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Grille trident on a Maserati A6G/2000 by Allemano
You can click on some pictures for a better view!!
From eBay in the UK

NEWSFLASH - Price of used Ghibli GT rockets in the UK ??

This optimistic seller of a Ghibli GT hopes the bidding for his car will start at TEN MILLION POUNDS STERLING. He thinks his car is a Birdcage.

From Claudio in Italy

This clever little animated gif is the logo of Claudio in Italy. It is frequently seen in the Forum of RepartoCorse where Claudio is a regular contributor!

From Rene in The Netherlands

"Dear Enrico,

In response to Your comment I would like to say the following,

first of all I didn't see the killing of the Biturbo, they have a habit of doing things like this don't they, last year or the year before they killed a XJS, it took me a while to get over that I must admit and I think that people who can get almost anything they want will do such things just out of boredom, it is the danger of being confronted with the new all the time, You lose the eye for the old and meaningful like the Biturbo, or the XJS.

True petrolheads will never turn their back on their marque, as for Clarkson, he is not a petrolhead, just a journalist whose job it is to report on cars with a high dose of x-factor, for example, if I was given the chance to drive the MC12 around their track and crash it I would fall to my knees and start crying, Clarkson however would get out of the car turn around and ask for another one, as for his driving skills, why do You think they hired the "stig" not for his great looks.

To all TRUE petrolheads, I wish to You great driving fun this summer and stay safe.

Greetings from Rene."


And if you're wondering what Rene is referring to? It's this!!

From Markus in Switzerland

"Hi Enrico,

I just purchased a Sebring I 1963. 15 km after picking it up the fuel pump stopped and we had to trailer it home. There was no manual or other documents coming with my new toy and I have to built up my library, especially with documents like electrical plans for fuses and all the other stuff.

I guess after my mechanics here got her running again and authorities checked it for number plates, I want to drive it to a mechanic who is specialized in Sebrings, i.e. who can check it out and tell me what to do next.

I'm commmunting between Zurich (Switzerland) and Berlin (Germany) so if that kind of mechanic is in that area, it would be perfect. Nevertheless, it might be worth while even to drive to UK if a good man can be found there. Can you give advice?

I do not even know what most switches on the dashboard are for. I found headlights, choke and wipers, but when I tried one of the others a fuse blew with some smoke. So, if you could spare some lines to give the first important infos a greenhorn like me should know coming to your mind, I would be grateful.

Thanks for the great article on your website and the "problem-section", which will help me a lot.

All the best,



"Dear Markus,

Thank you for your email. Very nice car. I'm jealous already!!

Attached is the 3500GTI/Spyder/Sebring User's Manual. I hope you will find it useful.


As I do not own a classic Maserati, I drive a 1995 Ghibli MY94, I cannot recommend any Maserati specialists in Germany.

I can recommend two specialists who I know:

1. Can be trusted to do any job properly.

2. Are honest people to deal with.

They are Bill McGrath in the UK ( tel: +44 1438 832161 ) and Giuseppe Candini in Modena ( tel: +39 059 828280 ), Marcello Candini, the son, speaks English.

Both have a wonderful worldwide reputation as being both honest and very capable.

Please remember that getting the job done properly will be expensive. You might get cheaper quotes but believe me money well spent is money saved in the long run.

Hope this helps,


From Antonio in Spain

"Hi Enrico,

This Bora was driven by Jean Guikas at the "Shell Ferrari Maserati Historic Challenge" which was held at the 2005 Grand Prix de Pau Historique.



From 'The Detroit News'

Maserati station wagon in the works

Fiat SpA, Italy's largest manufacturer, plans to introduce a Maserati station wagon using an Alfa Romeo design and parts as the automaker increases cooperation among its sports-car brands. Fiat is counting on new models and a reorganization of its brands to turn around the unprofitable car business controlled by the Agnelli family.

News from Italy

Maranello (Modena), 22 June 2005 (Apcom) - Luca de Montezemolo, president of Fiat, announced that the new Fiat 'Punto' will be launched at the beginning of September, and that it will be absolutely extraordinary not only for its design but also for its innovations. Montezemolo went on to explain that these are technological innovations for which the Fiat group has invested four billion euros in the last few years.

Moving on to Maserati, whose ownership has now been severed from Ferrari and transferred back to the Fiat group, Montezemolo declared that in merit it has been a great move.

