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From Montri in Thailand

"Hello Enrico,

I live in Thailand and own 2 Maseratis, a 3200 GTA and a Quatroporte.

At the moment it is very difficult to find 95 unleaded gasoline in the country, but we are able to find gasohol. I asked the dealer and came to know both the cars could not use gasohol.

Is there anyway to make it possible to use gasohol?




Maserati Quattroporte



Maserati 3200 GT



Alfa Romeo 156 by Selespeed






GASOHOL - An engine fuel that is 90% petrol and 10% ethanol (alcohol). The ethanol is usually obtained by fermentation, followed by distillation, using maize, wheat, potatoes, or sugar cane. It was used in early cars before petrol became economical, and its use was revived during the 1940s war shortage and the energy shortage of the 1970s, for example in Brazil.

Further information on Shell Gasohol 95 is available at


"Ciao Maseratisti,

A very Happy New Year to you all!

If anyone out there has any experience of running their Maseratis on gasohol, please let me know. Are there any additives on the market for this purpose?

In the meantime, it's NOT a very good idea to run your Maserati on gasohol!!!




"Hi Enrico,

Happy New Year!

Re the gasohol issue: gleaning some information from the internet would suggest that a mixture up to 10% ethanol is not necessarily problematic, as many countries around the world use these "low ethanol %" fuels.

Indeed in the UK Tesco's 99 RON super-unleaded contains 5% ethanol. In several US states 10% ethanol fuels are mandatory; anyone in Florida, Hawaii, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Oregon or Washington who is running a modern Maserati must be subject to using the stuff I would imagine. Any of you guys care to comment?

It is of course important to get the correct octane rating of fuel for the car in question. Looking at Shell's Thailand website I find they give no octane rating for their Shell Gasohol 95 or Shell Gasohol 91 fuels; you could make the guess that the octane ratings are 95 and 91, but it would be best to check with Shell.

I'm afraid I don't know the octane requirement for the 3200 GT or Quattroporte!



From Enrico in the UK

"Ciao Maseratisti,

Following the query from Montri regarding the use of Gasohol in his Maseratis, I posted the subject of Gasohol for discussion on the "Maserati Biturbo Zentrum" Forum, the most informative discussion group on the internet for owners and enthusiasts Maserati Biturbo era cars.


Does anyone out there run their Maserati on gasohol?

I heard that in several US states 10% ethanol fuels are mandatory; anyone in Florida, Hawaii, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Oregon or Washington who is running a modern Maserati must be subject to using the stuff I would imagine. How are they getting on with it?


You can easily join by visiting

Montri's query started a very healthy debate. Here are the replies:



I was looking into it. should be possible and there was a firm in Germany that sell a bolt on device to assist the ECU, but you'd have to replace a lot of the fuel supply system, as I believe the normal stuff will not cope with the ethanol?



"I know it doesn't go well with aluminium fuel tanks due to its low pH which erodes the ali, so I suspect there would be problems with fuel rails, fuel regulators etc. Not sure how it affects the calibration.



"All modern fuel hose is speced for this now. Just don't use any old Weber rebuild kits.



"I think federal law mandates that all gasoline sold in the US has to contain 10% ethanol. The only problem I have experienced with this formulation is that the gasoline has a very short life in the gas tank before it turns into a varnish that clogs your fuel system.

E85 (85% ethanol) "gasoline" is supposedly widely available but I have not seen it in the Houston area.

Best Regards,



"The varnish is a problem, coupled with a couple of fuel line fittings and one of the one-way pressure relief valves connected to the fuel tank.? The fittings crumbled and spilled 10 gallons of fuel onto the driveway and into the lawn.? But only those fittings and not others that are the same style.

Does anyone know if the alcohol will pull moisture from the air in the tank?? I ran my homebrew water separator on the Spyder's 1/4 tank of gas which has sat for about 8 weeks and pulled out over a quart of water.? It was completely clear of water 8 weeks ago.? Seems like that's a lot of water, even for a system with does have a 4 foot length of open breather tubing (discovered recently).?

Could the gasohol be absorbing water vapor when it's warmer and then condensing it out during the cold 26-39 deg F nights?



