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Horn button on a Maserati Sebring 2a serie
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From Modena, Italia.

Maserati's new 'Four-door' missile?

News of what promises to be the most exciting four-door sports saloon since the launch of the original Maserati 'Quattroporte' in 1963 is at last filtering out from Modena.

A rather special exhibition, opened in Tokyo on the 27th April 2002. "Artedinamica" is an exhibition dedicated to Ferrari and Maserati by the Tokyo Museum of Contemporary Art. At an unscheduled preview, the first drawings and the first scale models of the new 'quattro porte' (four door) Maserati were unveiled to the public.


Image courtesy of Sig. Pamela Guarnieri, Direzione Comunicazione, Maserati SpA

The exhibition is a display of the designs, past and present, of these two great Italian marques. It highlights the beauty of the styling of the products of both brands and their high technological excellence, and shows how the two Companies since the very beginning maintained their own unique identities.


Image courtesy of Sig. Pamela Guarnieri, Direzione Comunicazione, Maserati SpA

The design proposals shown here are the first steps of the project which will conclude with the launch of the final model at end of 2003.


Image courtesy of Sig. Pamela Guarnieri, Direzione Comunicazione, Maserati SpA

The cover of the March/April issue of the Maserati Club (UK) Newsletter shows front and rear images of a far less dramatic design and I am sure the eventual car will lie somewhere between the two.

Whatever the result, I am sure it is going to be something rather special!

From Grant Campbell in Australia.


American Dean Butler has entered his two priceless Maseratis for the 26th Annual Historic Winton race meeting.

The two cars will compete in the pre-war races and the regularity trials. Dean will drive the Maserati 8CTF, while his colleague, Edward Cottam, will drive the Maserati 26M.


Perhaps the most famous Grand Prix Maserati of all time, the Tipo 26M was purchased new by Tim Birkin in 1930, on taking delivery, he then drove the car from Italy to the UK. Birkin came in fifth in the French Grand Prix with the car, and he set the 'mountain circuit' lap record with the car at Brooklands.

In 1931 Whitney Straight bought the car from Birkin. He won all manner of events with this car and ran the car in most of Europe's most important events of the day. Straight kept the car for many years, even after it was no longer a contemporary race car. In the 1950's the car went to South Africa. In the early Eighties it went to Bob Rubin who got it going again. The car was not actually restored, as it was still remarkably in the same condition in which Straight last used it in the mid 1930's and only needed recommissioning. Dean purchased the car from Bubin in 1994.

The 8CTF is one of three works cars which ran in the 1938 and 1939 seasons. These cars were actually faster than the vaunted W154 Mercedes and the Auto Union cars, but did not have the reliability of the German cars. The best finish by Dean's car was fifth in the 1939 Italian GP. The best finish by any of the three cars was second in the 1939 German GP.

These big Masers were most successful at Indianapolis. One of them first ran in the 1939 event, then all three ran thereafter, with one of the cars winning the 'Indy 500' twice. The dean Butler car ran at Indy six times, its best finish being in 1946 when it finished fourth, driven by Amil Andres. Dean's car also won the famous Pikes Peak hill climb twice.

Dean Butler worked for 14 years at Proctor & Gamble. He left them in 1982 to found 'Lens Crafters', the first one hour optical superstore business (USA). After he sold 'Lens Crafter' (when it was the world's largest optical retailer), he founded 'Vision Express' in 24 other countries _ including Australia, where he had eleven stores. The Australian business was sold to the Japanese company Paris Mike.


For further info contact Grant Campbell at or visit their web site at or the Austin 7 Club website at


The Dean Butler Tipo 8CTF seen here at the Maserati International 1999

Dean Butler's Tipo 26M seen here at the Historic Grand Prix at Monaco 2000
From Pierrot in Switzerland.