Montezemolo wanted people to remember that back in 1998 the factory where Maseratis were produced was closed, that there were no products and no customers, only the beautiful memory of an extraordinary marque. Montezemolo wanted people to look at the worldwide success of the Quattroporte and that this, along with the coupé's great return to that market, has been the most rewarding work of recent years.

With the spin-off from Ferrari, it has intentional to remember Montezemolo, that Maserati will have the opportunity to share "even more" with Alfa Romeo the platform, the sales network and markets.

Finally, the president of Lingotto, did not want to predict anything ahead of shareholders meeting that being held tomorrow to Turin. "Tomorrow there's a meeting at Fiat and so all the talking we will done then". Montezemolo went on to stress the importance of the work being done by Marchionne in Turin.

From Henry in the UK

"During practice for the round 3 of the FIA GT Championship at Silverstone recently, I was able to visit the JMB Racing pit garage.



From Marc in the USA

"Dear Enrico,

One of the fun things to do is to check your website every so often. Truly informative and a tribute to the great cars made by Maserati. Thank you for all your work in making this a fantastic site.

I want to share pictures of my 1969 Ghibli SS (AM 115/49-1066), one of the first such cars with the larger 4.9 liter engine (officially, the SS denomination did not begin until 1970). It is a two owner car, originally bought in France with 50.000 km, recently repainted but otherwise completely original.

One never tires of looking at the shape of what has to be one the most beautiful cars ever designed. The thrill of engine’s roar over 3000 rpms is utterly intoxicating and beyond description!



From Peter in Germany

"Hallo Enrico,

your Maserati Site is a best Site of a Maserati.

I send a picture for my Maserati Spyder Modell 86.

Thank you for the best.



Hi Henry,

Can you post an urgent message please.

Recall by Ferrari Maserati UK Ltd to 3200 owners:

During ongoing quality assessments it has been discovered that the steering rack sub-frame may develop a crack in the area of the two fixing points. This could result in becoming loose and a reduction of vehicle control.

This is a potential safety risk and must be looked at asap

Contact your garage now!

Kind regards,


MASERATI – egli ci ha tante stelle

14 July-23 July 2005

3 Jubilee Place
London SW3 3TD

Tel: 020 7352 3649


Maserati – like Caravaggio, Puccini, Barolo, Riva – is one of those sonorous names that speak volumes about Italian culture.

With 22 examples built, the Maserati 250F of 1954 was the first mass produced Formula One car!

But, despite a glorious history of speed, luxury and style, Maserati is mainly appreciated by those people who have taken time to search for it. Maserati was founded in 1914 by the six Maserati brothers (one of whom was a painter). It was then sold to the Orsi family in 1937.

A troubled liaison with Citroën began in 1967 and then Argentinian entrepreneur Alejandro de Tomaso bought Maserati. Since 1993 Maserati has been wholly owned by the Fiat Group and an industrial rinascente began.

Maserati has always attracted celebrities. The greatest racing drivers of them all – Nuvolari, Fangio and Moss – all drove Maseratis. The Aga Khan, the Shah of Persia, Alain Delon, Peter Ustinov and even Eva Longoria’s character in the successful American TV series Desperate Housewives have all been customers. But most of all, the best designers have been attracted to the romance of the Modena machines: Frua, Bertone, Pininfarina and Giugiaro have produced some of their very best bodywork for Maserati, making dull metal sing.

This is an exhibition of photographs of the people – the racers, the stars, the royals, the troupers – whose reputations made the Maserati story. It has been selected from the Maserati archives by Stephen Bayley, entrepreneur of ideas, who also wrote the commentary to the exhibition.

Michael Hoppen Gallery, Chelsea, are delighted to host this rare opportunity to view original photographs from the Maserati archives.

MASERATI - egli ci ha tante stelle (There are so many stars) — Giacomo Leopardo

For Ghibli Cup owners


The Maserati Club here in the UK staged their annual concours last weekend with a record 115 Maseratis gracing the grounds of Stanford Hall in Leicestershire.

Highlight of the event was the largest gathering of right-hand drive Ghibli Cups ever seen in the UK with eighteen cars present.

Meridien-Modena, the Maserati main agent for Hampshire, displayed their Ghibli Open Cup racer.

Ghibli Cup owner and enthusiast Scot 'Pronto' Crane presented each owner with a specially 'designed for the occasion' Ghibli Cup T-shirt and a limited edition print of the Maserati Tipo 61 'Birdcage'.


You can see more photos taken at the 2005 Maserati Club Concours, and learn more about the friendly atmosphere of the Maserati Club here in the UK, at


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