"Regarding the water... could be the alcohol evaporating, cooling the tank and encouraging water to condense on the tank. If the tank is enclosed you'd have a finite amount of water in the air in the tank, but if the tank is open then you have an "infinite" supply of water.

I'm no chemist though and the flaw is that fuel also evaporates so would do the same thing. So maybe it's just that you have a leaky tank and live in a humid area?




I do run my Ghibli 1995 with gasohol since a year now, the car runs very good and no modifications are needed even with 85% ethanol.



If you have something to add on the subject of Gasohol, or any other Maserati related topic:

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From Maurizio in Japan

"Ciao Enrico,

Volevo segnalarti questo video che mostra una Maserati Coupé elaborata dalla Modena-Tec ( un preparatore tedesco che ha aggiunto un compressore volumetrico e fatto altre modifiche a questa Coupé:




"Hi Enrico,

I wanted to show you this video that features a Maserati Coupé modified by Modena-Tec (, a German tuner who have fitted a supercharger, as well as other modifications to this Coupé:





"And don't forget to turn up the volume!!!


From Paul in Austria

"Hi Henry,

Here I send you some winter pictures of my 430 4v. The photos were made in Villach, Austria, on the 25th last year as a result of turbo problems on my new Winter car, a Mercedes!

Now the Maserati is returned well washed and cleaned in the garage waiting for the season.

Best regards and a happy New Year









From Horacio in Argentina

"Caro Enrico

Te envio mas fotos de detalles ,de la 250 ,ya te he enviado los antecedentes que existen de esta maquina.

Un abrazo Horacio."


"Dear Enrico,

I am sending you my detailed photos of the 250F. I have already sent you the past history that exists for this car.

Regards Horacio."

















According to the book Maserati 250F by David McKinney, and what a fine book this is at only GB £19.95, #2520 was a Works car raced by Froilan Gonzalez in the Gran Premio de la Republica Argentina in 1956, and again by Pablo Gulle in the X Gran Premio Ciudad de Buenos Aires in 1956 (as #2512).


From Paul in the UK

Bristol Italian Auto Moto Festival
Saturday 25th April 2009

Lancia to be the Featured Marque


Lancia will be the Featured Marque at next year's Bristol Italian Auto Moto Festival to mark the 30th anniversary of the introduction of the original Delta model. The organisers are working with the Lancia Motor Club to feature a wide range of Lancias of all ages to make this a most memorable show.

Once again there will be wide ranging displays of Italian cars and bikes of all marques and ages to set the Italianesque 'Old City' streets alive with Italian chic and design flair.

All car entries must be pre booked (with full name, address, phone and mobile numbers and vehicle details - marque, model, year, reg. no.) to: or 0117 947 5814. If using a transporter vehicle please advise as it will also need a pass.

Why not make a note in your diary to come on down and take part in the best free Italian vehicle festival in the country? This event makes for a grand day out just looking at all the exciting cars and bikes on display, chatting with the owners and making new friends. The City's shopping centre and markets are nearby and worth a browse too. Also nearby, the historic harbour is lined with attractions, museums, historic boats and ships including Brunel’s ‘SS Great Britain’ and a replica of John Cabot’s ship the Matthew. (A little known fact - in the year 1497, the Bristol-based Cabot sailed in the original Matthew to reach the North American mainland before Columbus!)

If anyone requires further information or wishes to promote a product or company through the Festival, please contact the undersigned. Sponsors will receive a full 12 months of publicity on our website (under construction at present).

Yours faithfully,

Paul G Hanmore
BIAMF Organiser Tel: 0117 947 5814

From Reg in the UK

"Hi Enrico,

Happy New Year Sir.

My 420i with its new after market wheels is now ready for the 2009 sprints season, and we hope the Jimmy Saville lookalike is not the driver.






From Horacio in Argentina

"Caro Enrico

Despues de muchos años sin las maquinas que han hecho historia ,en la argentina,conducidas por pilotos como Fangio, Gonzales, Mieres, Behra, Menditeguy, Moss etc., en las primeras temporadas de la Formula uno.

