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Grille trident on a Maserati 250F #CM10
You can click on some pictures for a better view!!
Club news from Modena, Italy.

"Ciao Enrico,

I was this weekend in Modena. The Registro Maserati has more or less been buried, but also will live on through the new Maserati Club.

The international will be held from 17 to 19 september in Modena/Mugello/Rome; I will keep you informed as soon as I get absolute confirmation and more details.


A 5000GT from the USA

"Hello Enrico,

Just a quick note to tell you that I will be bringing #103.054 to the Monaco Bonham's auction on the 15th May 2004.

It has spent the last several months in the Ferrari Maserati of Seattle shop and is now in pristine condition (again)."

The Maserati 5000GT with coachwork by Allemano
From Erik S in Norway


Just wanted to send you some pics of Biturbo ES after 4 hours of polish and wax!! We had a small taste of summer for about 4 days ago, and this day was great!

The pictures were taken in my home town in Bærum in Norway in front of the new concert hall! I have spent so many hours on that car I can't believe it!!!!

But with hours come results!

I hope every Maseratisti enjoys these pictures!

Best regards,


From a very happy Gert in Belgium!

"Picked up the Ghibli Cup yesterday ... what a machine.

Do you also like the smell of a Maserati, ...

Can you publish the photos on your Ghibli Cup site, if you need more details please ask!

Small questions:

* the boot locks very badly, a checked the locking mechanism, nothing is wrong with it, I just think the hood does not go down enough!? I only could close it by putting extra weight on it!

* We switched to summertime this weekend, can you tell me how I can adjust the Maserati clock, I pulled the turning thing ones, did not work, do I have to pull it twice like a normal watch?


* the kilometer/h counter is not correct, simple fix or more difficult?


I am going to change the oil and oil filter this weekend ... I think the air filter the week after! Then it will go to the dealer to get a new timing belt fitted and a complete check-up off course.

Can we meet at Spa Italia this year (27-6-2004), I would be very happy with that, if you have not planned anything else!? Is there more info about the MCI in Modena this year? Think I will be there as well as at the Ghibli Cup meeting at Donington next year ...


PS: I like the low profile colour of the Cup, it doesn't shout out for attention!

PS 2: I would like to apologise to the tuning boys next to me at the traffic lights ... they didn't stand a chance!!!"

From Enrico in Italy

"Hello Enrico,

sono un appassionato di automobilismo degli anni sessanta e settanta.

Mi rivolgo a Lei per una consulenza. Ho avuto il piacere di trovare in un mercatino romano l'oggetto che può vedere nelle tre immagini che le invio.

Credo che sia del periodo che la scuderia faceva correre le Maserati sport, in quanto da quello che ho potuto vedere dalla documentazione fotografica in mio possesso, le decals sulle Ferrari 250 SWB e sulla 250 Breadvan avevano la scritta: Scuderia Serenissima SSS Repubblica di Venezia.

Le sarei molto grato se mi potesse aiutare, la saluto e le faccio i miei complementi per il suo sito.



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