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Sognando la Maserati
opere e testi di Beppe Zagaglia

by Beppe Zagaglia

Published by Showroom Maserati 2008

Produced by Maserati on the occasion of the International Press Test Drive of the GranTurismo S.

The book contains a collection of beautiful and creative artwork by Beppe Zagaglia, from the Tipo 26B MM right up to the GranTurismo S.

A softback book in landscape format (240 x 200 mm) containing 46 pages with 23 full-page colour illustrations.



by Anthony Pritchard

Published by Haynes Publishing 2003

A companion volume to First Among Champions: The Alfa Romeo Grand Prix cars and Bugatti: A racing history, this handsome book completes a trilogy devoted to the great motor racing marques of the 1930s and 1950s. It offers a fascinating account of the design, development and competition history of the Maserati cars, and the personalities involved, from the early years when the racing activities depended on private support through to the marque's current revival under Fiat's ownership and Ferrari's guidance.

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Hardback with 272 pages and some 200 ilustrations including colour. Size: 250mm x 250mm.

This new book is written by Anthony Pritchard the author of Maserati: A History.


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La Maserati di Adolfo Orsi

by Nunzia Manicardi

Published by Edizione Il Fiorino - 2002

Another interesting book with many previously unpublished photographs and contributions from acknowledged experts Adolfo Orsi Jnr., Umberto Panini, Dante Candini, Valerio Colotti, Ermanno Cozza, Fiorenzo Fantuzzi, Ardilio Manfredi, Antonio Reggiani, Umberto Stradi, Nello Ugolini and William Vaccari. Once again, with the help of a SYSTRAN translator, I have managed to make my way through this book that contains many previously unpublished photographs relating to the history of the 'Casa del Tridente'.

This book has over 180 pages, contains many b/w and some colour illustrations and measures 165mm x 230mm.


Dei Ex Machina
La storia dalla Scuderia Centro Sud.
La mia autobiografia.

by Mimmo Dei

Published by Fucina Editore 2008

Softback. Contains 96 pages.

"Twenty five years after its drafting, the previously unpublished autobiography of Mimmo Dei, one of the more important and charismatic characters of Italian motor sport, will be arriving in your bookshop."

Text in Italian

"Venticinque anni dopo la stesura, arriva in libreria l’inedita autobiografia di Mimmo Dei, uno dei personaggi più importanti e carismatici della storia dell’automobilismo sportivo italiano.

Nato pilota, poi diventato notissimo concessionario di Maserati sportive e da corsa, Dei è stato il creatore della leggendaria Scuderia Centro Sud, la prima e, fino agli anni Ottanta, unica scuderia privata tricolore a essersi distinta in F1. Attiva tra il 1956 e il ’65, la Centro Sud ha aperto le porte del mondo dei Gran Premi a tanti giovani piloti, sia italiani sia stranieri, da Masten Gregory a Carroll Shelby, ma a uno su tutti: Lorenzo Bandini.

Mimmo Dei però non è stato soltanto un “malato” di motori. E’ stato un uomo straordinario, un catalizzatore di idee, passioni e risorse. Ed è riuscito nell’impresa più difficile che sia consentita a un essere umano: inventare, dal nulla, se stesso. In questo libro racconta in prima persona la sua affascinante vita."

Born a driver, he then became the most famous Maserati concessionaire for sport and race cars. Dei was the founder of the legendary Scuderia Centro Sud, the first, and until the Eighties, the only private Italian team to distinguish itself in F1. Operational between 1956 and 1965, Centro Sud opened the door to the world of Grand Prix to many young drivers, both Italian and foreign, from Masten Gregory to Carroll Shelby, but to one above all: Lorenzo Bandini.

But Mimmo Dei was not only "mad" about engines. He was an extraordinary man, a catalyst of ideas, passions and resources. And, he succeeded in the more difficult undertaking that is consistent with a being human: to invent himself, from nothing. In this book he recounts, in person, his fascinating life.

This portrait format paperback book measures 14cm x 21cm (6ins x 8 ins) contains 96 pages with many illustrations. A must for any Maserati enthusiast.



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Red-hot Rivals:
Ferrari vs. Maserati - Epic Clashes for Supremacy

by Karl Ludvigsen

Published by J H Haynes & Co Ltd 2008

Hardback. Contains 240 pages.

