is capable of accelerating to 100km/h in just 5.6 seconds.

Both of these engines, with their parallel turbochargers, were developed by Maserati Powertrain in partnership with Ferrari Powertrain and will be built by Ferrari in its world-leading engine construction facility in Maranello.

Sharing much of the technology with the Quattroporte's 3.8-litre V8 engine, the V6 engines use petrol direct-injection technology along with two low-inertia parallel turbochargers, four continuous camshaft phasers and deliver their fuel at around 200 bar of pressure.

This technology means that while the Ghibli S V6 has a rev limiter at 6500rpm, it still delivers 90 percent of its torque from less than 1500rpm.

The Ghibli will also become the first Maserati production car in history to be powered by a diesel engine, with a 3.0-litre V6 turbo-diesel. The 3.0-litre turbo-charged V6 develops 202kW (275hp) of power and a crushing 600Nm of torque to deliver 0-100km/h acceleration in just 6.3 seconds. Critically, its NEDC fuel economy figure is less than 6.0 litres per 100km (more than 47 mpg). It uses highly advanced Common-Rail direct fuel injection with 2000 bar of injection pressure and it also features reduced-dwell-time injectors. This helps it to deliver sequential multiple injections for highly responsive performance and cleaner emissions with a CO2 output of less than 160g/km on the combined cycle.

Every Maserati is instantly recognisable by its engine note and the Ghibli Diesel is no different from its petrol 'sisters', thanks to the new Maserati Active Sound system. Two sound actuators, fitted near the exhaust tailpipes, accentuate the engine's most distinctive tones and modulate them precisely to suit the way the car is being driven. When the driver presses the Sport button on the central tunnel, the sound becomes even more resonant and utterly inspiring.

The Ghibli is set to reveal a character all its own thanks to its combination of double-wishbone front suspension and a state-of-the-art, multi-link rear suspension with the option of the active Skyhook system, part-time all-wheel drive, firm suspension damping and a powerful braking system.

The Ghibli is the only car in its class to use a standard mechanical limited slip differential in all its versions in order to deliver the best inherent traction in all driving situations.

Like the Quattroporte, its chassis design is based around a rigid and extremely secure steel safety cell that employs an array of different steel and aluminium alloys to deliver precise strengths and minimal weight.

The front of its chassis is based around an aluminium casting with a reinforced cross-strut which helps deliver outstanding rigidity in all directions, while the rear of the chassis is made from rolled steel.

The Ghibli's three ground-breaking engines will be fitted into a wheelbase that is around 20 cm shorter than the Quattroporte (2.99m) and an overall length that is, at 4.97m, 29cm shorter.

The Ghibli S will boast 360mm x 32mm ventilated and cross-drilled dual-cast front brake discs while it has 350mm x 28mm ventilated rear discs. It uses six-piston Brembo fixed brake callipers on the front and four-piston units at the rear to help it stop from 100km/h to zero in just 36 m.The Ghibli sits on 18-inch wheels and tyres, while the Ghibli S models ride on 18-inch staggered tyres; 19-inch, 20-inch and 21-inch wheels are available as optional extras.


With the Q4 all-wheel drive system both Ghibli and Quattroporte are capable of finding traction on the slipperiest surfaces thanks to its state-of-the-art, on-demand engineering.

The Q4 system delivers the responsiveness of a rear-wheel drive combined with the added security that only an all-wheel drive can bring in critical situations, without creating extra fuel consumption.

That is what Maserati has achieved with the Q4. The system leaves the front wheels passive until they are needed to help with traction and then they are instantly and intelligently engaged.

The system architecture is based on an electronically controlled multi-plate wet clutch, installed into a transfer case linked by a drive shaft to the front axle.

When grip is lost through excessive cornering speeds, hard acceleration or very low grip at the rear axle, the system takes just 150 milliseconds to change from delivering 100 percent of the drive to the rear wheels to an equal, 50%-50% split between the axles. The multi-link rear suspension provides so much rear traction, though, that the Q4 rarely needs to send more than 35 percent of the drive to the front wheels.

