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Grille trident on a Maserati Biturbo S
You can click on some pictures for a better view!!
From Martin in Germany


I have owned my Biturbo since May 2005 and driven it since November 2005.

The car was sitting for 5 years in a garage because the engine was defective. I bought it and have put in a 100% overhauled engine. Now the car is working perfectly and I use it daily.

1991 2.24v II Kat - #ZAM331BOOLB120775













Thank you Martin and welcome to the World of Maserati!



From Ben in Denmark

"Hi Henry,

I am a friend of Peter, whom you have been corresponding.

I thought I might like the pictures of the Quattroporte II (I am sending them in two mails). According to the Christie's homepage, it sold for 64,625 Euro. The estimate was 60,000 to 90,000 euro.

I found a review here:

Keep up the work on your excellent web-site.

Ben - ('97 Ghibli GT and ´91 Shamal)."










From Peter in Denmark

"Dear Enrico,

Here are pictures of the Pininfarina 75th Birdcage at Retro.

Although we are all great Maseratistes, please take note in the background of picture 1 of the totally amazing one-off - 1938 DELAGE D8 120S WITH AERODYNAMIC BODY BY POURTOUT.

All the best,





From Gert in Belgium

"Hi Enrico,

In the attachent you find photos of the 'Interclassic and Topmobiel' event (15-01-2006) in Maastricht (Holland): a red 450S, a grey 3500GT, a brown Indy, a black Biturbo Spyder, a black 2.24v., a grey Mistral Spyder with hardtop and a yellow Biturbo Spyder II.




Tipo 450S

Tipo 116 - Indy

Tipo 101 - 3500GT

Tipo 101 - 3500 Spyder Vignale

Tipo 109/S - Mistral Spyder

AM333 - Spyder (cat) 3a serie

AM333 - Biturbo Spyder

AM 331 - 2.24v
From Michael in Switzerland

"Enrico, your site is a oasis during the winter months when one can't get out and howl through the countryside, a temple for the senses.




From Jacques in France


Des images de Rétromobile. De bien belles autos...



From the sublime ...

... Pininfarina's Maserati 75th Birdcage

and a stunning 1938 Delage D8 120S ...

... with aerodynamic body by Pourtout

to the ridiculous...this psychedelic Mini!
More from Retromobile in Paris, France

The other week, Michel Bollée and Willem Oosthoek were at 'Retromobile' signing copies of their new book, Maserati 151.

Following on from the success of their previous collaboration, 'Maserati 450S', they have co-written a title that recounts yet another chapter in Maserati's long racing history. The Tipo 151 was a coupe descended from the 450S and this title completes the tale of two of the most powerful cars ever produced by the Maserati factory. If this book is half as good as the previous book, it should make quite a read. Just can't wait for my copy to arrive!!

The authors spent most of their two day stay at the show on the Horton's Booksellers and the French Maserati Club stands. The photo below was taken at Horton's. Last ye'ar they were some two weeks late with publication of their 'Maserati 450S' book to make the show, but this year, for the 'Maserati 151' book, their timing was perfect.


Michel Bollée (left) and Willem Oosthoek (right)

Michel Bollée, an acknowledged expert on Le Mans, has written two other interesting books on Maseratis; 'Maserati: 24 Heures du Mans' and 'Lucky: L'histoire de Camoradi et de Lucky Casner'.

Willem, a world renown authority on Maseratis, is the author of that superbly written book 'Birdcage to Supercage', the history of the rear-engined Tipos 63, 64 and 65.

Valentino Rossi tries out the Maserati MC12

Seven-times World Champion on two wheels, Valentino Rossi recently tried a Racing Box Maserati MC 12 at the Misano Adriatico circuit. The Italian, who has previously raced a WRC car and tested a Formula One Ferrari, set a best lap time of 1:27, on a par with that set by the other drivers taking part in the test, which included Marci Cioci, who raced for GPC at the end of 2005, finishing sixth in Bahrain.

Maserati Corse explained : "Arianna Matteuzzi, daughter of Gabriele Matteuzzi, is Valentino Rossi's girlfriend. Gabriele Matteuzzi shared the [Racing Box] drive in 2005 with Piergiuseppe Perazzini. The test was not planned and it was Rossi's passion for cars that was the motivation for the MC12 drive."

Racing Box has confirmed that they will enter their Maserati MC 12 in a number of European rounds of the FIA GT Championship in 2006. The car will be driven by Marco Cioci, Stefano Livio and Pierguiseppe Perazzini.


From Luis in Spain

"Hi Enrico,

Can you send this pictures to Alain? (page 80). It is the same kit, but I made the entire engine from scratch. If you like it, you can put some pics in your web, of course.

I have just finished a 151/3 (Le Mans 64) with the fuel-injected engine, coming soon I e-mail you more pics.




Cylinder heads

Engine block

Water pumps


Exhaust manifolds

Carburettors and pipes (note the small tridents!)

Engine bay

Inner body shell

Detailing the engine bay

Wheels (Model Factory Hiro)

A sad bonnet!

Mesh for air vent

Base colour (Rosso Maserati)

Final finish!

Base silver

Chrome trumpets

Wires, leads and dirt!

More detailing

Exhaust manifolds assembled

A view of the completed engine bay

Ready to roll!

The dashboard is red, not silver (wrong instructions!)

The Maserati 450S Zagato-Costin

- Le Mans 1957


The 'Z' badge is here (not included in the kit)
From Marvin in The Netherlands

'A Royale Occasion' - A 1989 Maserati Quattroporte Royale


On the 14 December 1986, the Quattroporte III was re-launched as the Royale. The 14th December has always been Maserati's traditional day for announcing new models: on this day annually, members of press, the Registro Maserati and other important customers were invited to the factory to preview the latest models.

The Royale's grandeur was enhanced by some minor subtle changes made to the exterior by rounding off of the sharper extremeties of the body panels giving the car a more fluid and less severe look, thus reducing wind noise. Other changes included an electrically operated sliding/tilting sunroof and new 'disc' wheels.

For the interior, as well as improved soundproofing, the seats were upholstered in the finest soft hand-stitched leather on special multilayer padding for maximum comfort.

The dashboard and trim were redesigned, with rounded walnut panels incoporating a gold plated oval analogue clock. The central console now included the controls for the automatic climate control system, a radio, gear lever, ashtray and cigar lighter, the front seat adjustment switches, a portable phone and a bar for the rear passengers. The split rear seats were fully adjustable. The rear door panels now had inset retractable wood-veneered tables and stowed behind the central door pillars were two vermeil/pewter beakers.

Engine power and torque were increased to 300bhp @ 5600 rpm and ? @ 5600 rpm respectively giving the Royale a top speed of 230 kph.

The Sensitork differential was retained for the maximum traction and safety, especially on slippery surfaces.

Between 1980 and 1990, 2100 models were produced of which the first 50 were 4.2-litre versions and the last 55 Royales. The Quattroporte was used by Sandro Pertini, during his seven years as President of the Italian Republic.

I understand from Marvin that if the right offer comes along he is prepared to part with his majestic Maserati Quattroporte Royale. You can contact him at


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