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From Carrossimo in France


The other day whilst browsing the internet, I  came accross the web  site of  Carrossimo at
M. Guénant has been a Citroen agent since 1923, and in 1958 became a Citroen concessionaire.

Between 1968 and 1975, Maserati were under the ownership of Citroen, and it was during that period that the owner M. Guénant developed a passion for Maserati. His workshop Carrissimo at La Roche-sur-Yon, in the west of France, has been restoring classic cars since 1959. In 1984 he began specialising in the restoration, repair and servicing of Maseratis.

I am so grateful to M. Guénant for giving me permission to publish these photos of a Maserati Barchetta that was recently in his workshop. It gives us an opportunity to view the inside of a Maserati Barchetta V6 engine, a sight rarely seen by we enthusiasts!



















On behalf of Maserati enthusiasts worldwide, merci beaucoup !!

Guénant Automobiles SA
15 Route de Nantes
85000 La Roche-sur-Yon

Maserati Barchetta on Youtube

Great and exciting new video clip of the Maserati Bachetta while being started in a workshop on Youtube at !

Don't forget to turn up the volume !!





From Gooding and Company in the USA

Gooding and Company will be auctioning two important Maseratis; a 1956 Maserati A6G/54 Berlinetta with coachwork by Allemano and a 1967 Maserati Mexico Speciale - one-off prototype, in their "The Scottsdale Auction" sale to be held at Scottsdale, Arizona on Friday and Saturday, 22nd and 23rd of January 2010.

Gooding and Company's "The Scottsdale Auction" will commence promptly at 11:00 am on both days and take place at the Corner of E. Camelback Road and N. 68th Street adjacent to The Scottsdale Fashion Square.

Lot 130

A 1956 Maserati A6G/54 Berlinetta with coachwork by Allemano

Estimate: US $375,000 - $450,000

SOLD FOR US $429,000

The A6G/54 is one of the most sophisticated grand touring cars to be produced in the 1950s – a true connoisseur's car that possess a timeless style, a competition pedigree and the cachet of a coachbuilt exotic. This particular A6G/54 is one of only 15 examples constructed during 1956 and serves as a unique ticket to premier driving events.

Chassis No. 2117

Engine No. 2117

Formerly the Property of Sig. Giulio Dubbini

  • Exceptional attention to detail
  • Documented matching-numbers example
  • A unique ticket to Premier Driving Events
  • Recently restored to original appearance
  • 1,986cc DOHC twin-plug in-line 6-cylinder engine
  • Three Weber carburettors
  • 160bhp at 6,000rpm
  • 4-speed manual gearbox with synchromesh
  • 4-wheel hydraulic drum brakes
  • Independent front suspension with wishbones and coil springs
  • Live rear axle with longitudinal leaf springs

    The A6G/54

    When Maserati introduced the latest version of the A6G in 1954, it was a revelation for fans of high-performance Italian cars. While many felt that the new car was simply a coachbuilt variation of the successful A6GCS sports racer, in reality, the A6G/54 was a refined road-going sports car that happened to share its basic underpinnings with one of the most successful two-litre race cars of the era.

    Contemporary road tests praised the A6G/54 and enthusiastically described its instantaneous acceleration, exceptional road holding, light, responsive steering and powerful brakes. The Maserati truly excelled in long-distance races where it proved to be the only competitive two-litre Italian GT – a quality that made it a top choice for wealthy privateers and gentleman drivers.

    Coachwork for the new car was available from Zagato, Frua and Allemano, and each body came with its own distinct style and purpose. Where as the Zagato Maserati sports cars were purposeful road-racers and the Frua-bodied examples extravagantly decorated fashion statements, Allemano succeeded in producing a rather sophisticated, subdued and luxurious body, of which a mere 21 examples were made.

    Presented here is a beautifully appointed and exceedingly rare gran turismo, perfectly suited for long-distance driving events such as the Colorado Grand, the California Mille and European rallies like the Coppa d’ Oro delle Dolomiti. The Allemano-bodied A6G/54 cars are capable of nearly 120 mph and offer a wealth of character and personality while still providing a surprising level of practicality that includes plenty of space for luggage and all the amenities expected of an exclusive coachbuilt automobile. In addition to its potential as an event entry, its lovely condition and infrequent public appearances, allows the next owner to make the concours rounds and have a good chance of taking home awards.

