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Trident badge on a 1961 Maserati Tipo 63
You can click on some pictures for a better view!!
From PROCAR in Switzerland.

In answer to my request for information on alloy wheels that fit Maseratis, Adrian Müller has kindly sent me the following information.

Dear Enrico,

Please find attached the pictures of two new WORK designs that are now available for all 5-bolt pattern Maseratis:


  • WORK Euroline KH 18" 19" (2-piece welded wheel)

  • WORK Seeker CX 18" 19" (2-piece welded wheel)

    The prices (exclusive of VAT) per wheel are as follows:
  • 8.5x18 EUR 775.00 / 10x18 EUR 875.00
  • 8.5x19 EUR 1000.00 / 10x19 EUR 1100.00
  • Centre Burning Black (special paint): EUR 25.00
  • Centre Chrome plated: EUR 125.00 Above prices quoted include shipping to the UK.

    My distribution company, PROCAR in Switzerland, will be exhibiting a Maserati 3200GT fitted with these two wheels on our stand at the GENEVA MOTOR SHOW from the 7th to the 17th of March 2002.

    We will then certainly be able to supply you some pictures of the car.

    Best regards,

    Work Wheels Establishment

    Adrian Müller.
    From James in Bangkok, Thailand.

    Dear Enrico,

    First, please let me thank you for your excellent website about Maserati Marque, I think your website is the best one around and I view it almost everyday. My name is James from Bangkok, Thailand. I am a proud owner of a 1995 222 4v. It is painted in its original Maserati Red with Black Connolly leather interior and covering 40,000 km since new. The ride was so much fun that I use it as my everyday transport to work.

    Please see the pics of my Maser along with my gang. They love classic Japanese exotics while my preference only stays on one brand (guess which one?).

    Besides ‘the clock’ and breath-taking performance propelled by two little IHIs under the hood, what I like most about Maserati is its quite subtle design. Sometimes people who walk pass it have to stop and take another careful look at the car again to see exactly what kind of car I am driving. Sometimes, people also mistake Maser for some other brands.

    One day in the parking lot, I saw a local mechanic (who obviously did not know much about Italian cars and could not understand English) who kept staring at my car for about ten minutes and finally the guy came over to me and said, "Wow!!! I like your car, man - it’s the best-looking NISSAN I ever saw!!! Well, which model is it then?" That was something quite unexpected, but I played along with the guy anyway. "Eh ..yes, it’s a specially modified Nissan, wanna see the engine?" I opened up the hood to reveal the 2.8 litre V6, 4-value engine with two turbos and the guy goes, "Holy Cows, your Nissan even have the turbos, but how come Nissan brand has the ‘Trident’ logo on it?"

    Another incident, I was making a wrong turn at an intersection, a police officer came over to give me a ticket, then he radioed to report to the police station, "Yes, a car just made a wrong turn at the red light -- It’s a eh...h. I think it’s probably a TOYOTA in red. Which model? I guess um.. m..m Oh! I get it! It’s Toyota Crown as I saw the ‘crown’ logo on the fuel cap!!!!"



    James with his Toyota! No Nissan! No Honda! Of course, it's one of those Masera-tease!

    James and his friends pose for the camera. That's what you do when you own a Maserati!
    James, I'm delighted to see the steering wheel's in the 'right' place!!
    From Cliff in the USA.

    Dear Enrico,

    I am the proud owner of two 1985 Maserati Biturbos. One of them is a Biturbo S, and it isn't intercooled. The other is intercooled. I am told by MIE that the S was added on after import to the States, to demark the fact that other luxury items had been added (mine has a power moon roof and a power antenna).

    Attached are some pictures of my two Biturbos, as I promised last August. Sorry it took so long; I've had a busy year.

    The blue one is shown in various states: Louisiana, Texas, North Dakota, and Nevada.

    I pulled the trailer shown from North Dakota to Nevada. It ruined the clutch and the ball joints, but other than that it was really a fun ride. The turbos kick in just like the big rigs with that much weight to pull.

    The white one, which isn't intercooled, is still not running, but I'm getting closer every day. As you can see from the pictures, the rear crossmember (subframe) had to be replaced, and the front air dam needs repair. A Biturbo S with a power moon roof!

    Hope you and all Maserati fans enjoy them!


    Cliff's blue 1985 Biturbo S (note the US spec. intercooler).
    As you can see, Cliff's white Biturbo S still needs a little work. Sorry, I meant TLC.

    The 'Moon Roof'

    Maseratis are such practical cars!!!

    Pahrump, Nevada

    Somewhere in East Texas?

    Enderlin, North Dakota
    No! It hasn't broken down. Cliff just stopped for photo shoot.
    From John in England.

