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Trident badge on a Maserati Tipo 8C 3000
You can click on some pictures for a better view!!
Tight Fit in Thailand

And now for something completely different!!!

Following a blown engine, this Biturbo Spyder was fitted with a Toyota 4-litre V8 engine that previously resided in a Lexus.

From the USA

This recently discovered Maserati Mexico is looking for a new owner, one that is prepared to give it lots of tender love and affection!!

If you feel you're up to the task, contact Alex at

Quote Of The Week!

Brian Foster, the present provost and executive vice president for academic affairs, is a candidate for the position of president at the University of New Mexico. He recently described himself as a "true believer in the power of higher education. It colors everything I am," he said. "But if that's all you have, you're in trouble. You need passion and direction or you're like a Maserati with no place to go."

From Italy

I spotted this copy of Auto Italiana dated the 30th October 1954 with an advert for 'La Maserati 2500 cc corsa formula 1' on the cover.

From Neil in Poland


Just a quick follow up. Got the Indy home, gave a quick check, changed battery and all the plugs and off she went. Smooth as silk.

The Quattroporte however, runs a bit lumpy so shes off for a tune up.

Heres the rare one. A 1986 Quattroporte S3 RHD. Yes Right-Hand Drive. Whats more she only has 15,000km, she did have 14,500km but I was using her last week. Shes had two previous owners and is in mint condition. The lack of use means she needs a bit of a tune up (I want her running as smooth as my Indy), but shes just sailed through her MOT which is now until March 2006. The engine number is 330495874.

Because of her low mileage, condition and being RHD Im looking for GB 9,500. However, Im so impressed by the build quality (puts my Jag to shame) that Im interested in doing a swap with cash adjustment for a LHD one.

Im really keen for her to go to an enthusiast who will use her as shes too good to be picked up cheap by someone who will not maintain her properly.

If you want to see her shes being kept in the UK now but call me in Poland on 0044 602 368 355. Or e-mail

Thanks for the help.



PS: Im looking for a good bonnet for my 72 Indy. Any leads?"

From Erik in Norway

"Hi Enrico (and all other Maserati enthusiasts)!!!

How are you? I hope you are okay after your surgery. What I wonder about today is what the difference is from a regular Biturbo Si (in black colour) and the Biturbo Si 'Series Black'??? I know it was a bit more expensive, but what is really the season for this? I mean one can afterall choose any different color when the cars were new anyway including black. Maybe it could be possible to share some info and make a small article about this special car. There is one here in Norway. It looks very good with the original chrome/black 14 wheels and big tyres. Much better than with any aftermarket wheels.

Right now, I am doing a very time and money consuming engine overhaul on the 222 4v. before a new owner can enjoy this extremely good looking Maserati. I am still searching for a Ghibli. The car I dream about has Blu Sera or Blu Spaciale paint and a beige interior, and has got 17 GT wheels and a lowering kit

Hope you have a great time. I check your site each and EVERY day! Cool to see all the different experiences (and sometime problems) the different Maseratistis have with their cars. Now we all look forward to a warm summer with many hours behind the wooden steering wheel! I have attached a picture from 2004 at a stress less cruising speed at zero boost on the torquey 2.8-litre 24 valve engine together with a fellow Maserati enthusiast from our club, J.

The red light on the picture is on due to some bad grounding on the rear lights. Have never heard about that one before...

Enrico forever!

Erik E."

..... and seconds later!!!!
Erik ..... is it any wonder that the red light came on?!?!?
From Claudio in Italy

Nei giorni 23 e 24 ottobre 2004 ho partecipato al raduno Maserati "VI Tartufi e Vino", un raduno a cui partecipo ormai da diversi anni, che si svolge nelle colline denominate Langhe, vicino alla citt di Alba (CN), Piemonte, famosa in tutto il mondo per il tartufo bianco e per i suoi vini.