It is also capable of returning to rear-drive status just as quickly, ensuring at any time the best possible traction without the traditional all-wheel drive penalties of added fuel consumption and poor responsiveness.

Maserati developed its own sophisticated algorithm to oversee in real time an enormous array of vehicle parameters (such as wheel slip, steering and yaw angle, power output, speed, braking action, ESP) as well as wheel grip versus driving style. By processing this data, the Q4 system can maximise a dedicated grip profile for each wheel, creating the optimal vehicle dynamic management to suit any given road condition, at any time.

The Maserati Q4 all-wheel-drive system is available with the new V6 410hp engine and perfectly matches the grand touring qualities expected of a high performance Maserati saloon, whatever the road conditions.

Text courtesy of Maserati.

From Pininfarina in Italy

1-2 June 2013: Hurtwood Park Polo

To honour Sergio Pininfarina, the largest gathering of Pininfarina designed cars in the world.

Turin, 15th April 2013 – To honour Sergio Pininfarina and the Pininfarina name a gathering of the largest group of Pininfarina designed cars will be held at the Hurtwood Park Polo Club, in Ewhurst Surrey in the UK, which is to take place on Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd June 2013.

A highlight of the event will be the presence of Sergio's son Paolo Pininfarina, now Chairman of the Pininfarina design house, who has offered the presence of Pininfarina's latest creation, the concept car called Sergio, which had its grand unveiling at the Geneva Motor Show this March and will be displayed for the first time in UK. On the same days a special Brokersclub Tribute Gold Cup Polo match will be held with free entry to those who bring their Pininfarina cars.

The owner of the Polo Club is Kenny Jones, ex Drummer of ‘The Who and the New Faces’, who has invited fellow celebrity Pininfarina enthusiasts to include Nick Mason, Eric Clapton, Rod Stewart and Chris Evans.

The tribute to Pininfarina continues later this year in the form of a rally of Pininfarina designed cars starting in London and continuing on to Monaco, limited to only one hundred cars. With pit-stops to include the Pininfarina factory set in Cambiano, Italy.

For further information please visit the following websites:

Contacts Pininfarina Group:
Francesco Fiordelisi, Head of Communications
Tel: +39 011.9438105/335.7262530

From Hisato in Japan

"Dear Enrico,

On March 17th, I joined the Maserati Festa, sponsored by Miracolare, at the Fuji Speed Way (FSW), which was used for Formula 1 before in Shizuoka. I believe FSW is owned by Toyota now. Suzuka circuit is owned by Honda for your reference.

This event had a sound contest, Family run, Competition runs, and Free drives.

My friends and I stayed at the Auberge Blanch hotel before the event. This hotel was used as the official hotel for Ferrari Formula One Team. There were the photos of team and it shows the F1 pilots driving Quattroporte.

Main item on the menu is to enjoy driving the Fiji Speed Way with your Maserati.

More than 80 Maseratis, including two Trofeos, gathered at the Fuji Speed Way and everyone enjoyed themselves.

The participating models:

Ghibli GT
Quattroporte V6 Evoluzione
3200 GT assetto corsa
Coupe GT
GranSport MC Victory
Quattroporte /Sport GT
GranCabrio /Sport
GranTurismo MC Stradale

Biturbos (222-Ghibli) only 6 cars were present and most entries were from current Maseratis.

Lap times were recorded at free drive and prizes were prepared.

1st Prize: GranTurismo MC Stradale 2"06'802
2nd Prize: GranTurismo MC Stradale 2"07'043
3rd Prize: Ghibli GT 2"07'138

Any Trofeo or GranTurismo MC stradale with professional drivers were excluded.

I am happy that the red Ghibli GT with my friend driving gained 3rd prize!!

It was fun and I would like to join them again next year.

The Maserati Festival, held by Maserati Japan, will be held in May and I will come back to Japan to participate again.




Hisato arrives at the Aubergs Blanch... his 2.0-litre Ghibli GT

Tasteful and comfortable surroundings

Off to the Fuji Speed Way


Maseratis arriving at the circuit



80 Maseratis attended the event

GranTurismos and GranCabrios

Quattroporte IV and 222

Shamals and Ghiblis

Spyders and Coupes

And the odd two-wheeler !







