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Grille trident on a Maserati Biturbo S
You can click on some pictures for a better view!!
From Gert in Belgium


Yesterday my girlfriend and I went to an auction of a 1993 Maserati Shamal with only 4.368 km in Antwerp.

One hour before the auction everyone could have a good look at the car. After a thorough inspection, the car showed a few of its flaws eg. some bubbles in the paint on the left and right side of the roof, a few spots of rust, a 1cm opening between the bumper and the bodywork at the left side. So not in as good as a condition as we expected it to be.

The interior however was perfect, and the combination of cream of the leather with the black colour of the car was unusual and very nice.

In the meantime about 30 people had gathered for the auction and we were not the only ones who suspected that the car had been in some kind of an accident. Also not all required documents were delivered with the car, the only official document was the declaration of uniformity, which meant that the buyer would have to go to a lot of trouble to acquire the necessary paperwork to get the car on the road.

' The auctioneer told us that the Shamal; he said 'Samal', which amused the Maserati lovers in the room, had belonged to a Russian, who had mysteriously disappeared, and also that the car had stood still for 10 years, which is not in its advantage for a sale.

Finally the auction started with an opening bid of € 15,000. About 6 bidders were in action until € 21,000, but then only 2 remained bidding.

The car finally went for € 23,700 (GB £16,380) to a young women, who was very pleased with her purchase. The others stayed behind disappointed. All in all the auction took about 15 minutes and we think the end price was quite high, because of the work still needed to be done to the car, its vague history and the paperwork.


This nick should knock something off the asking price!
And look there's another one here!

I'm not prepared to bid more than EUR 21,000!
Well, I think it's worth more!




From Marcello in Italy

"Ciao Enrico,

Here are a couple of photos taken at our workshop in Modena.




My father Giuseppe and I along with my Mistral Coupé

My father where he loves to be, surrounded by Maseratis!
From Marcello in Italy

"Ciao Enrico,

Here are some photos of a distributor cap (calotta distributore) made by Fabbrica Candele Accumulatori Maserati SpA for a FIAT 750 (600D).







From Janek in New Zealand

"Hi Enrico,

Well I’m now the proud owner of a mint condition 1996 Quattroporte IV 2.8.

I did all the checks you suggested and had the service manager contacting Maserati in Australia to make sure all was in good order. The service has been done by the NZ Maserati importer since the car was new and the records are up to date. I got them to give me a one year warranty as part of the deal.

Apart from a faulty airbag warning light and a couple of new bulbs in the little red door safety lights, there is nothing that I could find to concern me. I will take the car back after a week for these adjustments.

The car starts first time, keeps cool in slow city traffic and really moves out on the motorway. Unfortunately, our top speed is only 100 kph!

There are three Quattroporte IVs in New Zealand: my car, another 2.8 owned by an Italian Diplomat, and a 3.2 ('Evoluzione', I think) owned by a Maserati collector here in Auckland.

I’ll be a regular visitor to your website now!

A couple of shots I did today of my new baby…feel free to put them up on your site…

Hope they are not too big. I plan to do some studio shots of this car and a few other local Maseratis…I’ll keep you posted.

Thanks for your help,





From James in the UK


An excellent site.

My 1995 Ghibli has lost all compression on one bank of cylinders after filling up at a petrol station belonging to one of the major supermarket chain. They have accepted that they had a problem with the fuel and sent an assessor to report on the problem. He has stated the fuel was the problem, but, as the mileage is high (96,000 miles), the damage to the engine is incidental and the supermarket chain should only pay for the fuel lines/pipes and fuel tank to be cleaned.

The car is driven every day and has always been regularly serviced. It is never driven at over 2,500 revs until the water temperature has reached 90° and always started at least 3 mins before being driven.

Prior to filling up she was fine, oil pressure really good. Following the refuelling at that petrol station, and after driving for less than 2 miles, she was pinking, over heated and well - lots of smoke.

Can anybody advise if to this engine deisel in petrol would make a difference and if so why only the left bank should go?

With all the interrest in your site I'm sure someone will be able to advise.

Thanks very much for this site which has to be one of the best.


From Patrice in France

"Hello Enrico,

I hope you are well!

