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Grille trident on a Maserati A6G/2000 by Allemano
You can click on some pictures for a better view!!
From Autodromo in the UK


After careful research taking many hours the Maserati Birdcage Chassis from Autodromo is finally here. From the initial designs to the final production prototype there have been many sleepless nights, and scratching of the head in order to see this Edition produced. We hope you will enjoy this model and it provides you with as much contemplation as it has for us.

We would like to thank all those involved in the restoration and involvement with Maserati and their invaluable help to us during this project, with special thanks to Jon, Steve and George.

Each chassis is handmade using heat resistant jigs in soldered brass section. It takes over 50 hours of careful soldering to produce each chassis which includes suspension mounts and other components.

The model Includes a Corian base with an individually numbered chassis plate. A Museum quality display cover and axle stands to display the chassis. The Birdcage chassis will be an edition of only 50 examples worldwide. The model is about 17 inches in length , with the model base being approxiamately 19 by 8 and one half inches.


Unlike our existing Ferrari models, the Birdcage Chassis will only be available direct from Autodromo, at GB £1,850.00 plus tax and delivery.

Each model will be made to order only and we will require a 50% deposit before construction will start - we hope to build two or three models per month so delivery should not be more than six to eight weeks - full payment will be required before dispatch.

Please contact Harriet Addyman or Andy Cann for further information at:

Autodromo Ltd
Unit 7 Parkway Trading Estate
Minto Road
St Werburghs
Bristol BS2 9YB

Tel: +44 (0) 117 955 3234

For the poor old Maserati motorists here in the UK

"Isn't he a Darling!!!"

Britain's Transport Minister Alistair Darling's Satellite Road Pricing Scheme is a White Elephant, a Trojan Horse and a Red Herring, say Britain's Drivers.

The ABD today condemned Alastair Darling's plans to track Britain's drivers by satellite and charge them per mile. "Satellite road pricing will be hugely expensive to install, and its effect on people's behaviour has not been properly thought through," said ABD spokesman Nigel Humphries. "It won't work - it will be a huge WHITE ELEPHANT, and hiding within it is a dark TROJAN HORSE for civil liberties, as it means that drivers will be tagged and tracked like criminals. It will just be a giant version of the London Congestion charge - hugely unpopular and full of perceived unfairness and aggravation for drivers."

Many of Britain's roads are congested, that's true enough. But our rail network simply does not serve the needs of the new population and business centres which have been constructed around an inadequate motorway network. Where they do exist, the railways are also operating at capacity.

"Darling is trying to wave a magic wand at this mess," continued Humphries. "But he is not a fairy godmother - road pricing is just an excuse to delay essential investment in transport infrastructure for another fifteen years. Road pricing is just a great big RED HERRING - another way of blaming drivers for congestion when it's really down to the investment and planning failures of successive governments."

This scheme is just tinkering with the problem at huge expense. The only way it can cut congestion is to bring in punitive charges which reduce personal mobilty and adversely affect both the economy and peoples quality of life. The idea should be consigned to the dustbin before any more time is wasted.


Analysis of the Practicalities of Road Pricing

Darling's scheme involves charging differing amounts per mile with the stated aim of discouraging motorists from using the roads at busy times.

This idea is flawed, not least because people already have a built in time incentive to avoid congestion, so where they can they already are!

The charging can work in two basic ways - varying the charges by time or by route. Neither of these will show significant benefits. It can also have a very simple structure or it can be flexible, which brings a whole new set of problems. Darling and his advisors simply haven't thought these problems through.

Varying the charge by time, like the London Congestion Charge, is just going to charge most people more to sit in the same jams. It has been tried on public transport, with higher peak time rail fares and concessions only applying off peak. We know it doesn't work - the peak time trains are still full and the off peak ones empty, because people need to get to work! A full train moves as quickly as an empty train, so there is no built in incentive to travel off peak. With roads, that incentive is already there, so those who can avoid rush hour already do! This means the effect of peak time/off peak charging differences will be much less on the roads than on the railways.

Varying the charge by route, like the M6 Toll, will just mean that people use the cheaper route and that becomes congested, while the more expensive route becomes an empty expressway for the wealthy or the occasional leisure user. That's exactly what's happening with the M6 Toll and it means that the overall roadspace is being used less efficiently. Applying this sort of scheme to existing roads will just move the congestion from one place to another and waste everyone's time in the process! Bringing in a flexible charge that automatically changes to incentivise the less congested route is doubtless seen as the answer to these problems. But it isn't.

People cannot plan their journeys in advance if they do not know how much it is going to cost. The only benefit is in last minute route changes, or leisure trips where there is some time flexibility. The traffic information technology to deliver these choices to drivers is already available and will be universal in ten years.