Following the driver's meeting...

...the Maseratis make their way on to the track




Ghibli GT, Ghibli GT and 222



Cockpit of the Trofeo GranSport

The compulsory crash helmet !


Down the pit lane and on to the track

GranSport Coupe

Trofeo GranSport

Excellent photo shoot with Mount Fuji in the background!

This Ghibli GT gained a creditable third place

The results

The winning drivers

Taking a breather...

...before the long trip back home !
From Marcello in Italy

The ideal leather upholstered office chair for the Maseratista, tailored to your personal requirements:

- available with or without armrests
- available with armrests in black plastic, or chromed to match feet
- available with electrically adjustable backrest complete with rechargeable 12 volt battery
- available in blue, black, beige or green
- available also black (3200 GT seat)
- pedestal base with revolving wheels available in polished aluminium or black plastic

All enquiries to Marcello at
From Philippe in Belgium

"Ciao Enrico,

Here are a few photos I took at Essen last week, including a rare De Tomaso Lonchamps and a fine recreation of the beautiful A6GCS Berlinetta by Pinin Farina belonging to a German collector.

The show was littered with great cars of the hightest quality!.....but the prices !!!!

Next month I'm off to Italy for the Carla and Onofrio Colabella Memorial Rally (24 - 26 May).

All the best,



Maserati Khamsin

Maserati Sebring 1a serie

Maserati Indy

Maserati Bora

Maserati Merak

Maserati Ghibli MY94

OSCA 1600 GT

OSCA 1600 GT

De Tomaso Longchamp

De Tomaso Longchamp

A fine recreation of the...

...A6GCS Berlinetta by Pinin Farina

A fine recreation of the...

...A6GCS Berlinetta by Pinin Farina

G Bortolami - Maserati workshop in Padova

Magnificent model of a Maserati transporter



Iso Grifo 7L

Iso Grifo A3/L

Iso Grifo 7L

Iso Grifo 7L
From Enrico in the UK

Ciao Maseratisti,

Whilst surfing the net, I came across these excellent and informative photos of a striking 1974 Maserati Merak in Giallo Fly presently for sale by Mohr Imports Inc., Classic and Sports Car Brokers of 1187 Del Monte Avenue, Monterey, CA 93940, in the U.S.

Described as a 1974 Maserati Merak in Fly Yellow (Giallo Fly) with black leather leather interior. This car is a US specification version. A Blue Plate California car that is currently registered. Original owner had the car for 28 years, the second owner for another eight. It has a 3.0 liter, V-6 engine, 3 two barrel Webers. A detailed engine compartment upgraded with chrome and braided stainless steel hoses.

This car has been maintained under both owners by Jerry Hathaway of SM World in Canyon Country, CA.

Service work performed: March 2004 with 25,800 miles - Retorque head bolts. Resurface cam covers and rechrome cam covers. - Adjust cam chains and check all tappets and cam lock nuts. - Replace spark plugs and stainless steel braided fule hose at Carbs to filter. - Change all fluids. This includes engine oil, coolant, brake fluid and hydraulic fluid. - Replace fuel hose and filter at tank. - Change all drive belts and A/C belt. - Adjust parking brake. - Replace hood stay. - Check all lights, replace LF side marker light. - Replace two air horns and one electrical horn. - Replace windshield washer pump.

April 2004 with 25,912 miles - Remove, clean and re-install fuel tanks. - Repair leak in A/C system. Re-charge A/C. 2006 - New distributer and rotor. Paint has some checking, see photos. The car has correct NOS European bumpers from Italy installed. US Spec spare hump removed. ANSA exhaust. Blaupunkt radio.

As this Maserati is a 1974 model, it is smog exempt in California.

"The Merak was introduced in 1972, essentially a junior version of the Maserati Bora. It substituted an all new Maserati designed quad-cam V-6 motor for the Bora's larger V-8, resulting not only in a lower cost, but room for a small backseat and better handling due to lower weight and a better front/rear weight distribution. This is one of approximately 1,900 Meraks produced from 1972 to 1982."










































































Text and photos courtesy of Mohr Imports Inc.

