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Trident on the front grille of the
GranSport Contemporary Classic
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From Roger in the UK

"Dear Enrico,

Just spotted the magazine article sent in by Davide Zaccarelli and thought you might like to see some photos I took during my visit to the excellent exhibition of Maserati race cars at the Bonfanti Museum.




Fratelli Maserati outside their workshop in Bologna

The Bonfanti-VIMAR Museum exhibition poster

The tubular chassis of the Maserati Tipo 60/61 'Birdcage'

The chassis of a Maserati Tipo 4CLT/48

Maserati Tipo V5

Maserati Tipo 4CM-4CL

Maserati Tipo 450S

Maserati Tipo 200SI (Sport Internazionale)

Maserati A6GCS 'Monofaro'

Maserati A6GCS/53

Maserati print celebrating their victory at the Monaco GP

Maserati print celebrating victory at the Indianapolis 500

Advertisement for Maserati Spark Plugs

Advertisement for Maserati Batteries

Maserati 3500 GT

Maserati A6 1500 Coupe by Pinin Farina

Cooper-Maserati T51

Parson-Maserati Tipo 150S


Maserati Barchetta 1991-1993

Maserati Ghibli Open Cup 'Evo'

Maserati Trofeo Coupe

Maserati's 24-valve twin overhead camshaft V6 engine

Maserati engine Tipo 8CL #3037

Maserati engine Tipo 8/F1

Steering wheel from Juan Manuel Fangio's 250F

Trofeo Ghibli Cup 1995 - Winner: Denny Zardo

Signatures and photo of ex-Formula 1 Grand Prix drivers

Cockpit of the A6 1500 Coupe by Pinin Farina

Fabulous 1/10th scale model of a Maserati A6GCS/53

1/18th scale Maserati models

1/43rd scale Maserati models

1/43rd scale Maserati models

1/43rd scale Maserati models
From Davide in Italy

Automobilismo D'Epoca "Caro Enrico,

Come stai, tutto bene?

Ti mando una copia della rivista "Automobilismo D'Epoca" di novembre, che é stata la prima testata a publicare il servizio sul IV Memorial Marco Turci.

Spero che sia una cosa gradita a tutti i maseratisti publicare l'articolo sul tuo sito in modo da renderlo visibile a tutti gli appassionati.




"Dear Enrico,

How are you? I trust all is well!

I am sending you a copy of the November issue of "Automobilismo D'Epoca", that was the first magazine to publish an article on the IV Marco Turci Memorial Meeting.

I thought it will be a nice gesture to all Maseratisti to publish the article on your site for all enthusiasts to view.

Warmest regards,



Text and photos by MASSIMO DELBO

"In the name of a friend"


From Harry and Andy in the UK

"Hi Enrico,

We have this ex-dealership sign, which we need to find a home for, and being Christmas want to know if you know someone who would like it. Picture attached!

The letters are made of two and a half inch thick Perspex (60mm) and are approximately 28 inches (700mm) high.

We are looking for offers in excess of GB £200.00p (EURO 300,00).

Hope all is well with you. We are now in Pembrokeshire! We do come to Bristol and Newbury every week or so, so perhaps in this way we could get them nearer to any interested party.

Hoping the New Year brings a bit of sunshine with it.

All the best,

Harry and Andy."

If you're interested in this rare item of Maserati memorabilia, please contact Harry and Andy at


This ex-dealership 'Maserati' sign would look great in any garage!!
From Davide in Italy

"Dear Enrico,

Thought you might like to see these photos of a 'Maserati SUV' we saw during a trip to Zurich last month. I have to confess that I didn't see it at first, just as well that my girl friend Alice did!

It is obvious from the Maserati Club sticker on the back of the converted VW Tourag, that the owner is a big Maserati fan. I suspect that it is probably powered by a Maserati V8 engine!

Unfortunately I was unable to ask the owner. Do any of your readers out there know anything about this car? It would be interesting to know!




The mystery 'Maserati' parked in Zurich


Note the Maserati Club sticker!

4 exhaust tail-pipes indicate the possibility of a V8 engine!

What is going on here?

Is it one of a kind?





Tridents everywhere!

From Jørgen and Thomas in Denmark


I hope you can help.

We are two guys in Denmark, each with a Maserati 430.


Our Maserati 430s


We are having some problems adjusting the throttle body.

Unfortunately, on both cars the "DO NOT TAMPER" anti-crawl screws have been tampered with! See attached image.

Can you help by telling us how to calibrate them - or alternatively what the standard position ought to be?? (closed, 1 mm open, 5 mm open??).

Is it correct that the potentiometer value should be 155 mv (+/- 15) when the car is not running?

Currently the cars have problems when starting from cold. They start but do not take the revs - starts with near 1,000 rpm and doesn't run smooth. (I thing normal should be starting with about 1,500 rpm and then fall to 1,050 rpm after a short while).

When hot both cars run okay - but not perfectly smooth during idle (rolling a bit in RPM).

WTS and ATS are okay (new) and the spark plugs are fine, new and burned grey.

Do you know how to check ignition timing on the 430?

Thank you for a great site,

Jørgen and Thomas."


The "DO NOT TAMPER" anti-crawl screw (2)
From Andrea in the UK

"Hi Enrico,

If the throttle anti-crawl screw has been tampered with, then the best way to reset is as follows:

1 - Set the larger air adjuster screw (the one to the right of the intake body) to about halfway through its travel (in other words, between fully closed and the ‘O’ ring at the top of its bore).

2 - Then adjust the basic idle speed so that once the engine is hot, it will run at around 800rpm with the idle control valve disconnected. To do this, adjust the screw that is originally protected by the tamper proof plug.

3 - Once you have done this, adjust the potentiometer in the way you have described, but with the engine RUNNING. During the adjustment, make sure you open the throttle a number of times and check that when released it returns consistently to between 140mv and 170mv (150 – 160 should be easily achievable).

Other things to be aware of:

1 - If the CO is too weak, the idle will be poor – should be 2.5% on non-cat cars.

2 - If the idle control valve piston is seized, the idle will be erratic – remove, clean with injection cleaner, make sure it moves easily.

3 - The ignition timing is totally controlled by the ECU so checking and/or adjustment are not necessary.

4 - Good strong idle needs good compression. Are your valves seating well?

5 - Finally, in our experience, most of the running problems on these cars stem from poor connections on the negative battery cable, between battery and body and then engine. Make sure all in this area is in very good condition.

Hope this helps.






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