Up for auction at Brooks' sale of important classic cars at the Historic Festival at Monaco in May 2000 was a very important Maserati with an interesting history. Since January 1967 it had been locked away and left unloved in a dusty garage in Egypt. Fortunately for Maserati enthusiasts everywhere, it resurfaced, and much to the delight of the auction house, Brooks, the sale of this historically important car was placed in their hands. The car to which I refer is of course a 1962 Maserati 5000GT with coachwork by Pietro Frua. About 100,000 was the estimated selling price but this masterpiece eventually went to an unnown collector for over 200,000.

The Maserati 5000GTs were no ordinary cars and were produced to order by some of the wealthiest gentlemen around. Powered by a 5-litre 4ohc V8 engine descended from that used in the Tipo 450S sports racer. This 350 bhp classic was capable of speeds in excess of 270 kph.

This 5000GT (# AM103.048) started life in March 1962 and was displayed at the Geneva Motor Show where it is said to have received minimal press attention owing to its late arrival on press day. It was painted in metallic gold and the interior was trimmed in deerskin. It was then used by Colonel John Simone, Maserati's French importer, who later displayed it at the Paris Motor Show of the same year. On this occasion it received the plaudits of the press. On seeing #103.048, Karim Aga Khan ordered Maserati and Frua to build a similar car, (#103.060), trimmed in beige leather. Of #103.048, England's The Motor noted "Frua. . .has achieved an ingeniously low waistline. . .with a screen of exceptional depth." Road & Track added "Maserati showed a monster 5-litre V8 Frua coupé with suede interior, which could only with justification be driven by a luscious redhead, nude except for a sable coat. . ." (excerpt from the noted motoring publication Automobile Quarterly March 2000).

#103.048 was returned to the factory in October 1963 where it was completely overhauled that included a metallic ruby-red 'paint-job' and renumbered AM103.064. It was bought by a director of a Roman-based pharmaceutical company, Istituto Farmacoterapico in 1963. The car returned to the factory in 1966 when it was traded in for a new Maserati.

in 1967, after a general overhaul, #103.064 was bought by Prince Majid Bin Saud of Saudi Arabia for his father, King Saud of Saudi Arabia, who at the time was living in exile in Egypt. To avoid Egyptian customs duties, the car was shipped to Egypt as diplomat luggage. Later that year the exiled King was forced to leave Egypt for Greece. The car, however, remained in Egypt, impounded by customs for non-payment of taxes. After many years, the Egyptian government auctioned the car to a sports car collector, which kept it in a garage in Cairo until May 2000.

Although the car had only around 13,000 kilometers on the clock it was in a delapidated state and in need of total restoration. This work is at present being carried out by specialists in Modena and we all hope that #104.064 will be shown to the Maserati world in its original condition quite soon!


Photos courtesy of Pierrot in Switzerland
From Marcello Candini in Modena.

Marcello Candini's gourgeous 3500GT Vignale Spyder wins first prize in the Maserati category at the 'Terzo Concorso Di Eleganza', Terme Di Salvarola. Here he is seen receiving his trophy from Sig Antonio Ghini, Director of Communications at Ferrari, and Sig Barbolino, the Mayor of Modena.

Did you know?

An excerpt from DREAM CARS - Style for Tomorrow by Serge Bellu and Peter Vann.

"Pierangelo Andreani was a stylist at Fiat, Pininfarina and De Tomaso, for whom he designed the Maserati Biturbo before throwing over the traces in 1981."

From 'EVO' magazine.

The March 2002 issue of 'EVO' magazine contained an excellent 8-page article with words by Jethro Bovingdon and photography by Andy Morgan entitled 'Maserati Ghibli' - "Understated aggeresion, a charismatic twin-turbo V6 engine, four seats, and all for less than 20K. So what's the catch?"

If you've ever thought about buying a Ghibli then you should read this article!

For a back issue of this edition you should contact EVO magazine at 0044 (0)1789 490215.

From 'TOP GEAR' magazine.

Most Disappointing Market Research Result: MASERATI.

Changing those distinctive and original boomerang-shaped rear lights to boring conventional clusters. Why?

Because that's what the Americans said they wanted.


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