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From Italian Car Events in the USA


International Concours D'Eleganza and High Performace Driving Event

Le Belle Macchine d'Italia is the largest 3 day Italian motoring event in North America. The 2011 edition will be the 25th annual gathering of owners of Italian cars taking place in the beautiful Pocono Mountains of Eastern Pennsylvania.

The dates are June 24 - 27, 2011. The Driving Event will take place at Pocono International Raceway on June 26 & 27 with Professional Instruction from the Stockcar Racing Experience.

Working together with the representative manufacturers, dealers and clubs, the Italian Cars Group has established Le Belle Macchine d'Italia as the premier Italian motoring event in the Northeast.

Registration is now open at

From Andrew in Switzerland


"Hello Enrico,

I saw recently you feature some Maserati paintings on your website and thought you might like to see some of mine.


Maserati 250F Monaco GP 1956

Maserati Spyder sketch

Maserati 3500 GT Spyder Vignale

Maserati A6/G 2000 Spyder by Pietro Frua

Maserati MC 12 sketch

Mountain Maserati

Maserati Sebring 1a serie

BMW 507 at Villa D'Este

Klausen poster

Le Mans D-type Jaguar

I am a freelance British designer based in Switzerland near Chatel St. Denis, north of the Vevey / Montreux region.

I began my career at Volkswagen Ag after graduating from the Royal College of Art in Automoive Design. I came to Switzerland in 1989 to teach at Art Center Europe and have remained here working as a freelance designer and illustrator. I am also teaching a small design class at the HTA Bienne in the Automobile Engineering department.

I have been involved in a number of diverse projects including electric vehicles, busses, high end tuning projects and one-off cars, packaging and product design. I also had some input in the Pilatus PC-21 trainer aircraft.

I am attaching some samples of my work and you can consult my website for further information,

I work on commission or paint subjects that catch my imagination. The paintings are acrylic on canvas, some quite large and I also draw with pastels on coloured paper. The 8CM sculpture is a bas relief in wood, papier maché and assorted junk.


Maserati 8CM sculpture

Feel free to contact me for further information if you wish.



Andrew McGeachy
La Rogivue

Web site:

From Newspress in the UK


The new Maserati that will debut at the upcoming Geneva Auto Show will offer more driving enjoyment thanks to an improved overall vehicle dynamics, more horse power, a more responsive and efficient engine and optimised gearshift response.

Modena, February 21, 2011. After stunning the world with the GranCabrio at the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show, Maserati will use the 2011 Geneva Motor Show to take its grand-touring convertible to a new level of performance and handling with the GranCabrio Sport.


The Maserati GranCabrio Sport


The Maserati GranCabrio Sport


Conceived to give the GranCabrio a harder-edged model to sit alongside the GranTurismo S and the Quattroporte Sport GT S, the GranCabrio Sport uses a more powerful and fuel-efficient version of Maserati’s, all-alloy 4.7-litre V8, coupled with the ZF six-speed automatic transmission.

This naturally aspirated engine produces in this configuration 331 kW (450 horsepower) and has 510 Nm at the peak of its rich, thick torque curve. Maserati’s Friction Reduction Program has made the GranCabrio Sport’s engine more reactive to the driver’s most-nuanced inputs, while reaching a 6% reduction in fuel consumption. The top speed of the GranCabrio Sport is 285 km/h.

This six-speed transmission is equipped with the super-fast MC Auto Shift software and has been developed for the GranCabrio Sport directly from the transmission in the Quattroporte Sport GT S. The MC Auto Shift provides optimised gearshift response resulting in an even-greater engagement.

The handling has received attention, too, with an upgrade and revision of the Skyhook active-suspension system – now with a sportier tuning – and the adoption of grooved and drilled dual-cast brake discs.

Visually, the GranCabrio Sport is characterised by a more-pronounced dynamic look. This look begins at the GranCabrio’s distinctive nose with a black grille and a Trident with red accents. The headlights now have a black look with white sidemarks, while front corner splitters and the redesigned side skirts are both body coloured. The GranCabrio Sport also debuts a new body colour for Maserati: Rosso Trionfale inspired by the red Italian national colours used on 1950s racing Maseratis – in 1957, Juan Manuel Fangio won his fifth F1 World Title at the wheel of a red Maserati 250F.