    Here's my lovely 430 which is a beautiful 'Beast' with a few mods such as 350bhp (upgraded turbos etc), bodykit (I think one of the other photos of a white 430 in the UK has the same kit), lowered suspension with Bilstein shocks and this might surprise a few 2.8 owners the 17" lovely alloy wheels are off a Volvo 850 t5R.

    I think they look great. What do you think? I couldn't possibly comment!

    The tyres are 205x45x17" (front) and 235x40x17" (rear) and she handles great.



    Little Red Riding Maser - the wolf is under the hood!
    From Simon in England.

    Simon spotted this snippet of information in the February 2002 issue of Classic and Sportscar.


    This goes to prove that you CAN believe everything you read in the magazines!
    From Stanhope in England.

    I fooled them! This photo of my 'Ghibli MY 94' is listed as a 'Ghibli Cup' on the Maserati Club web site. They didn't notice the standard fuel cap, the rear trident without the red strips, the side 'Ghibli Cup' badges or the polished wood interior. It appears they were fooled by the 17 inch wheels and my cherished number plate M 20 CUP (M for Maserati 20 for 2.0-litre and CUP). Make no mistake heads will roll. Probably Dave's !!!!!


    My 'Ghibli Cup' impersonator!
    From 'Retromobile' in France.

    'Retromobile', France's premier classic car show, will stage its first ever sale of classic cars on the 12th February 2002. The sale hosted by Christie's will include Giugiaro's fantastic Maserati Boomerang.

    One of the most significant batches is a splendid prototype of Maserati Boomerang produced by the " designer of the century ", Giorgetto Giugiaro (estimate on request). First of all presented like a not-functional model to the show of Turin in 1971, Maserati Boomerang was motorized in 1972 and made its first appearance in 1990 with the Contest of Trifle in Paris, where Giorgetto Giugiaro formed part of the jury and proudly signed the back panel. Since then, Maserati Boomerang was presented in all the international major events and gained many rewards. The design of this Maserati influenced that of many vehicles as the Golf VW It is extremely rare to find on the market such a chief-doeuvre carried out in only one specimen, entirely motorized with this single pédigré.


    Giugiaro's Boomerang concept car on view at the Bonfanti Museum in 2001
    From London, England.

    An historically important Maserati was sold by the Bonham's auction team at Olympia in December 2001. The unfinished restoration project was bought by an unknown American collector for a staggering GB £270,000 (more than twice the estimate). The car, a Zagato designed Maserati A6G 54 2000 chassis #2105 was the car first shown at the Turin Motor Show in 1955. The final restoration work is at present being completed in Modena.

    I wonder what my Ghibli MY94 will be worth in 2040? No answers thank you!!!


    The Zagato bodied A6G 54 2000, chassis number 2105.
    From Gwen in Belgium.

    Gwen and his father Hugo are real Maserati fans for not only do they own this 222 4v. which has now covered an astonishing 360,000km (the engine and gearbox were changed at 160,000km) but are also the proud owners of a Ghibli GT (which I am sure we are going to hear more about soon!).

    Gwen and his father visited the Maserati factory and museum back in 1995 and he has kindly sent me some photos of their trip which will be on view soon.


    The interior of Hugo's 222 4v,

    The sleek side view of the 222 4v.

    The view other drivers don't often see in the mirror!

    Is it a flying Cup or a flying saucer?
    From Vincent in the UK.

    Vincent is what you might call a Maserati enthusiast, some might even say he's mad about Maseratis.

    And if you want proof take a look at his red Merak and red Biturbo Spyder. Vince just couldn't resist this photo opportunity when his friend popped round with his red Ducati.


    RED 123 - That's what the number says and that's exactly what you see!

    Vincent's every day transport is, you've guessed it, another Maser!


    Vince's V8 powered Quattroporte IV.
    From Augusto in Cittanova Marche, Italia.

    Augusto bought this 1995 Maserati Ghibli when it was love at first sight! After sorting out a few minor electrcal problems Augusto is now delighted with his love.

    Quote: "E' come tu ben sai una vetture da trattare con rispetto, da guidare come quelle auto di una volta. E' come una donna, un'amante, che puo' infastidiarti all'esaurimento, ma che ti regala emozioni carichi di passione."

    "It is as you well know a car that demands respect, that drives like one of those sports cars of old. It is like a woman, a lover, that can frustrate you to exhaustion, but that can reward you with feelings of great passion."


    "Couldn't of put it better myself!" - Enrico.


    Beauty and the Beast!

    A side view of Augusto's beast.

    The rear view of Augusto's Ghibli. The word GHIBLI only appeared on the first series.

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