Please find attached one picture of Jean-Baptiste who is very happy with the new Mini Spyder that Maserati has added to its range of sports cars, and one picture showing that dad’s Ghibli is much more comfortable when sleeping!

Best regards,




From Jacques in France


Je vous suggère une ballade sur le site du peintre Alain BERTRAND.

Quelle présentation ! Bravo, les inconditionnels apprécieront. Et cette guitare en plus...

Rencontré le jovial bonhomme à Rétromobile, pas pu céder à acheter qq. gravures... (si vous êtes séduits et tentés, vente sur le site).

Bonne visite.


From Yogi in Hungary

"Your Maserati Pages helped me many times before but now I couldn't find an answer, so here is the question:

To what model was the engine with the #AM577 built in?

I've just bought a 2.24v in Italy. The seller said she has the interior, brakes, alloys and the engine of a Ghibli. Now the Ghibli interior is quite obvious, wheels and brakes are most likely but the engine is a bit strange to me.

It doesn't have electronic ignition, air filter in its old place behind the engine, small spark plugs, black intake housing instead of red and so on.

It looks like an ordinary 2.2v engine. I thought it couldn't be simplier: let's take a look at the engine number, is it AM475 or AM495 or AM496?

The two litre Ghiblis I know have the last two. I spent three hours in the rain since it is well hidden under a rain-forest of wires and tubes.

To my surprise I found the above mentioned number of AM577. I googled over the net but I found only one result (in your pages) and that said a Ghibli Cup has this number. Of course it's not a Cup engine. But what is it then?

Any ideas or hints greatly appreciated.

I try to attach one or two pictures; I didn't have the time to shoot more but as soon as I can I send you some more pics.

All the best,




From Jim in the UK

"Hi Henry,

It's Jim in Edinburgh here. Can you help me out. I'm looking for some info on the whereabouts of the interior light delay relay (/capacitor?) and any info on general fuse box/voltage feeds to the interior light system of a RHD Ghibli GT.

I have a friend who's car I am slowly fixing, but this one's getting complicated!

Hope you are well.

Have included a shot of my Cup for the Website if your interested...

Thank you in advance,



Jim's Ghibli Cup in the Cairngorms, Scotland
From Hugh in Australia

"Hi Enrico,

Thanks for your reply.

Yes I am a Maserati freak, the ultimate in auto design engineering and at least 10 years ahead of the rest of the pack. I love them, great to work on and once you get used to the assy ways they are great to work on.

I can remember when in 1956 my dad took me to Warwick Farm race track, about 1 hour west of Sydney, where I saw my first Maserati a 250F driven by the one and only stirling Moss.

Must have got into my DNA cause at the time I was only 10. When at school I use to race (sort of, kids play) Dinky cars, Maserati of course. I still have some of them. I have been collecting them over the years and have some 28 now.

In 1991 I went to the Sydney Motor show and saw and fell in love with Shamal and ordered one. I always wanted to buy a car the motor show. As this was the only one in Australia maybe I would be the first one to have a Shamal in Australia, but it was not to be. I missed out by 10 minutes but not to be out done I did a deal with the dealer, he flew one out 4 weeks later.

Wicked motor worth ever cent of AUS $220K.

It was at this time I was elected President of the Maserati Club and organised some great events (over 8 years) and also went to Italy of the 80th birthday of Maserati in Cortina and at the same time purchased a 430 from the factory, via the dealer out here. So yes you could say I am in love with Maserati. I go over to the UK from time to time next time we can catch up? Or if you ever come out to this colony!! We can catch up?

If you type Maserati Birdcage 75th into Goggle search bar check it out.

If I can help with any problems especially Biturbo e me.

If your crazy enough to go to the dealer here your up for AUS $150 per hour if your lucky. And from my experience, the service has not been to my level of satisifaction by a long way. When we get togeather one day and we have lots of time I will tell you how when you spend megga bucks on a car of any type the warranty is crap or is it the dealer, any way till then.

Great to meet you, Hugh."


My Shamal plus one equals two

My 430

1995 Barchetta

Shamal engine bay

A great advert for the Sydney Opera House and Maserati
From Edouardo in Spain

"Hi Enrico,

As I promised you, I send you some pictures of my Ghibli Open Cup so you can put them in the Open Cup database. My car is the chassis no. ZAM336B0000361223.