"Twelve miles apart, in Italy's Reggio Emilia region, two small yet intensely dedicated companies built great racing cars and battled each other for supremacy on circuits throughout the world.


"The fierce rivalry between Ferrari and Maserati was at its peak during the 1950s, when both went all-out to compete in Grands Prix and sports-car racing. Their feud helped keep Italy at the forefront of motorsport for several decades. It also laid the foundation for the recent racing resurgence of both Ferrari and Maserati. Karl Ludvigsen chronicles the drama, personalities, crises and casualties of this famous home-town rivalry."

Key content

  • 125 C vs. 4CLT/48 – in Grands Prix, Ferrari entered new territory with its V12 engine while Maserati fielded a development of its pre-war Voiturette.
  • Mondial and Testa Rossa vs. A6GCS/2000 – both companies built sports-car sisters to their Formula 2 models to compete in the popular 2-litre class.
  • 335 S vs. 450 S – Maserati pitted Stirling Moss, Jean Behra and Juan Manuel Fangio against Ferrari’s Luigi Musso, Peter Collins and Mike Hawthorn.
  • 250/275/330 P vs. 63/151/65 – when sports prototypes moved to mid-engined designs in the early 1960s both marques created thrilling V12-powered cars.
  • 312 F1 vs. Cooper-Maserati – for the dramatic new 3-litre Formula 1 Ferrari had its own chassis while Maserati supplied engines to Britain’s Cooper team.
  • Today, under common ownership, Ferrari and Maserati reap the rewards of their racing heritage by building more cars than ever before.

    The author

    Karl Ludvigsen is a highly successful Haynes author. His recent title The V12 Engine won the Guild of Motoring Writers’ 2005 Montagu Trophy for ‘the greatest contribution to recording the history of motoring’. He lives in Suffolk, UK.

    Finally an enjoyable in-depth book on this intriguing motor racing duel. A previous book on this subject had many illustrations but little substance. This book is very well written with many previously unpublished photographs. Great value and a must for the Maserati library!


    Maserati in the Third Millenium
    by Enio Golinelli

    Published by Artestampa Srl 2001

    A very well produced and extremely well illustrated book from Golinelli, co-author of 'From Origins to Biturbo' (see My Library III). A lengthy chapter on today's Maserati production methods. Many short chapters on subjects from the 'Ferrari/ Maserati Historic Challenge', 'Canada 10,000', 'Maserati Endurance 100,000', the Maserati brothers, the Orsi family, the Citroen era, the GEPI - De Tomaso era, the Fiat era and today. Many more subjects are covered in cameo fashion. Technical specifications (pity about the single-choke Weber carburettor for all the fuel-injection models), with production figures, of all Maseratis from 1926 to 2001.

    The hardbound book (without dust jacket) measures 215 mm x 315 mm, has 128 pages and contains numerous colour and black/ white Illustrations. A very interesting read! Recommended.

    Text in English and Italian

    Text in English and Italian

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    CIRCUITO DEL GARDA - Quindici volte via!
    by Giancarlo Cavallini

    Published by Fondazione Negri 2001

    A well produced illustrated history of racing at the famous lakeside circuit, featuring many legendary drivers and manufacturers. I have often seen this race mentioned in many Maserati books but have never been able to establish the exact location of this circuit. At last the history of this legendary circuit has been put in print. I would like to thank Sig Mauro Negri of Fondazione Negri for kind his permission to publish the map of the circuit.

    The hardbound book (with dust jacket) measures 25 cm x 27.5 cm, has 189 pages and contains 210 Illustrations. A very interesting read!



    Modena Racing Memories
    by Graham Gauld

    Published by MBI Publishing Corporation 1999

    A hardback book detailing Modena's contribution to motor racing history. A lengthy chapter on the Maserati and OSCA factories. A chapter on Ferrari and a comparison between the 'Birdcage' Maseratis and Ferrari's rear engined race cars. Very well illustrated with some excellent colour and black and white photos.

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    The Maserati 250F GP Car
    by Denis Jenkinson

    Published by Profile Publications Ltd

    A 12 page booklet with a brief history of this great GP car by this prolific motoring author. The booklet contains some interesting black and white photographs from the author's collection and the inside covers are illustrated with the various models of this car from the Louis Rosier 1954 car in French blue to the 1957 "lightweight" V 12-cylinder car.