    The A6G/54 is one of the most sophisticated grand touring cars to be produced in the 1950s – a true connoisseur’s car that possess a timeless style, a motor sports pedigree and the cachet of a coachbuilt exotic. These Allemano A6G/54 motorcars perfectly illustrate the quality, craftsmanship and artistry that went into each Maserati automobile – a tradition that can be traced back to the Maserati Brothers’ earliest creations. It is a rare occasion when a Maserati of this quality and exclusivity appears for public sale.

    This Maserati

    According to copies of the original dispatch and invoice, this splendid Maserati A6G/54 was originally delivered to Sig. Giulio Dubbini of Padua, Italy. As one of the earliest collectors of significant Italian racing cars, Sig. Dubbini was no stranger to exotic sports cars and had an array of the finest Ferrari, Alfa Romeo and Maserati race cars. His A6G/54, the 5th example bodied by Allemano, was delivered on November 27, 1956, and carried a price of 3,034,000 lire. The Maserati was originally finished in Verde Suro (Mackerel Green) with a green interior, the same livery it sports today and, during the first few years of Mr. Dubbini’s ownership, A6G was routinely serviced by the factory, a fact confirmed by historian Adolfo Orsi.

    In the mid-1970s, the A6G/54 was exported to Canada where it remained for over a decade before returning to continental Europe. In 2001, the current owner purchased the Maserati out of Holland and imported it to the US. Photos taken around the time of its purchase show it to be a remarkably honest example. Although it had been repainted red, original paint remained on the fascia and below the re-spray, the panels appeared to be straight and true and, importantly, all of the distinctive trim pieces unique to the Allemano body were intact. This A6G/54 is said to retain all of its original handmade coachwork and its matching-numbers engine. Even the original Cottino radiator is still in place. The only deviation from factory specification is an updated full-synchromesh gearbox that makes for a much more user-friendly driving experience.

    Between 2002 and 2006, a comprehensive cosmetic restoration and thorough mechanical sorting was undertaken within the workshops of one of the foremost Maserati collectors. When the work was completed, this A6G/54 was returned to its original, factory-delivered color scheme – a sensational medium green that perfectly suits the subdued lines of the car and accentuates the jewel-like brightwork. The engine, transmission, differential, brakes and suspension were all inspected, serviced and detailed so that the Maserati’s performance was in keeping with its stellar appearance.

  • Photo by Pawel Litwinski © 2009

    Photo by Pawel Litwinski © 2009

    Photo by Pawel Litwinski © 2009

    Photo by Pawel Litwinski © 2009

    Photo by Pawel Litwinski © 2009

    Photo by Pawel Litwinski © 2009

    Photo by Pawel Litwinski © 2009

    Photo by Pawel Litwinski © 2009

    Photo by Pawel Litwinski © 2009

    Lot 10

    A 1967 Maserati Mexico Speciale - One-Off Prototype

    Estimate: US $75,000 - $100,000 Without Reserve

    SOLD FOR US $187,000

    Coachwork by Frua

    Chassis No. AM112*001*

    Engine No. 2117

    Formerly the Property of Giulio Dubbini

  • The first Maserati Mexico built
  • One of three prototypes commissioned by Maserati
  • Singular example featuring Frua Coachwork
  • Well known within Maserati circles
  • Impressive ownership history
  • A true concours standout
  • 4,719cc DOHC V-8 engine
  • Four Weber carburettors
  • 290bhp at 5,000rpm
  • 5-Speed manual ZF gearbox
  • 4-Wheel disc brakes
  • Independent front suspension
  • Live rear axle

    This Maserati

    The first Maserati Mexico, chassis AM112*001*, was sent to Pietro Frua’s coachbuilding firm in 1966 to be clothed in experimental coachwork to determine the look of Maserati’s forthcoming limited-production GT. Destined to become one of three prototypes commissioned (one Frua, one Bertone and one Vignale), the Mexico Speciale presented here exhibits the delightful details and design cues typical of Maserati cars bodied by one of the company’s oldest collaborators.

