Biturbo Club Italia
1° Raduno Internazionale Biturbo
Modena 2003

"Maserati, Maseratisti, Modena, Musica, Mangiare e Bere!


My sincere thanks to Mike Hofer and Augusto Marcucchio for their help in producing this page.


As is the custom at Maserati dinners, the organisers decided, that in spite of the heat, the Gentlemen should make an effort for the Ladies and wear jackets and ties! Needless to say, this antiquated custom was quickly dispensed with once we were seated.

For our last evening together, the Gala Dinner was held at our base, the Hotel Executive and after a couple of drinks in the bar we made our way to the reception suite. There we were greeted with a glass of a particularly fine Prosecco and variety of canapes. An excellent start!

At our table, we were joined by Marcello and Gloria Candini; who had been invited to participate in the prize-giving, Vincenzo (he drives a Racing) and Patrizia from Avellino near Naples and of course, Boris and Sancica.

As expected the meal was up to the high standard already set on this rally and tonight, with the Masers at rest, it was time for Boris and I to enjoy a few EXTRA glasses of what was a very good Lambrusco.
Buon Appetito!

Executive Hotel - Fiorano Modenese

Our master of ceremonies for the evening was the multi-talented Mike Höfer, for not only did he do a great job of introducing the prize winners but he also entertained us with a medley of 'standards'. Accompanied by the excellent Giorgio Bertacchini Trio, he was in fine voice!

As is usual, all members of the rally we were given a very nice framed commemorative plaque as a souvenir of thier participation. I thought I'd been awarded mine for being the most 'enthusiastic' eater over the two days! Even now, when Boris phones me, he asks if I am still eating!

Prizes, donated by Matteo Panini and Marcello Candini, or trophies were awarded to the top 25 drivers in the Driving Test. The winner in a time of 26.8 seconds was Sig Cabizza with Boris Jerbic (27.9 secs) in second place and Sig Kress (30.8 secs) third. Our table did particularly well with Boris coming 2nd and Vincenzo 11th.

A very special plaque was presented to Signora Laura, President of the Apulia Maserati Club (Lecce), for her services to the Maserati cause. As a gesture of international friendship, Signor Arno Teschinsky, President of the Biturbo Club Deutschland, was presented with a souvenir pennant on behalf of the Biturbo Club Italia.

For me, the highlight of the evening had to be the rendition of 'Happy Birthday Enrico' sung with a mixture of English, Italian, German, and Croatian accents. It had the most humbling and sobering effect!

The evening over, we returned to our room where I opened my Birthday cards which included this one from Robin and Jane, my friends and next door neighbours back in England. They know I'm a Maserati nut!

Some of the party had a long drive home and left early Sunday morning. We left the group early to return to Lake Garda and I invited Boris and Suncica to join us and meet up with friends of ours for a previously arranged Birthday lunch at 'Ristorante Stefano' in Sirmione.

The rest of the party went on to the Stanguellini Museum and as you can see from the photos I've something extra to look forward to the next time I visit Modena.

This was the first 'Biturbo Rally' my wife and I have attended and I would like to thank Augusto Marcuccio of the Biturbo Club Italia and organiser Mike Höfer for making it such an enjoyable and friendly event and we look forward to next year's with anticipation!

I must end my story with a heartening antedote. On the Monday following the weekend, I received a phone call from Marcello Candini telling me that Mike Höfer had phoned asking me to telephone the Executive Hotel urgently. I duly phoned the hotel and was informed by Alessandro at reception that a ladies diamond ring had been found in our room by the chambermaid. My wife hastily checked her jewellery purse and noticed that one of her rings was indeed missing. I thanked the hotel explaining that we would be down the following morning and that I would provide a detailed drawing of my wife's lost ring.

Tuesday morning we arrived at the hotel and Alessandro showed us the ring, it was indeed my wife's ring. I showed him my drawing of the ring as proof of ownership and he complimented me on my artwork! I offered Alessandro a reward which he politely declined. I then asked to see the chambermaid who had found and handed in the ring and she gratefully accepted my gesture of thanks. It is nice to know that there are still some honest people around!! My grateful thanks to all concerned.

It is hoped that there will be another 'Biturbo International' next year and if there's anyone who may be interested in joining us, please let ME know. I know you won't be sorry!

Photos courtesy of Mike Höfer and the mh-team.


Premi e regali!


Padrone delle cerimonie!














The Podium.

1st - Sig Cabizza

2nd - Boris Jerbic.

3rd - Sig Kress

4th - Sig Sigg

5th - Sig Püschner

6th - Sig Carugati

7th - Sig Quarta.

8th - Sig Teschinsky

9th - Sig Scarpetta

10th - Sig Tudini

11th - Vincenzo Filoni
Mike Höfer makes a very special presentation to Signora Laura Carofalo, Maseratista!

12th - Sig Perrone

13th - Sig Bahrens

14th - Sig Marcuccio

15th - Sig Sablowsky

16th - Sig Cambiolo

17th - Sig Kapfer

18th - Sig Eichold

19th - Sig Haller
Every prizewinner was given a souvenir pack of 'Bio Hombre' Parmesan cheese, generously donated by Dott. Matteo Panini.

20th - Sig Turna

22nd - Sig Tudini

23rd - Sig Gaigani

24th - Sig Foroni
Marcello Candini, one of the sponsors, presents his prizes.

25th - Sig Pegolotti

Enrico receives his plaque.

As does Sig. Sighinolfi

Commemorative plaque.

Sorry, I don't do requests!

Do you know this one?

Try playing the right notes!

You're even worse than me!!
The finalists of the 'John Travolta' lookalike competition!

Augusto's tridente!!

Sig Cabizza shakes a leg!!

Arno receives the pennant.

Hey Enrico, where's my drink?
I'm not singing out of tune, you're just playing the wrong notes! Oh! No I'm not! What do you think of the show so far? And I did it 'My Way'!!


Arrivederci! A la prossima!!

Un ricordo!

Prendi la prima destra!!

Buon viaggio!



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