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Trident logo casting on the
intake manifold of a Ghibli MY94
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From Nick in the USA

"You have absolutely one of the best car oriented sites I've found on the net. There is a new show on Speed Channel here in the States called 'Victory By Design', and tonight Maserati was the manufacturer in the spotlight. The British gentleman, Alain De Cadanet, who hosts the show really drives the cars hard (I have to believe those who donate these awesome vehicles to the show must be sitting at home watching and gnashing their teeth heheh).

I've never known much about Maseratis other than the name itself. When they got to the 450S I was dumbstruck, especially because the car was built in 1957. That was one wicked race car and I cannot see how anything back at that time could have touched it. The British gentleman who hosts the show is apparently a former race driver, drove the 450S and as soon as he fired it up I could tell just by listening that it had at least 400 hp. He stated that in its final form it was making over 500. I had no idea that any manufacturer on either side of the Atlantic was able to coax that kind of power from their engines back then. The workmanship on the engine was awesome as well.

I am an American 'gearhead' who also builds my own race cars (old 1960s bodied Chryslers with bigblocks and smallblocks) but my tastes are quite eclectic and I really enjoy and appreciate the craftmanship and engineering on many of the old road race cars from even as far back as the 1920s. The men who built these automobiles were certainly putting a lot of love into their craft. The vehicles I build are for drag racing and a bit more brutish without the beauty of the Maseratis or Jags or any of the road racers especially the foreign built ones from many years ago but much can be learned about the crafting and engineering from even the old cars. The European builders and engineers have my utmost respect. Such power from such delicate and intricately detailed powerplants. Absolutely awesome.


From Dag in Norway

"Iíve spent some time with your pages, but I canít seem to find the model name of this Maserati. Could you please answer me?

Itís not that important, Iím just curious. Itís me standing next to it. We used to live in Spain and my best friendís stepfather was making repairs on it at home for someone else. I remember he used to work as a mechanic at a garage 'downtown'. I never understood how he was able to repair such a sophisticated car. They had it at home for some months. I also remember when I was allowed to sit in it! Doors opening.... the seats... the everything. 11 years old and my coolest experience that far.

Just would like to know the name of the model. The year this picture was taken was 1981, give or take a year.


The Maserati Boomerang by Giorgetto Giugiaro and admirer!

Thank you for your time if youíre still reading.


"It sure is a beauty. A one-off prototype. Wow! When it comes to cars like these, I have no problems understandig how a man can spend $900.000 buying one. A wise man indeed. I remember I was a bit surprised that the front around the Maserati emblem was a bit 'worn'. After you told me which page to look up, I read that a nightclub owner owned the car back then. Maybe it had been a popular car for 'chicks' to pose against. Must have been quite a gadget to show up in outside a nightclub!! King of Benidorm, for sure! Seeing the picture of the interior was a real flashback. Amazing how some memories stick like glue inside your brain. Well, not that amazing perhaps. Itís the interior thatís amazing I hear you say.

Impressive site youíve built up. Could spend days clicking around. Maybe I will. And keep up the good work, Enrico.

Have a nice day.


From MCI in the USA


Results for Maserati

Scuderia Maserati of Washington - 37th Overall - 16th in Class

Team Risi Competizione - 26th Overall - 11th in Class

Following is the official Press Release from Scuderia Maserati Washington.


DULLES, VA, (February 2). The new SFoW Maserati Trofeo Light GT began its racing career at the prestigious and difficult Rolex 24 at Daytona, and immediately demonstrated its potential by taking the GT class lead in the first hour. The new racer, sponsored by Maserati of Washington, was consistently among the top three GT cars for the first six hours of the 24 hours race. A small suspension bolt broke at about the seventh hour, and the time lost in the pits dropped the Maserati from a competitive finish, but the team was satisfied with the initial outing.

"We deliberately selected the Maserati to defend our Rolex Series championships, and I think we're going to be very competitive this season," explained Team Manager Glenn Marquis. "It's a shame that later in the race the Maserati suffered damage from an off-course excursion in the rain, and that damage was un repairable so we withdrew the car. Still, this was the first time a Maserati Trofeo Light has raced anywhere in the world, and for our car to lead the class, even if for only a few laps, shows its potential.

SFoW Maserati drivers Emil Assentato, Fabrizio de Simone, Steve Earle, and Nick Longhi were uniform in their praise for the car in its first race. Earle went further: "The Maserati was great for a new racer, but this was my first time racing for SFoW, and I was really blown away by the crew. These guys are great -- I watched them laying on their backs in the rain to get the car going again. I'm certain this team's going to be a winner, and soon."

SFoW -- the Scuderia Ferrari of Washington-- was the Rolex Sports Car Series GT Team Champion in both 2002 and 2003, and SFoW drivers won the Drivers Championship both years. The team switched to the new Maserati Trofeo Light, with sponsorship from Maserati of Washington, the authorized dealer in the D.C. area, for the 2004 season.

Additional sponsorship for the Washington Maserati comes from TubiStyle, the leading after-market supplier of exhaust systems for exotic cars, Putnam Leasing, one of the oldest specialty vehicle leasing companies in the U.S., Tradition, a world leader in the brokerage of financial and non-financial products, and J.L. Earle, M.D., P.A. Orthopedic Surgery.

Further information on the Maserati Coupe and Spyder, the Maserati Trofeo Light, and the Scuderia Ferrari of Washington may be found at on the Internet.


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