    The elegant Speciale features headlights recessed into chrome-accents in the front fenders, similar to those of the Mistral, a graceful greenhouse and gently sweeping upper lines comparable to the Frua-bodied 5000 GT. When compared with the other two designs offered, Frua’s is certainly the most harmonious, not only as a distinct design, but also with regards to the Maserati line as a whole. Nonetheless, Maserati selected Vignale’s proposal, some say because of the extra rear headroom, and approximately 250 production Mexicos of all types were built over the course of three years.

    Eventually, the Frua prototype was exported from Italy through custom car designer and occasional broker Tom Meade. It has been reported that the Mexico Speciale was sold to Kenny Wagner of Texas, in whose hands the car remained until 1978. Mr. Wagner sold the Mexico to Larry Maese, who in turn sold it to Frank Mandarano two years later. Mr. Mandarano, a first-rank Maserati enthusiast and founder of Concorso Italiano, must have truly cherished his time with the one-off Mexico, as it was not until 1999 that the unique gran turismo was sold to Alfredo Brenner who was, at the time, assembling a comprehensive collection of coachbuilt Maseratis. While in Mr. Brenner’s distinguished collection, the Mexico Speciale was consistently maintained by specialists and kept in excellent running order. In 2003, the Mexico was proudly displayed at Concorso Italiano alongside a number of coachbuilt Maseratis ranging from the earliest A6Gs to the most exclusive 5000GTs. Soon after, the Speciale was purchased by a renowned collector with a keen interest in distinctive one-off motorcars.

    Known in Maserati circles as the Mexico Speciale, this unique example is widely held to be one of the most important and significant Maseratis of its generation. Not only is it an interesting piece of Maserati history, it is also very attractive in its handsome maroon livery over a richly appointed tan interior. The clean Frua design is complimented by Borrani chrome wire wheels, a sporting Talbot mirror and a variety of unique badges and details, giving it the appearance of a proper late-1960s GT. Given its illustrious history and exclusive status, this car is eligible for countless events from Maserati Club meets to long-distance rallies.

    Here is a rare opportunity to acquire a fascinating, one-off prototype that possesses a known history, quality coachwork and a marvellous style. For the devoted Maserati enthusiast, or collectors of unique post-war sports cars, the singular Mexico Speciale will have a deep resonance.

  • Photo by Pawel Litwinski © 2009

    Photo by Pawel Litwinski © 2009

    Photo by Pawel Litwinski © 2009

    Photo by Pawel Litwinski © 2009

    Photo by Pawel Litwinski © 2009

    Photo by Pawel Litwinski © 2009

    Photo by Pawel Litwinski © 2009

    Photo by Pawel Litwinski © 2009

    Further details are available from Gooding and Company's on-line catalogue at

    Photos and text courtesy of Gooding and Company

    From ADV.1 in the USA

    In response to an email I sent to ADV.1 regarding alternative wheels for my 1995 Ghibli M.Y.94, I received this reply.



    "Good Day Enrico,

    It is very nice to hear from you and nice work on your site! :) All of our products are actually fully custom built to each application. Thus choose one of our styles and I can work on the engineering for you.

    Do you know what sizes you would like to run? Can you send me pictures of the actual vehicle?

    Ps. I attached some files I am sure your browsers would like.

    All the Best,




    You can view the ADV.1 range of alloy wheels at

    From Didier in France

    "Let me Enrico, wish all the best for 2010...

    I'm looking for real acceleration figures, etc... for the Ghibli GT 2.8L, I mean the one with the 6-speed Getrag and with the 17" wheels.

    I got some from another website but they were for the 2.8-litre with the 5-speed gearbox.

    If some kindly Maseratisti could help... thanks in advance.







    "Hi Didier,

    According to factory literature, the 2.8-litre Ghibli GT with 6-speed manual tranmission, accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h (0 to 60 mph) in 5.7 seconds and will cover the standing kilometre in 25.5 seconds.