    Maserati Booklet
    by Floyd Clymer

    Produced by Floyd Clymer, USA

    A 16 page booklet containing rare original Maserati factory drawings reprints of race and road cars, including the Tipo 4CM 'Record', the Tipo 4CM 'Monoposto', the 4CS Sport Mille Miglia, the 4CS Spider Sport, the 4CS Sport, the 4CS Grand Sport, the 4CS Grand Sport Berlina, the 8CS Grand Sport Berlina, the 8CM 'Monoposto' GP car and the 8CS Torpedo Sport. Two nice photos of the chassis of the A6 and the Tipo 8CS.

    Text in English and French

    Text in German, French,
    Italian and English

    Maserati in Monaco
    by Theo Huschek and Walter Bäumer

    Published by a collaboration of the following Maserati Clubs
    Deutscher Maserati Club - Germany
    Registro Maserati - Italy
    Maserati Club - Great Britain
    The Maserati Club (TMC) - USA
    Maserati Club België - Belgium
    Maserati Club Holland - Netherlands
    Maserati Club Schweiz - Switzerland
    Maserati Klubben - Sweden
    Maserati Club France - France
    Maserati Club Austria - Austria

    A 32 page booklet giving an account of the Maseratis competing in the 2nd Historic Grand Prix held at Monaco in May 2000. Chapters are devoted to Claudia Huertgen and the Maserati 300S she drove to victory in the sports car race after a titanic battle with Frank Sytner in a Ferrari Testa Rossa.


    CANADA 10000 - 3200 GT
    by Various contributors

    Produced by Maserati SpA, Italia

    This beautifully illustrated book was produced by Maserati to commemorate the 10,000 mile journey across Canada by two factory 3200 GTs.

    The trip proved to the motoring world that today's Maseratis are reliable as well as fun in all conditions. One particular photograph of a new 3200 GT alongside a Biturbo 430 showed me that the 'Biturbo Era' has not been ignored, in spite of recent rumours.

    Text in English and Italian

    Text in Italian

    Maserati of the 60s
    by Various contributors

    Published by Auto Capital 1986

    A 38-page supplement given free with the April 1986 issue of the Italian magazine "AutoCapital". A beautiful brochure covering Maserati's history with features on some of their great racing and sports cars.


    MASERATI - The 75 Year History

    Published by Maserati UK 2001

    A booklet produced by Maserati UK to celebrate the launch of the new Spyder. This publication by was first seen as a supplement in the April 2001 issue of Classic and Sportscar and reviews the history of this most prestigious and exclusive Marque. There are 48 high gloss pages packed with photographs and the following articles:
    The GT generation game: 3500 vs 3200
    Tipo 450S: the monster
    Brothers beyond: a history of Maserati
    Top wedge: Khamsin.
    Dott. Adolfo Orsi: meet the family
    Magical Museum: Maserati 'Il Tridente della Riscossa'
    Quattroporte II: the great white hope
    250F: an appreciation
    and The sporting forebear: the Tipo 4CS.

    Text in English


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    by various authors

    Published by Maserati Automobiles Incorporated 1973/4

    A 20 page booklet produced by Maserati Automobiles Incorporated in the USA, subsidiary of Officine Maserati SpA, containing three detailed road tests on the Maserati Bora by Road & Track, Motor Trend (Jan 1973) and Car & Driver (Nov 1972).

    The rear inside cover gives full factory specifications



    Maserati Story
    Il rilancio di un mito

    by Eliseo Ferrari

    Published by Edizione Il Fiorino - 2001

    A well written, reasonably priced paperback that covers the motor racing history of Maserati.
    Chapters on the Maserati family, the transfer of ownership to the Orsi family, the successful racing years and a detailed roll of Maseratis racing honours.

    One chapter gives an interesting insight into Maserati's time under Citroen ownership. An image of a union poster tells a story on its own, quote, "Thursday 22 May, the French owners of CITROEN - PEUGEOT, have informed the Union of the liquidation of Maserati, after having taken all completed cars and engines to France".

    Text in Italian

    The book covers De Tomaso era, the period of Fiat ownership and finally the present day Ferrari ownership.

    The book measures 24.4 cm x 17.0 cm, has 196 pages and contains over 190 illustrations mainly in black and white. Excellent value even for non Italian speaking enthusiasts for some of the interesting photographs alone. The sight of the name of Sig. Ermanno Cozza, Official Historian at Maserati, in the list of credits tells me that it's worth reading!



