An Important Maserati Sale
A forthcoming auction of important and exciting Maseratis.

August 15-16, 2003 Monterey Sports Car Auction

DoubleTree Hotel at Fisherman's Wharf, Monterey, California, USA.


Houston Businessman Alfredo Brener To Sell His Assemblage of Rare Grand Touring Maseratis, August 15-16, 2003

BLENHEIM, Ontario, Canada (July 17, 2003) - As part of its 2003 Monterey Sports and Classic Car Auction, August 15-16, 2003, RM AUCTIONS will offer discriminating buyers a selection of impeccably restored, coachbuilt Maseratis from the personal collection of businessman and avid Maserati enthusiast Alfredo Brener. Ten cars from the extensive Brener collection, all coachbuilt examples from Frua, Michelotti, Allemano, Moretti and Carrozzeria Touring will cross the block at the Doubletree Hotel at Fisherman's Wharf, during the two-day sale.

I would like to thank Terrance D. Lobzun of RM Auctions for his kind permission to reproduce the images and text from their fine catalogue.

LOT 134

1967 Maserati Mistral Coupe

CHASSIS No AM109A11420

After producing their successful 3500 GT, Maserati commissioned Pietro Frua to design a new body to be placed upon an updated Tipo 109 chassis. The new two-seater coupe was named the 'Mistral', after the cold northerly wind of Southern France. This was to be Maseratiís last car powered by the straight six engine, descended from Maseratiís 350S Sports-racing car of the 1950s, itself a close relation of the engine that powered Fangioís 250F.

First shown at Turin Motor Show in November, 1963, the new Mistral was an instant success and orders kept the new Mistral in production until 1970, with only slight updating, the engine being enlarged first from 3.5 to 3.7, and later on enlarged again to 4,014cc. The engine was one of the first to use Lucas fuel injection; however, some cars that came to the U.S. featured the more usual triple Weber carburetors. A Salisbury rear axle took the power via a ZF five-speed manual gearbox, a traditional Maserati-type drive train.

Inside, the Mistral was a pure two-seater with an excellent driving position and leather seats. Top speed was close to 160mph with zero to 60 coming up in just 6.2 seconds. In total, 828 coupes and 125 open (Spyder) Mistrals were built.

The Mistral offered here is finished in metallic blue with a dark blue leather interior. It was built in September 1967 and originally sold in Italy. It has the desirable four litre engine fitted, making it the fastest of Maseratiís Mistrals. The quality of this Maserati can be seen by its well-detailed engine compartment showing the twin-ignition system. Inside, the interior is lavishly dressed with expensive Connolly leather seats and appointments. This last of the Maserati Mistral six cylinder cars is in excellent, original condition while reported by the vendor to be a great runner and driver.

ESTIMATE US $25,000 - $35,000  /  GB £16,500 - £22,500 (approx.)

HIGH BID: US $25,301 (including 10% buyer's premium)  /  GB £16,000 (approx.) - SOLD.

LOT 135

1972 Maserati Ghibli 4.9 SS Coupé.

CHASSIS No AM115*49*1752

Few of the supercars were capable of matching Maseratiís Ghibli where performance was concerned in the late 1960s. Only Ferrariís famed 365 GTB/4 Daytona could stay with it.

When Maserati introduced the 'SS' version of the Ghibli, with a reliable and more powerful 4.9 liter V8 replacing the previous 4.7-litre engine, even the Daytona struggled to keep up. The race-bred four overhead camshaft engine was a direct descendant of the motor that had powered Maseratiís mighty 450S in 1957. The beautiful bodywork of the Ghibli was by Ghia, at a time when the master, Giorgio Giugiaro was in residence. Performance included zero to 60 in six seconds and a maximum speed of 160mph plus. This particular Ghibli is fitted with the Borg-Warner automatic transmission, a higher-performing transmission than GMís Hydramatic transmission, which was fitted to the equivalent Ferraris of the period. It is also very rare with only some fifty Ghiblis being so equipped.

This particular Ghibli was built in March, 1971 and remains mostly original and in excellent order. It was shipped from the factory to Grossman Motors of Nyack, New Jersey, and has spent its entire life in the U.S. It comes with power steering, power windows and factory-installed air conditioning. The car also features a tan Connolly leather interior (PAC 1775), which is in superb condition. The owner reports that the car runs and drives wonderfully.

This Maserati Ghibli SS is the fastest of Maseratiís supercars. It is also now seen as one of the greatest and is sure to offer no disappointments to its new owner.

ESTIMATE US $30,000 - $40,000  /  GB £19,500 - £38,300 (approx.)

HIGH BID: US $46,201 (including 10% buyer's premium)  /  GB £29,100 (approx.) - SOLD.

LOT 136

1996 Maserati Ghibli 'Open Cup' Racecar.

CHASSIS No 361301

Introduced at the 1995 Geneva Motor Show, the new Maserati Ghibli 'Open Cup' Racing version was displayed. Developed from the previous new generation twin-turbocharged Ghibli, the new Cup Car was intended for a one-make race series, the Ghibli Open Cup Championship, to be held in Europe as support for the German Touring car races. Twenty seven such cars were built for the series, which proved very popular.

Selling for some $73,000 in Europe, the Cup Car was based upon the street-going Ghibli, but had engine power increased to 330 horsepower. The four overhead camshaft V-6 proved to be so strongly built that even in a seasonís hard racing, not one of the 25 engines failed!

Incidentally, some drivers complained that the cars were too well silenced and quiet, so Maserati provided a new, open exhaust system! At the end of the racing season, Maserati re-tuned the cars for street use, and some lucky owners finished up with extremely fast 'road rockets'.

This car was originally one of 27 cars (25 built for the series with two additional constructed at the end of the season for collectors) built during the 1995 season for Maserati owners. After the 1995 season and due to information learned from the series, Maserati made several structural and mechanical improvements to the car to make it more competitive in the 1996 season. This was offered in the form of an upgrade kit for the 1995 cars as well as seven completely new cars being constructed to these new specifications. The paint colors were the distinguishing feature between cars that were upgraded from 1995 models and cars which were specifically 1996 models. The 1995 colors were red, yellow or white and the 1996 cars were blue, green or orange. This car was upgraded via the 'evolution kit' to 1996 specifications.

The yellow Maserati Ghibli Cup Car offered here has only 630 kilometers (384 miles) showing on the odometer since new and remains in Ďas newí condition throughout. For the collector who enjoys owning the finest, this 1996 Maserati Ghibli offers the very best example on the open market.

ESTIMATE US $30,000 - $40,000  /  GB £19,500 - £38,300 (approx.)

HIGH BID: US $28,051 (including 10% buyer's premium)  /  GB £17,700 (approx.) - SOLD.

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