Nos encontramos nuevamente, con la Maserati 250 F que ha corrido Froilan Gonzales en el gran premio de 1956, aca en Buenos Aires.

Se encuentra perfectamente restaurada, y ha estado compitiendo en europa en las carreras historicas.

He tenido el placer y la emocion de conducirla, y me impresiono la docilidad de su manejo, la elasticidad de su motor de bajo torque, y la precision de su caja de velocidades.

Ciao Horacio."


"Dear Enrico,

Despite many years without the cars that have made history in the Argentine, lead by drivers like Fangio, Gonzales, Mieres, Behra, Menditeguy, Moss etc., in the first seasons of Formula one.

We were again, with the Maserati 250 F that was driven by Froilan Gonzales in the Grand Prix of 1956, at Buenos Aires.

One that has been perfectly restored, and has been competing historic races in Europe.

I have had the pleasure and emotion to drive it, and I was impressed by its docile handling, the elasticity of its engine in low revs, and the precision of its gear change.

Bye Horacio."







From a Maseratista in Germany


About eighteen months ago, a German collector allowed me to scan the pages of a photo album he had recently purchased from a seller in Argentina.

Luckily for us, the album/scrap book had belonged to an Argentinian motor racing enthusiast with an obvious fondness for Maseratis.

Please note that for reasons that I'm sure you will understand, there are no image enlargements for this album.

Enjoy this unique insight into motor racing in Argentina!




Maserati Tipo 8CL

"Raph" (Comte George Raphaël Béthenod de Montbressieux) - Ecurie Naphtra-Course

Enrico Platé Maserati 4CL, Francisco "Poncho" Culligan Maserati 6CM and Luigi 'Gigi' Villoresi Maserati 4CL

Giuseppe Farina, Menditeguy and Plate

José Froilán González

Pascual Puopolo

Alberto Ascari and Prince Bira of Siam

Giuseppe Farina, Benedicto Campos and Alberto Ascari

Adolfo Schwelm Cruz and the Maserati A6 GCS "Monofaro"

Circuito Parco Palermo, Buenos Aires 1950

"Los Maseratis ai Palermo"
1949 Grand Prix du Général Juan Perón à Palermo Park (Buenos Aires)

Juan Manuel Fangio


Benedictos Campos a great Argentinian race driver. He was a team mate of Fangio in the first
Argentinian Automobil Club Racing Team. He raced alongside Fangio in all the races that that team
competed in on its first incursion into Europe; San Remo, Perpignan and others.

Argentinian adverts fearuring Maserati race cars




Un Campeon! - Carlos 'Charly' Menditeguy

Roberto 'Bitito' Mieres - Scuderia Centro Sud at the Gran Premio Ciudad de Buenos Aires

XIII Gran Premio Ciudad de Buenos Aires - Final Classification

The start of the XIII Gran Premio Ciudad de Buenos Aires

Maserati A6 Coupe by Pinin Farina - Carlos Menditeguy and Sir Stiring Moss

Sir Stiring Moss in the Maserati 450S

Juan Manuel Fangio in a Maserati 300S


1000 Kilómetros de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires 1957
#2 Juan Manuel Fangio/Stirling Moss - Maserati 450S Officine Alfieri Maserati
#56 Severino Silva/Pinheiro Piris - Maserati 300S Scuderia Madunina Brasil

1000 Kilómetros de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires 1957

Popular American drivers Dan Gurney and Masten Gregory

1000 Kilómetros de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires 1960
#20 Dan Gurney/Masten Gregory - Maserati Tipo 61 Camoradi International

Masten Gregory in the Maserati Tipo 61 'Birdcage'

Masten Gregory in the Maserati Tipo 61 'Birdcage'

Dan Gurney in the Maserati Tipo 61 'Birdcage'


Maserati 200 SI, Lancia D24 and Ferrari in Paraguay in 1963

Nestor Salerno in the Maserati 200 SI at the Autodromo Buenos Aires in 1962

Nestor Salerno in the Maserati 200 SI

Nestor Salerno in the Maserati 200 SI

Nestor Salerno in the Maserati 200 SI

Nestor Salerno in the Maserati 200 SI

Nestor Salerno in the Maserati 200 SI



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