The GranCabrio Sport will be on sale in all of Maserati’s 62 markets starting from summer 2011.

Text and photos courtesy of Maserati

From Newspress in the UK


London, 21 February 2011 – In the exciting scenario of London Fashion Week, once again a fleet of fabulous Maseratis ‘struck a pose’, whilst chauffeuring celebrities to their favourite shows.

Maserati Quattroportes and GranCabrios provided a luxurious getaway from the crowd and the paparazzi for, amongst others, Dame Vivienne Westwood, ‘Sunday Girl’ singer Jade Williams and top model Liberty Ross.


Liberty Ross with the Maserati Quattroporte Sport GT S

"Sunday Girl" Jade Williams with the Maserati GranCabrio

Star of the shows was the Maserati GranCabrio, recently voted ‘Best Cabrio of the year 2010’ by best-selling car magazine Top Gear.

The luxurious four-seater convertible, also crowned by GQ Best Open Top Car under £100K, is perfectly at ease whizzing through the streets of London, as well as stretching its legs whilst doing an airport run to yet another capital of fashion.

Text and photos courtesy of Maserati

From Franck in France


"Hi Enrico,

Firstly, you site is fantastic. I send you photos of my Quattroporte V, car I have exchanged against my BMW X5 against a 2006 model.

Now I only have the buy a Ghibli II after having sold my XK8 convertible, or make an exchange !!











For others no need to change.
From Enrico in the UK


"Ciao Maseratisti,

The George, Newmarket.The other day I went for an evening meal with a friend of mine at our local hostelry, The George in Newmarket.

Whilst award winning chef David De Sousa served us with gourmet delights of chicken and leek pancakes, followed by sirloin steak with grain mustard sauce, and for dessert a bread and butter pudding to die for, our conversation inevitably moved on to "Greener" issues.

You see, my friend is one of those types who thinks that, by cycling to and from work, he can "save the world", and as we chatted, and my being a confirmed motorist, the subject of environmentally friendly biofuel E10 cropped up. In his opinion biofuel E10 (and perhaps, in time, even higher ethanol content fuels up to E85) should be introduced here in the UK to replace unleaded fuel.

I of course totally disagreed with him, but it got me wondering if there were any Maserati owners out there with experience of using biofuels in their Maseratis.

If you drive a Maserati and have experience with its use, would you please email me at

Thank you,


Reply from Preecha in Thailand

"Hello Enrico,

Sorry for the late reply, I have a lot of work in Thailand at the moment.

I have read your request for information on the use of Biofuel E10. The Thai Government planned and supported the use of Biofuel ( E10-E85 ), so I planned to modify all of my cars for this case.

After the tests and following modifications, I have never experienced any problems with these modifications.

My modifications list is:

1. Change all existing spark plugs for Iridium spark plugs.

2. Change all fuel lines/hoses for use with Biofuel ( inner fuel tank ).
    Hose specification:
    Temperature range: -40°F to +257°F (-40°C to +125°C) continuous service.
    Tube: Type C (Nitrile). Black. Oil, gasoline and gasohol resistant.
    Reinforcement: Synthetic high tensile textile.
    Cover: Type C2 (NBR/PVC). Black. Fuel, oil, ozone and high temperature resistant.
    Branding: Continuous ink label.
    Example: Gates 4219G Fuel Line PCV/EEC 3/8 Inch (9.5mm) SAE 30R7 Made In U.S.A.

3. Hose Biofuel inline (out fuel tank) spec.
    Synthetic inner tube

    Hose delivery ( BLUE ) changed.
    Hose return ( RED ) changed.

It is not necessary to change the metal pipes, as the metal pipes are neutral to Biofuel.

It will also ne necessary to change the two small hoses ( BLUE ) that are situated in the fuel tank (see image below) as they are permanently immersed in fuel within the fuel tank.