Please, if you want to know anything else about this car just feel free to contact me.

Best regards,







From Edouard in France

"Dear Enrico!

Please find enclosed some photographs of my Biturbo Spyder, #ZAM333B00LA102382.

It is a 2.8-litre 1990 Spyder '90 and along with photographs was featured in the book 'Maserati Spyder - The History' by Jürgen Lewandowski.







From Peter in the UK

"Dear Enrico!

Hi there again.

Attached are the Silverstone photos I promised yesterday, the one of you passing across the "A" of the Maserati name on the clubs banner on the gazebo is good, although far away! (at least I think it's you.)

There are three photos of my own car V8 PWM from front, rear and interior view, next to yours on left from the front, which you may use on the clubs members gallery, if you think the front view one is better than my existing one on the club site.

Also the view past the 3 racing cars, shows the Maserati Club's cars parked at the rear of our clubs car parking area, also,you can get a few good views of different cars & people on the various photos, any or all of which can be used on both websites if you want to.




Tipo 300S

Tipo 300S

The Maserati Club area

The Maserati Club area (rear view)

The JBW/Maserati

The JBW's Maserati engine

Peter's Coupé

A rear view of Peter's Coupé

The interior of Peter's Coupé 
From Jacques in France

"Bonjour à tous,

QQ. photos des renforts intérieurs de carrosserie de la Ghibli.

Certaines pièces sont d'origine CAMPANA (carrossier de MODENE, attitré de MASERATI, ayant réalisé les spyders Ghibli), les autres pièces sont fabriquées en atelier à partir des plans d'origine.

Différentes vues ou on peut voir, les renforts des traverses, les pieds de portières, socle du pare-brise et +

Regardez le morceau de tôle sur l'aile gauche de la 2ème photo: c'est cet élément qui est installée sur le pied de porte qu'on voit terminé sur la photo 3, peint en gris. Chapeau !

Puis, deux vues du capot AV, refait à l'identique, en alu; et le panneau AR des ailes et entourage de la malle et des trappes de réservoir d'essence.

Encore chapeau et: @suivre Jacques."


Hello everybody,

Some photos of the reinforcement/strengthening to the interior bodywork of the Ghibli.

Certain parts were sourced from Carrozzeria Campana (a Maserati Appointed bodyshop in Modena, who until 1990 converted Ghibli Coupes to Spyders), the other parts were made in a workshop from original plans.

From the various views one can see, rear bulkhead cross member, the new door sills, the windscreen scuttle panel and more ...

Check out the piece of sheet metal resting on the left-hand side rear wing. It is the piece, now painted in grey primer, that fits in the right-hand side footwell. Well done!

Then, two views of the front bonnet, recreated in aluminium as per the original; and the rear wing and trunk assembly with the two fuel filler flaps.

Well done again and:

To be continued...










More from Jacques in France


Voilà ce que j'ai vu à qq. encablures de TURIN, le même jour que l'ouverture des Oeufs:

Seuils de portières, bas de caisse, traverses capot, portières et capots entièrement refaits à partir d'une (plusieurs) feuilles d'alu...

Dorr sills, floor pan, traverses capot, doorss and the bonnet capots completely rebuilt from one ( à partir d'une (plusieurs) feuilles d'alu...

Les nouvelles ailes AR (pièces d'origine MASERATI) vont être prochainement découpées et soudées sur la caisse. On peut voir les deux nouveaux clapets de fermeture des réservoirs d'essence (en apprêt munium) à suivre, dans quinze jours (l'attente va être longue).

Les oeufs seront consommés. Bravo aux médaillés et félicitations aux artisans italiens s'occupant de mon auto.




Here is what I saw at not too far from Turin, on the same day as the Opening of the Eggs (Opening of the Winter Olympics in Turin):

Door sills, floor pan, traverses capot (?), doors and the bonnet completely rebuilt from one (several) sheet of aluminium......

New rear wings (original Maserati parts) will soon be cut out and welded to the chassis. One can see the two new fuel filler flaps (painted in primer) soon, in a fortnight (it will be a long wait!).

The Eggs will have been eaten. Bravo to the medal winners and best wishes to the Italian craftsmen who are working on my car.










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