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Trident badge on a Maserati Tipo 8C 3000
You can click on some pictures for a better view!!
Farewell to ex-racer Cliff Allison

The church at Brough, a village far to the north of England, was packed for the funeral of a former race ace who lived only yards away – Cliff Allison.

Family, friends and motor racing colleagues from all over the UK and abroad came to celebrate the life of the man who was once tipped to be World Champion.

Also paying her respects was ex-Maserati F1 driver, Maria-Teresa de Filippis, the president of the Ancien Pilotes – an exclusive club of Formula One drivers who meet every year at Monte Carlo for a reunion, which Cliff and his wife Mabel never missed.

From New Mexico in the USA

Brian Foster, candidate for the provost of the University of New Mexico, when hosting a forum said:

"When making decisions about budget cuts, it is important to have a plan for the direction of the university, you can't separate budget decisions without a strategic plan of how you want the university to go, you have to have a plan. It's like having a Maserati without a road map. It doesn't matter how good the car is, you need to know where to go. Everything follows from that."

From Artnet News in the USA



Las Vegas casino king Steve Wynn opens his new $2.7 billion, 217-acre, 2,700-room Wynn Las Vegas mega-resort on Apr. 28, 2005, featuring a fake mountain and several small lakes, two theaters, three high-end restaurants, stores, a Maserati/Ferrari dealership, a golf course, a pool and a spa along with an 111,000-square-foot casino.

From Federica in Italy

"1° Rally dell'Amicizia

Si tratta di una scampagnata con alcuni passaggi con pressostato, itinerario : Sasso Marconi, Borgo San Lorenzo, Pontassieve, Passo della Consuma, Torre ai Sassi, Poppi, Arezzo, Anghiari, Bagni di Romagna (con terme,ecc), Stradelli Guelfi, Medicina e Budrio.


COSTO EURO 320,00 comprensiva per equipaggio di 2 persone di:

- aperitivo di sabato a Torre ai Sassi;
- pranzo di sabato a Poppi;
- cena di sabato a Bagno di Romagna;
- pernottamento del sabato in 4 stelle a Bagno di Romagna;
- aperitivo a Medicina;
- pranzo di domenica a Budrio

Per iscriversi e per ulteriori informazioni, più dettagliate, potete contattare: (preferibilmente) Davide Alvisi 349-6461441, oppure Mario Sandrolini 339-4112825 specificando che siete Soci della Scuderia Modena Historica in allegato trovate IL PROGRAMMA< E LA SCHEDA ID INSCRIZIONE programma e la scheda di iscrizione

Ringraziandovi per l'attenzione e sempre a Vs disposizione per ulteriori informazioni,vi porgiamo distinti saluti SCUDERIA MODENA HISTORICA


P.S. C'è un cambiamento dell'ultima ora: la seconda tappa sarà da Bagno di Romagna a Gradara, dove effettueremo alcune prove cronometrate e pranzeremo nella stupenda Villa Matarazzo

From Stuart in the UK

"Dear Enrico,

I’ve just bought a Citroën SM (Maserati engine) from the US and have imported it into the UK.

I have seen a another car with a Maserati badge over the fuel filler flap of the SM. I would like to try and purchase one of these ‘Trident’ badges – could you suggest where I could look?

Thanks for your kind help.

Best wishes,


From Volkan in Turkey


I live in Istanbul, Turkey. I would like to submit my car's pictures.

Best regards,



Excuse me, can you lend me a cup of electricity?
By Jimmy Carr

"When The Sunday Times asked me to review a car I jumped at the chance. After all, last time I got to swan around in a Maserati for a week — couldn’t believe my luck. You’ll be disappointed to learn that this time the task was not quite so exotic. But you won’t be as disappointed as I was. This time I’m reviewing two electric cars."

From the St. Petersburg Times, Florida

QUOTABLE: "Thankfully, governors and politicians aren't in charge of revenue estimating. Because that would be like giving someone a bottle of bourbon and a Maserati and telling them to have a good time." - Governor Jeb Bush on billions in extra revenue.

Montezemolo - Honorary Degree in Industrial Design

The Politecnico di Milano have conferred Luca Cordero di Montezemolo, President of the Fiat group, Ferrari and Confindustria, with an honorary degree in Industrial Design.

To mark the occasion the Formula 1 Ferraris of Michael Schumacher and Niki Lauda, the Ferrari "F430", the Alfa Romeo "Brera" and the Maserati "Quattroporte", wwere put on display at the Bovisa Campus until the 17th April 2005.

Concourse d’Elegance Villa d’Este 2005

Celebrating the 75th Anniversary of Pininfarina

During the 2005 edition of the Villa d’Este Concours d’Elégance, scheduled for the weekend of April 22 to 24, Pininfarina will be celebrating its 75th anniversary with a retrospective of the most significant cars designed over its long history.