Il raduno era organizzato dal Maserati Club Schweiz, precisamente da Claudio Mosconi e Marcello Grigorov, con la collaborazione del Dott. Giancarlo Vassetta.

Ho partecipato col 3500 Spyder, venuto anche mio padre con la mia Ghibli. Erano con noi anche i nostri amici romani Roberto (QuattroporteIII) ed Ettore (Gransport).

On the 23rd and 24th October 2004 I took part in the Maserati meeting "The 6th Truffles and Wine", a meeting I have attended for several years now, that takes place in the Langhe Hills, close to the city of Alba (CN), Piemonte, famous the world over for its white truffles and fine wines.

The gathering was organized by the Maserati Club Switzerland, Claudius Mosconi and Marcello Grigorov to be precise, with the help of Dr. Giancarlo Vassetta.

I took part with the 3500GT Spyder, and my father came along with my Ghibli. Joining us were our friends from Rome, Roberto (Quattroporte III) and Ettore (GranSport).

Al raduno erano presenti circa 30 Maserati di tutte le epoche, provenienti da diversi paesi europei e condotte da membri di vari clubs. Oltre agli svizzeri del Maserati Club CH, erano presenti anche francesi e tedeschi del Deutscher Maserati Club.

Molti gli italiani, appartenenti al Registro Maserati, al Biturbo Club Italia e alla Scuderia del Tridente.

Il raduno iniziava il sabato mattina con il ritrovo presso la "Foresteria dei Marchesi di Barolo", dove dopo la visita alle cantine c' stato il pranzo.

Al pomeriggio si svolta una simpatica birillata con giochi di abilit nel piazzale della fabbrica di palloni "Mondo" di Gallo d'Alba, dove per le storiche ha vinto un equipaggio tedesco, mentre nelle moderne si imposto Walter Gualdrini su Shamal.

Around 30 Maseratis of all ages attended the meeting, coming from all over Europe with members from various clubs. Joining the members from the Swiss Maserati Club, there were representatives from France and the Deutscher Maserati Club.

Quite a few Italians attended, mainly from the Registro Maserati, the Biturbo Club Italia and the Scuderia del Tridente.

The gathering began on the Saturday morning with a meeting at the "Foresteria dei Marchesi di Barolo", where following a visit to the wine cellars, we ate lunch.

That afternoon in the large forecourt of "Mondo" of Gallo d'Alba, a factory that produces footballs and volleyballs, we took part in a series of light-hearted driving tests, where a team from Germany were the winners in the classic group, whilst in the modern group Walter Gualdrini in his Shamal was the victor.

La cena stata consumata nella splendida cornice del castello della Corte Albertina di Pollenzo.

Al mattino della domenica ci si recati in visita alle cantine Gaja di Barbaresco, quindi la comitiva si spostata a Costigliole d'Asti, dove si pranzato presso l' "Italian Culinari Institute for Foreigners", dove molti giovani cuochi, specialmente giapponesi, imparano la cucina tipica piemontese. Alla fine del pranzo, premiazione e saluti finali.

We ate dinner in the splendid surroundings of the castle of Corte Albertina di Pollenzo.

Sunday morning we were off to visit to the wine cellars at Gaja di Barbaresco, and then on to Costigliole d'Asti, where we had lunch at the I.C.I.F. (Italian Culinary Institute for Foreigners), where many young cooks, especially those from Japan, gain an in-depth knowledge in the art of traditional Piemontese cooking. Following lunch and the prizegiving, we all said our fond farewells and made for home.


My Ghibli GT alongside father's Vignale Spyder Maseratis from Germany
Spyders from yesterday and today! Walter Gualdrini's Shamal
A Ghibli SS from Carpi, near Modena The Merak
Father's Vignale Spyder Claudio's 'Forest Green' Ghibli GT
Walter's Shamal, Mosconi's Indy, Federico's Royale The 'Dynamic Duo' at rest!
Musconi's Vignale Spyder starts the driving test! Maseratis and 'another' in the Piazza

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