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Grille trident on a 1934 Maserati 4CS 1500 MM
You can click on some pictures for a better view!!
From Rossano in Italy.

"Caro Enrico,

Ti invio le foto della mia Maserati Biturbo Si (quella rossa) e della Biturbo 420i di Enzo(quella grigia) esposte all'esposizione di vetture particolari presso la sede del giornale quattroruote ove era esposta anche una splendida OSCA.

Quattroruote è il più importante giornale di auto in italia,una sua pubblicazione parallela Ruoteclassiche è dedicata a vetture d'epoca o di interesse storico come possono essere le biturbo o altre vetture più recenti.

Questo giornale organizza un paio di volte all'anno presso la sua sede di Rozzano (Milano) delle mostre scambio dove appassionati possono gratuitamente esporre o vendere le loro vetture.Vi arrivano numerosi appassionati come puoi vedere dalle foto vi sono anche auto stupende e rarissime,unica pecca che nell'ultima edizione del mese scorso non vi erano Maserati a parte le nostre che però abbiamo posteggiato nel parcheggio.

Saluti Rossano -"

"Dear Enrico,

I am sending you photos of my Maserati Biturbo Si (the red one!) and Enzo's Biturbo 420i (the grey one!) displayed at a classic car show near the offices of the car magazine 'Quattroruote' where there was also on display a splendid OSCA.

'Quattroruote' is the most important car magazine in Italy, their sister publication, 'Ruoteclassiche', is dedicated to classic cars or cars of historic interest which can include Maserati Biturbos and other more recent cars.

Twice a year, this magazine organises an 'Auto Jumble' close to its head office in Rozzano, near Milan, where enthusiasts can show or display for sale their cars. As can be seen from the photographs, many enthusiasts attend this event and there are many rare and fabulous motor cars on display. It is a great pity that at last month's show, ours were the only Maseratis on view.

Regards Rossano -"

Rossano's Biturbo Si and Enzo's Biturbo 420i at the show.

Biturbos at the show - already a classic!

A splendid OSCA Tipo S-187.

Enthusiasts admire this beautiful Alfa Romeo Montreal.

An Alfa Romeo 2000/2600 Spyder.

A Jaguar MkII in the Italian sunshine!
From Robin in the UK.

"Hi Enrico,

Thought you might enjoy this for a change!


As my other car is a Maserati. This is all I could afford!

Mark from Holland writes:


"Hello Enrico!

I have recently put together a wiring loom for the rear of my Tipo 116 Indy (see attached image). I am now in a position to offer similar looms to any owner of a Maserati Indy. All the wires are in black, but the connectors are numbered and a key will be added to explain the function of each wire and connector.

Extra wiring for the American side lights can be added if desired.

I think 250 euro is a reasonable price (considering the cost of materials and the many hours spent building it).

Greetings Mark.

If anyone is interested in one of Mark's loom he can be reached at:
From Maarten in The Netherlands.

"Hi Enrico,

I finally got my beautiful 1992/1993 Maserati 4.24v.


Even the onlooking horses can't believe how many
more there are under the bonnet of Maarten's Maser!!

Lots of veneered wood and leather!
From Alfonso in Italy.

"Il presidente della Repubblica Italiana, Carlo Azzelio Ciampi, si e' recato presso la Maserati di Modena per visionare in anteprima la nuova berlina del tridente il cui nome e' ancora segreto (come la linea definitiva...) Il Presidente che ha provato una 4200 gt ha ordinato un esemplare della berlina.... Diventera' la nuova auto presidenziale????

Ciao, Alfonso

The President of the Republic of Italy, Sig. Carlo Azzelio Ciampi, recently visited the Maserati factory in Modena for a private preview of the new four-door saloon at present under construction by the 'Casa del Tridente'. After a test drive in the 4200GT, the President ordered the first as yet unnamed saloon.....
Perhaps this will be the new Presidential car?????

Regards, Alfonso.

From The Official Maserati Web Site.

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Dear Maseratisti,

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The section "Heritage" contains two new monographs, one on the 3500 GT and the other on Maserati motorcycles.

In "Motor Sports", the monograph on the legendary Birdcage sits beside a detailed story about the 26B.

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Check out the unique historic video footage now on view!!! They're Great!

From Christophe in Belgium.

Cristophe has sent me these photos of his 1997 2.8-litre Ghibli GT.

From Lee in the UK.

"Hi Enrico,

Just thought I'd send you this photo of my latest addition.
Hope & trust you are well. Maser season starts soon!!
(though I must confess I did take her out in the snow..........very carefully! I know very well what these things are like. Top down of course!)

Lee's latest addition, a 1991 Spyder.
From Grammatis in Germany.

"Dear Sir,

I found your side in the internet and it is really good and very informative!
I am a great fan of Maserati but it takes me a long time to own my first Maserati. It is a 1992 Biturbo Spyder with 56,000 km at the moment and I must say it is the best car I ever owned until now (believe me, I have owned many cars in the last 20 years).
I enclosed 3 pictures of my Maserati hoping you enjoy them.

With greetings from Germany,

Grammatis with his 1992 Spyder.

"My Spyder used to belong to my father in law who is a great fan of Italian cars, especially Maseratis.

He was the owner of the Spyder the last 5 years and last year he bought himself a Quattroporte IV.

He has many other Italian cars at the moment so he gave me the Spyder as a gift, from father to son. You can imagine how happy I was!"

Maseratis - cars for all the family.

The immaculate interior of Grammatis' gorgeous white Spyder.


"The engine is a 2-litre 18-valve V6 with fuel injection but without a catalytic convertor.

The car was imported from Italy in 1993 so it was a model for the Italian market.

The interior colour is black leather and grey alcantara.

The type and the size of wheels:

AZEV-LM-Rad 8.5J X 17H2 - ET25 - Typ E with Dunlop SP9000 size 225/35/ZR17 tyres.

Now that's what I call, a clean engine!

Hope to hear again from you and with greetings from Germany,



"Thank you for sharing your passion with us,



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