    There must be a road test that has been carried out with a 2.8 litre Ghibli with 6-speed manual transmission, but I have yet to find it. Like you, the only road test I have seen is of the early version with a 5-speed transmission and 16-inch wheels.

    If I come up with something, I'll let you know.

    In the meantime, I'll post your request along with a few photos of your Ghibli and see if anyone can help.



    From David in Australia

    A Maserati to die for???


    Maserati carro funebre 1967 auto funebre

    Maserati funeral hearse/car derived from a 1967 4.2-litre Quattroporte.

    Never used - Perfect for the collector - Ideal for parts.

    The only mechanical modifications made: a supplimentary cooling fan and re-inforced rear suspension.

    There was an article on this car in a periodical publication.

    Presently far sale on eBay at

    Magazine quote:

    A HIDDEN TREASURE "The passion of an entrepreneur from Pavia who transformed a 1967 Maserati in to a funeral hearse just for appearances!"





    According to the magazine article by Sig. Nicola Agandi, this high-speed hearse transformation was carried out by Sig. Giulio Zanetti, a funeral director in Pavia, who also collects classic cars; Alfa Romeo, De Tomaso and Maseratis.

    The original 1967 Maserati Quattroporte was purchased from Danauto, the Maserati concessionaire in Pavia. The transformed Maserati Quattroporte hearse now some 500 cm long and 172 cm wide, and finished in "canna di fucile (gunmetal grey), was never actually commissioned for funeral use, but solely for promotional purposes.

    Under the bonnet lies a 4.2-litre V8 Maserati engine with a power output of 260 bhp that would have given potential customers a superfast trip to the cemetry at a potential 230 km/h!!!

    What a way to go!!!

    From Enrico in the UK

    "Dear Biturbisti,

    For some time now, not being technically minded, I have struggled to understand the number of technical electronic contributions being submitted on a numberof discussion groups by enthusiasts blessed with a far greater knowledge in such matters than I.

    Having decided that "enough is enough", it was for this reason that I set myself the challenge of constructing a tester that would solve ALL my electrical problems in a simple manner.

    There's no longer any need for one to spend a small fortune on an OBD, OBD II or EOBD Diagnostic Scanner/Tester, as I would now like to announce my newly designed "Idiota Electronic Tester!". The tester illustrated below, has been specially designed for anyone like me who doesn't have a clue when it comes to automobile electronics, it is so user friendly, that it comes without any instructions, as they would probably be to difficult for me to understand anyway.

    Priced at a special introductory offer of only GB £50, I am expecting a flood of orders, so I would advise you to place your orders as soon as possible!!


    SORRY, SOLD OUT due to excessive demand !!!!

    Enrico's Idiota Electronic Tester!

    From Johann Stegny in Austria

    A new 1:43 scale model, hand-built to order, by FAENZA 43 of the 1962 Maserati Tipo 151 Le Mans prototype during testing in Modena.


    From Enrico in the UK

    "Dear Biturbisti,

    Many of you will, during the course of your ownership, have experienced electrical problems, manily due to poor electrical contacts; fuses, relays, switches, etc.!

    Perhaps a simple remedy that can work is the use of a little "Electrical Contact Cleaner" on your contacts.

    Below you will find a sample of the products available on the UK market.


    Electrical Contact Cleaner
    Priced around GB £5 for 600ml

    Electrical Contact Cleaner
    Priced around GB £5 for 500ml

    Silver Hook
    Electrical Contact Cleaner
    Priced around GB £4 for 500ml

    Fuchs Silkolene
    Electrical Contact Cleaner
    Priced around GB £6.50 for 400ml

    Electrical Contact Cleaner
    Priced around GB £3.50 for 200ml

    Electrical Contact Cleaner
    Priced around GB £3.50 for 200ml

    Electrical Contact Cleaner
    Priced around GB £3.00 for 400ml

    Demon Tweeks
    Zappo Electrical Contact Cleaner
    Priced around GB £5.10 for ???ml

    WS 44-400
    Electrical Contact Cleaner
    Priced around GB £7.50 for 400ml




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