In particular, on Sunday April 24 at Villa Erba, Cernobbio, a special exhibition will be staged entirely dedicated to Pininfarina with around thirty vintage cars, among which one-off models or those produced in short runs, longer production-run cars, styling models and research prototypes.

The entrepiece of the occasion will be the Birdcage 75th, designed specifically to celebrate the company's 75th anniversary.

Recently seen in a world preview at the Geneva Motor Show, where it was voted the "Best Concept Car" in the Editors’ Choice Awards, the Birdcage 75th is based on Maserati tradition and its most advanced mechanicals, and was produced in cooperation with Motorola: a dream car synthesising exclusive design, a sporting DNA and technological innovation.

Among other milestones in Pininfarina's history on show at Villa Erba, the 1947 Cisitalia 202, the first car in the world to be put on exhibition at MOMA, New York's Museum of Modern Art. But also the Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider from 1955, the car that marked the brand's move from artisan production to full-scale manufacturing; the Peugeot 406 coupé from 1996, an example of Pininfarina's ability to offer car manufacturers the entire range of services (design, engineering, production); the Ferrari “rossa”, voted concept car of the year 2000 in Paris; the Maserati Quattroporte from 2003, a luxury saloon that marked a revival of joint Pininfarina-Maserati collaberation on a car after a lapse of 50 years; the 2004 Pininfarina Nido, an innovative research prototype in the field of safety.

From Boston in the USA

"Marathon menus: Feeding the front-runners

By Cathy Flynn / Daily News Staff

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

"Boston Marathon runners have a need for speed. That means feeding their Maserati bodies with the right high-octane fuel.

During the 24 hours before the big race next Monday, serious Marathon runners will ingest the right combination of carbs and protein to generate energy and stamina. Veterans of the race have honed their nutritional strategies for optimum performance."

From the Bosch car battery on-line calalogue in Australia

"Bosch might make great car batteries but their spelling isn't up to much!!!!!


From Modena in Italy

"Ciao Enrico,

Alcuni giorni fa sono andato in un'agenzia fotografica che ha seguito il campionato Ghibli Open Cup nel 1995 e ho comprato alcune foto della mia Ghibli e di quella del mio amico (telaio 361228).

Te ne spedisco alcune.

Visto che gli allegati sono molti, a questa e-mail allego le foto della mia Ghibli. Poi ti spedisco un'altra e-mail con le foto della Ghibli del mio amico.

Le puoi pubblicare se vuoi, mi hanno autorizzato.

Ti aspettiamo, ciao!"

"Hi Enrico,

A few days ago I visited a photographic agency that followed the Ghibli Open Cup Championship in 1995 and purchased several photographs of my Open Cup and that of a good friend of mine (chassis #361228).

I will send you a few.

You will notice that there are quite a few, so in this e-mail I am sending you the photos of my Ghibli. Then I will send you another e-mail .

You can publish them if you want to, they have given me permission.

We're expecting you, bye for now!"

©Photo Quattro
©Photo Quattro
©Photo Quattro
©Photo Quattro
©Photo Quattro
©Photo Quattro
©Photo Quattro
©Photo Quattro
©Photo Quattro
From Modena in Italy

"Ciao Enrico,

Ti spedisco alcune foto della Ghibli Open Cup telaio #361228 sulla quale nel 1995 ha gareggiato Bruno Corradi.

La foto "Ghibli22" è una ripresa del posteriore interno di una Ghibli rossa che venne fotografata all'atto della presentazione. Credo che fosse la numero #361229.

A presto, ciao."

"Hi Enrico,

I am sending you a few photos of Ghibli Open Cup chassis #361228 which in 1995 was driven by Bruno Corradi.

Photo "Ghibli22" is a shot of the interior of the rear of a red Ghibli that was taken at the time of its launch. I think it might be chassis #361229.

See you soon, bye for now."

©Photo Quattro
©Photo Quattro
©Photo Quattro
©Photo Quattro
©Photo Quattro
©Photo Quattro
©Photo Quattro
©Photo Quattro
©Photo Quattro
©Photo Quattro
©Photo Quattro
©Photo Quattro
©Photo Quattro

Photo "Ghibli22" - showing the fireproof cover that protects the management system.
'Solo in America!!!' - From eBay in the USA

This 1967 Maserati Mexico #AM112404 was recently sold on eBay for US $11,000; the bidding started at US $8,250.

The original Maserati V8 engine had been replaced with a 1968 Corvette 327 V8 that had been balanced and blueprinted for high performance (ported and relieved).

The previous owner had spent in excess of $10,000 on driveline modifications. No cutting to the body or frame had been carried out. Transmission was a Turbo 400 series.

Other modifications had been made to the headlights and door handles. Headlights were modern examples but the original trim surrounds and assemblies were available. The door handles had been "shaved" but the orginal parts and trim were also available for a return to the original spec. Borrani wire wheels with spare tyre were included.


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