Road pricing, at a huge cost to both the nation's finances and its citizens civil liberties, will do nothing but make the country a less efficient and more unpleasant place.

"A Chariot for the Gods!!"

This beautiful rare 1971 Ghibli Spyder, #AM 115S*1227, was recently sold on eBay for US $97,000.

"This Maserati is no doubt one of the finest money can buy. Only 125 were built. It has been in my private collection of 60 plus European sports cars and has been driven monthly since I purchased in 1997. It has very low mileage and is correct. It runs and drives great and is flawless. Notice the beautiful interior, red with black inserts. It has a new tan Hartz cloth top, Borrani wheels and Borrani knockoffs. No rust anywhere that I can find. This car can be taken to any show with pride. I am upgrading my collection toward Bugattis and very rare one of a kind cars. I welcome anyone to come and see and drive."

From The Healey Werks in the USA

Currently for sale on eBay is this exciting restoration project, a 1960 Maserati 3500 GT (carburettor model).

"This car has been out of circulation for over 20 years and is ready for restoration! The car is complete, but engine and gearbox (4-speed) are out (we will reinstall for shipping purposes). The body is incredibly straight with no signs of any collision damage ever or significant is one of the best original bodies we have seen. The frame is rock solid and the only areas of any significat rust are the lower trunk floor (uppers are fine) and the rear lower passenger floors. Both are very straight forward repairs.

The early 3500s have become highly sought after and the available pool of good unrestored cars in surely becoming shallow. As values for these continue to rise, they will only become harder to find, don't miss out if you have been looking for a great restoration candidate.

If you're seriously interested, please call +1 712.944.4900 or e-mail with questions regarding this car, it's restoration or even the restoration of your own special project. Or you can always visit The Healey Werks on the web."

From Edy in Italy

"Hello Enrico,

Iím writing you because itís a long time a have to do, but I never found the right moment.

Iíve bought my first Biturbo, 1983 in 2001.

Very good car, two positions. One o two, like binary system.

After one year I had to sell it, but 2 week ago I bought another one, a 1985 model (but looking on your website Iíve found that itís a 1984 model - ZAM 331 BOO EB 111 909).

If you want to download some picture to put on your website, do it. You can find on my web site at

In the ďmy car sectionĒ there is the new one.

In the ďfriendís car sectionĒ, in 2002, there is the sold one.

Take any pictures you need.

Thanks for the conversation, bye, Edy.

PS: Could you tell me where can I found the engine number? I need to take some pictures for the historical registration. Thanks in advance."


"Ciao Edy,


Re: Finding the Ghibli/ Biturbo engine number:

Here are two photos kindly sent in by David Askew showing the location of the engine number on all Biturbo engined cars.

Is it siuated at the rear of the left-hand side (looking from the front of the car) cylinder bank, where the engine meets the gearbox bellhousing.


From a friend of Maseratis in Italy

"Ciao Enrico!

Lo scorso week-end si Ť corso a Imola il Trofeo Maserati Vodafone e la gara del Campionato FIA GT.

Al termine delle 4 ore di gara, molto combattuta, tra le GT ha trionfato la Chevrolet Corvette davanti alla Ferrari Maranello e alla Maserati MC12 del team Vitaphone. Solo quarta la Maserati MC12 di Bertolini e Wendlinger, team JMB Racing, penalizzata da ben 70+10 kg di zavorra...

Nel Trofeo Maserati Vodafone, al termine di una gara tiratissima, ha vinto ovviamente... una Maserati!

Ti spedisco alcune foto.


"Hi Enrico!

Last week-end the Trofeo Maserati Vodafone and the FIA GT Championship races took place at Imola.

At the end of four highly contested hours of racing between the GT 1s the Chevrolet Corvette finished ahead of the Ferrari 550 Maranello and the Maserati MC12 belonging to Team Vitaphone. Only fourth place for the Maserati MC12 of Andrea Bertolini and Karl Wendlinger in the Team JMB Racing car, penalised by 70+10 kg of ballast...

In the Trofeo Maserati Vodafone race, after a well fought out race, the winner was obviously, a Maserati!

I an sending you some photos.



Final preparations on the grid

The start

The winning Chevrolet Corvette on the pit straight

The second place Ferrari 550 Maranello on the pit straight

An MC12 in the pit lane

A Maserati MC12 on the pit straight

Two GT2 class Porsches

A JMB Racing MC12 arrives for a pit stop

JMB Racing pit stop

A Ferrari 550 Maranello on the pit straight

Ferrari 550 Maranello in the pit

Roaring down the pit straight

The Podium

The Park Fermé

One of the Team Vitaphone MC12s

The Maserati Trofeo GranSport hangar

MC12 cockpit

MC12 front disc brake

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