A Maserati Trip to remember
A visit to the Maserati Factory and more!

My sincere thanks to Maserati owner and enthusiast Gwen Van Rossum for
sending me and giving me his permission to publish these photographs.

When in 1996, the Belgian Maserati importer, Mannés, organised a special weekend visit to Italy for his customers. It turned out to be a weekend to remember for Hugo Van Rossum and his son Gwen and their 222 4v!

Just think about it, twelve Maserati enthusiasts driving across Europe on their way to Italy in their Maseratis. And what do they find at the end of their journey; try Viale Ciro Menotti, more Maseratis, sun, good food, autostrade and the ever friendly Polizia Stradale who only use their cameras to take photos of fast cars!

The party not only visited the Maserati factory, and the adjoining Maserati Museum, in Modena but were also given test drives by the official Maserati test drivers on their local test track, the Autostrada, in the then new 'Ghibli Open Cup' and the 'Quattroporte V8'. And there's more!

The Maserati Factory in 1996

It must be mezzogiorno, time for lunch!

V8 engines ready for the Quattroportes.

A V6 engine is tested before assembly.

In the background, the factory collection.

Part of the factory collection.

Heaven must be a little like this

Another V6 being put through its paces.

Turning the engine over?

A view of the production line in 1996.

V6 engine and Getrag gearbox assembly.

The engine machine shop.

Engine components ready in wait!

Workers at last! No, just the visiting group.

Bodyshells basking in the Modena sun!.

A Ghibli Open Cup (or two) await the visitors

The Maserati Museum in 1996

The Belgian party parked outside the museum.

Yes Gwen, we'll have one of these next!

Gwen and his friend David discuss one of the exhibits.

The Pinin Farina A6GCS Berlinetta.

David just had to go back and have another look!

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