The fuel delivery, return, vacuum and evaporation systems on a Maserati Ghibli M.Y.94 ( Note: It's dated June 1996 )

#56: These 2 hoses have to be changed.
Very important as they are permanently immersed in the biofuel within the fuel tank. No need to change the others !

I hope this know-how will help you guys use and modify car with confidence.

Best Regards,


From Maserati in Italy

MASERATI ON ICE: Cortina Snow Test Drive 2011

The 2011 Snow Test Drive was held on January 25-30 for the first time in Italy and in the Dolomites in the exclusive location of Cortina d'Ampezzo.

Following the success of the previous editions in St Moritz, the event featured a wide collection of experiences: from the exciting opportunity of driving and feeling the performance of Maseratis on snow, to a great selection of "lifestyle" moments designed to learn to know Maserati's world.

With the support of Master GT drivers, 120 guests from 16 different countries could appreciate the performance on icy ground of Maserati GranTurismo S, Quattroporte S and Quattroporte Sport GT S - testing their driving abilities in a completely safe and controlled environment.

Check out the video clip:

Video and text courtesy of Maserati

From Onno in Belgium


"Hello Enrico,

Will send some pictures I took at Flanders Collection Car, an International Fair for classic and special vehicles and their spares, literature and models, today via yousendit.

Theme this year was Maserati; as you can see, they had quite a nice collection of cars there.

Especially the Tipo 63 recreation, that stole my heart.

All the best and enjoy the pictures.






Maserati Ghibli

Maserati Ghibli

Maserati Mistral

Maserati Mistral

Maserati Indy

Maserati Kyalami

Maserati Sebring 1a serie

Maserati Mexico



Maserati Tipo L/75/T2 - Turismo Lusso

Maserati Tipo L/75/T2 - Turismo Lusso

Maserati Tipo L/75/T2 - Turismo Lusso

Porsche 911 Targa

From Philippe in Belgium


"Ciao Enrico,

Grazie per l'articolo !


Maserati Khamsin

Tipo 63 recreation

From Scot in the UK


"Hey Enrico.

I want to sell an engine intake snorkel that came from a racing Maserati MC12!

It comes complete with a letter from Maserati declaring its authenticity, and which car it came from.

I bought it at an auction during a Maserati Club UK Christmas Dinner a few years back.

Hope you can help.


Offers in excess of GB £400.

Interested parties should contact Scot directly at



From Enrico in the UK


"Hi Maseratisti,

Does anyone out there have any information or photographs of the magnificent Maserati Tipo 8CLT currently on display at the Southward Car Museum in Paraparaumu, New Zealand ?

Thank you,


From Bart in The Netherlands

"Hi Enrico,

I just returned from a trip in the U.S. and decided to give a boost to re-unite the engine and car. The majority of the hydraulics have been done: cylinders and the power steering all new seals and rubber covers.

#59: shows you the body "kneeling" for the engine.
#62: ready to hop in.
#65: flying high...the tricky moment, keeping fingers crossed!
#67: the result of a day's work, clearing the brain!

Before putting the Ghibli back alongside the Khamsin I convinced myself that I had to warm the engine gently but thoroughly. No more salt but nice damp / wet streets!:-)

La leggenda continua,


Shows you the body "kneeling" for the engine.

Ready to hop in.

Flying high...the tricky moment, keeping fingers crossed!

The result of a day's work, clearing the brain !

From Tibor in Hungary

"Hi Enrico,

I purchased a Maserati 430 because I saw the car on your website ( Enthusiasts' Page 079 ).

I would like to attach a couple of pictures for you about the car's condition after I've bought it and the condition after the restoration, etc., in a very good condition.

After I restored the car it won the first prize at POCONOS CSD.

After the exhibition/Maserati meeting, we had to move to Hungary two years ago, 2010 December, and we did bring over the car with us. The automatic transmission broke down so we had to change it to a manual transmission. We are using it since then.

Please enjoy the pictures.

Kind regards,


The bodywork during the restoration.

The 2.8-litre V6 engine is ready to be re-united with the 430

Tibor's 430 following the restoration


Tibor with his Maserati 430

Letter of congratulations from TMC ( The Maserati Club )




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