Technical specification - 420 Si 2-litre

Body type 4-door sports saloon
Production years From 1986 to 1988
Engine Front engined V 6 cylinder @ 90°
Bore and stroke 82 mm / 63 mm
Engine capacity 1996,2 c.c.
Compression ratio 7,8:1
Maximum power 220-bhp @ 6350 rpm
Distribution Twin overhead camshaft, three valves per cylinder
Induction system Supercharged with No 2 water-cooled IHI turbochargers/
No 2 intercoolers and Weber Multi Point electonic injection
Ignition Single electronic
Lubrification Forced with delivery pump
Transmission Rear wheel drive
Clutch Single dry plate
Gearbox ZF Type 5 speed and reverse
Chassis Integral body
Front suspension:- Independent, Mac Pherson strut type, coil-springs
and double action telescopic shock absorbers
Rear suspension:- Independent, coil-springs and double
action telescopic shock absorbers
Brakes Servo assisted discs on all four wheels
Wheelbase 2600 mm
Wheel tracks Front 1442 mm    Rear 1450 mm
Wheels Magnesium light alloy, size 7J x 14
Tyres Front:- 205/60 VR 14    Rear:- 205/60 VR 14
Dry weight 1086 kg
Maximum speed Over 228 km/h
Models constructed 524

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