From Maserati in Italy

09/04/2013 - Modena

Maserati has released the first official images of its upcoming four-door sports executive sedan in advance of its debut at the Shanghai Motor Show later this month.

The all-new Ghibli is set to break new ground for Maserati.

The Ghibli will have a sportier character compared to the larger Quattroporte, launched at the beginning of this year. The Ghibli will be available with two turbocharged 3.0-litre V6 engines, an eight-speed automatic transmission and both rear-wheel drive and the new “Q4” all-wheel drive system.

The Ghibli will also become the first Maserati production car in history to be powered by a diesel engine, with a 3.0-litre V6 turbo-diesel.

It is Maserati’s first sedan in this segment and reflects the company’s belief that a growing number of premium executive car buyers are looking to make an individual statement through a car that is distinctive, elegant and luxurious.

The Ghibli will play a significant role in Maserati’s growth plan to sell 50,000 cars per year.

Copyright Maserati

Copyright Maserati

Copyright Maserati

Copyright Maserati

Copyright Maserati

Copyright Maserati

Copyright Maserati

Copyright Maserati

Copyright Maserati


Text and photos courtesy of Maserati

From Enrico in the UK

"Dear Enrico,

My brake lights go on and stay on, even when I have turned the car off they stay on, any solution ?

I am based in South Africa. Attached please find pictures of my 1991 Spyder #ZAM331B00*LA190258* as requested.

Thanks for the feedback. I will try go through the system and see if I can find the fault. What I have found is that a few relay switches have needed replacement, recently my dash (gauges) were working on/off then not at all and then I changed a relay switch next to the fuse rail and all sorted.








From Marcel in Indonesia

"Dear Enrico,

Introduce my name is Marcel from Indonesia (Jakarta).

I have problems with my 3200 GT.

The DTC is P0220 "throttle/pedal position sensor/switch B circuit".

The problems is engine's rpm is high when idling (1500-2000 rpm and hunting).

There is no any responces to throttle pedal.

Can I have the wiring diagrams for throttle body and pedal position ?

And is there any suggestion ?

Do you have the link for diagnosis flowchart or workshop manual for engine electrical trouble shooting ?

I need the voltage reference for each pin on the ECU and sensors..

I'm sending pic of my 3200 GT and vin numbers.

VIN: ZAMAA38D 000003504

The output voltage of pedal position sensor when idling are : 0,37 volts and 0,35 volts,

I have tried connecting between yellow and white wire, and both output voltage for pedal position sensors are same/identic.. (0,37 volts), but there's no any change in throttle response.. and the idling between 1500-2000 rpm.

Any suggestion in this?

I'm appreciated for your big help. Thanks a lot.








From Johann Stegny in Austria


More exciting new models courtesy of Johann Stegny.

A 1:43 scale model of the Maserati Quattroporte Evo from the 2012 Superstar series from Meri Modelli.

1:18 scale models of the Maserati Quattroporte Evo, the Maserati MC GT3, the Maserati MC Trofeo and the Maserati MC Trofeo America from Meri Modelli.

And, finally, a 1:43 scale model of the rare DeTomaso Osca Sebring by FAENZA 43.




From Enrico in the UK

"Dear Friends,

I hope you can all help !!!

I have now put together a simple photographic register of all classic Maseratis; from the 3500 GT to the Maserati Quattroporte III.

The register will consist of the chassis number, a photos of the car, and a photo of the identification plate housed in the engine bay.

I will be devoting a page to each model; 3500 GT, 3500 GT Spyder Vignale, 5000GT, Sebring, Mistral, Quattroporte, Mexico, Ghibli, Indy, Bora, Khamsin, Quattroporte II, Merak, Kyalami and Quattroporte III.

There will be NO personal information or vehicle history published on these pages. An example of each entry may be seen below.

If you would like to assist me, please send me a photo and details of you classis Maserati. Thank you ! Looking forward to your co-operation.





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