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Grille trident on a 1978 Maserati Bora
You can click on some pictures for a better view!!
From Gert in Belgium

Re: Frankfurt Motor Show 2003.


Here is a little preview you can put on your website...


On the CD-rom I am sending you, you find many more photos. I took some 200 photos, mainly of Maseratis.

I also made a division in the 'IAA Frankfurt' map ... Maserati and a Pininfarina display map (Pininfarina also had a Quattroporte on their stand).

The CD-rom will reach you by the end of the week!


From Rossano of Reparto Corse

Once again I am indebted to Rossanno for another contribution from the world of Maserati.

"Hi Enrico,

Last Sunday I went to the EICMA in Milan, to see an exhibition of bikes and motorbikes. There I saw a wonderful sight, the new Maserati bikes, produced by the Colnago factory. Here are some photos of the bikes on display.

Last year, Colnago producted a limited edition Ferrari bike.

The Maserati bike is one of various models of both road and mountain bikes, is at the top of the materials and project of the bike, Colnago haven't disclosed a price but this mountain bike is my dream. I'm passionate about this sport and to ride a Maserati bike would be a beautiful sensation for me!



From Gert in Belgium

Re: Frankfurt Motor Show 2003.

"Hello Enrico.

As you already knew I went to the Frankfurt Auto Show ... the Quattroporte looked just great, in silver that is! I think that is the most beautiful colour for this car, which believe me is very very big in real life!

I did have access to the stand, it cost me a little effort, but hey, that only makes it more fun! Also got brochures for the different models ...

I think you are interested in the photos as well, please let me know so that I can send you a new CD-rom ...

The Quattroporte of Hot Wheels (world premier) looks very detailed for the money ... for 35 euros you can't expect BBR-quality!


PS. Some more details:

The trip to Frankfurt took some three an a half hours of travelling, and I only spent 2.5 hours at the show ... that means I spent almost 3 times more time in the car. The reason I spent such a short time there was that I had to go on my own (which is something I hate doing at such an event) and after my visit to the Maserati stand I had the feeling I wanted to go home ... maybe because I wanted to drive some more on the AUTOBAHN ...

Future (Maserati) event: Essen in December and Brussels in January ..."

From Rossano of Reparto Corse

13/14 September 2003 - 2nd Convention "Liberiamo Le Nonnette".

For their 8th rally, members of the Biturbo Club Italia teamed up with the Club Storico Faentino at Faenza for the 2nd Convention "Liberiamo Le Nonnette".

Participants met up at the Hotel Cavallino in Faenza where after settling in, sat down to a gala dinner. The following morning, after breakfast, they congregated for registration in the Piazzale Pancrazi, in front of the football stadium. Just after nine o'clock they proceeded in convoy fashion to the historical centre of Faenza to display their cars in the Piazza del Duomo.

With transport laid on by the local Comune, participants were driven to the Museo Internazionale delle Ceramiche, for a guided tour of an important exhibition of 15th and 16th century Italian ceramics from the Hermitage Collection.

On returning to the piazza they proceeded in convoy for lunch at the ristorante "La Cantena d'Serna" in Sarna. Following lunch they visited a medieval village.

"Ciao Enrico,

Come ti avevo detto la scorsa domenica siamo andati a Faenza per un ritrovo "Salviamo le Nonnine", splendida giornata passata in compagnia di appassionati di vetture storiche a scambiarsi opinioni, alla manifestazione hanno partecipato una 60 di equipaggi tra auto e moto, Biturbo Club Italia che era trÓ gli organizzatori ha dato un numeroso apporto con varie Maserati, ti invio alcune foto della manifestazione che Ŕ iniziata con un ritrovo in piazzale per poi proseguire scortati fino al centro storico di Faenza, poi trasferiti al ristorante ed in fine in uno splendido borgo medioevale.

Aspettando di vederti e conoscerti personalmente in qualche manifestazione ti saluto aspettando la prossima occasione per sentirti, all'interno del mio sito ho inserito anche un forum ove gli appassionati possono liberamente scambiare opinioni. Ciao,


"Ciao Enrico,

As I had mentioned last Sunday, we went to Faenza for a meeting "Salviamo the Nonnine ", a splendid day passed in the company of historic car enthusiasts to exchange views. Around 60 'teams', cars and motorcycles, attended the event. The Biturbo Club Italia, one of the joint organisers, was well represented with many Maseratis. I am sending you some photos of the rally which began with a meeting in the piazza where our convoy was then escorted into the historical centre of Faenza. From there we went for lunch and the rally ended with a visit to a splendid medieval village.

I look forward to meeting you in person at one of our rallies soon. Meanwhile I have added a 'Forum' to my site, where enthusiasts can discuss Maseratis and exchange views.




The cars assemble in the Piazzale Pancrazi, outside the football stadium.

Claudio preffered to bring his Lamborghini Uracco instead of his Maserati Ghibli.
"Rossano, there's no accounting for taste!" - Enrico.

A red trio of Biturbos on display in the Piazza del Duomo.

Taking the photographs is Augusto Marcuccio, President of the Biturbo Club Italia.

V-6 Maseratis on display in the historical centre of Faenza.

The cars on display in the historical centre of Faenza.

A London taxi joins display in the Piazza del Duomo.

This Ferrari 328 GTS merits a full discussion!

The Piazza del Duomo in the historical centre of Faenza.

The cars outside the restaurant. Inside their owners will enjoy a gourmet meal!


I have been asked "What is meant by Liberiamo Le Nonnette?"

"Il recupero delle vetture non ancora storiche ma che destano interesse e che bisogna valorizzare come le Biturbo, e che vanno liberate da una burocrazia che impone i 25 anni per divenire auto storica e per avere agevolazioni fiscali."

"It symbolises the revival of cars, like the Maserati Biturbo, that are not historic but that arouse interest and are worthy of merit. Cars that should be free from a bureaucracy that imposes the 25 year age limit before it can be classed as historical and benefit from a reduced road fund licence."


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