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    Maserati Brochures & Sales Literature - Post War Brochures Through Inline 6 Cylinder Cars

    by Hilary A. Raab with introduction by Adolfo Orsi.

    Published by VelocePress 2004

    A paperback book illustrating the brochures produced by Maserati from 1950 up to, BUT NOT INCLUDING, the Biturbo era. Portrait format it measures 11 x 8 x 0.5 inches, contains 224 pages and many black and white illustrations.


    The book illustrates and describes all Maserati brochures including machine tools, motor cycles, post-war competition and six-cylinder road cars, but the beauty of these brochures has always been the coloured photographs inside. After all they were sales brochures and as such were meant to entice readers to buy these exotoic machines! Black and white illustrations are fine, passable when printed on glossy paper but not the 'telephone directory' type format of this book.

    In spite of this, I found the book to be an excellent guide and reference work for the serious collector of Maserati brochures. The author's extensive research deserved a much better presentation from the publisher! Let's hope that the publishers take note of this in the follow-up edition!


    Quelli Dei Box e Dintorni
    Le vicende avventurose dei mecchanici della "Formula 1" raccontate dagli stessi protagonisti che hanno riportato vittorie in tutti gli autodromi del mondo.

    by Romano Biolchini

    Published by ROMBI Edizioni s.r.l. Milano

    One of the most interesting and enlightening books I have read. The text is in Italian but I have somehow made my way through it with the help of a SYSTRAN translator. The book contains many previously unpublished photographs relating to the history of Maserati, Ferrari and Alfa Romeo. There are contributions from many of the mechanics and engineers who worked for the Casa Del Tridente. I found the chapter by Ermanno Cozza, the Official Maserati Archivist, particularly entertaining.

    This book has over 420 pages, contains over 160 black and white illustrations and measures 170mm x 240mm.

    Text in Italian


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    Classic Car Auction
    2008-2009 Yearbook

    by Adolfo Orsi and Raffaele Gazzi

    Published by Historica Selecta srl 2009

    Beautifully produced book by the same authors, Adolfo Orsi and Raffaele Gazzi, who from 1994 to 2008 edited twelve volumes of the renowned "Classic Car Auctions Bolaffi Calalogue" and the "Hagerty's Classic Car Auction 2006-2008 Yearbook".

    This book covers the last auction season, from 1st August 2008 to 31st July 2009. It includes chassis numbers, estimates, hammer prices, and where necessary pertinent details on certain models. If you want to know the prices being realised at auction for your classic Maserati or any other classic car, you need look no further than this book.

    Hardback with in portrait format (30.5 x 24.5 cm), contains over 400 pages with many colour and black and white images.

    Sponsored by Credit Suisse, this book is sensibly priced and believe me, at that price it's a well worth it!!



    MASERATI: Samochody Marzeń
    MASERATI: Dream Cars

    by M Braun & A F Storz


    Text in Polish

    This book from the Dream Car series offers a richly illustrated overview of all models produced by Maserati since 1947. Posted with attractive descriptions and photos to help you identify the following models: the Tipo A6, 3500 GT, 5000GT, the Tipo 151, Sebring, Quattroporte, Mistral, Mexico, Ghibli, Indy, Bora, Merak, Khamsin, Quattroporte, Kyalami, Biturbo, Karif, Shamal, Barchetta, the Chrysler TC by Maserati, 3200 GT, Spyder, 4200 GT, MC 12 Corsa and Kubang.


    Description Maserati car models:
    Maserati Tipo A6 1500 Gran Turismo
    Maserati Gran Turismo Tipo A6G
    Maserati Gran Turismo Tipo A6G/54
    Maserati 3500 GT and 3500 GTI
    Maserati 5000GT
    Maserati Tipo 151
    Maserati Sebring
    Maserati Quattroporte
    Maserati Mistral
    Maserati Mexico
    Maserati Ghibli
    Maserati Indy
    Maserati Engine Tipo 41 C.114
    Maserati Bora
    Maserati Merak
    Maserati Khamsin
    Maserati Quattroporte II
    Maserati Kyalami
    Maserati Quattroporte / Royale
    Maserati Biturbo / Biturbo S / Biturbo II / Biturbo Si
    Maserati Biturbo 2500 / 2500 Biturbo Si / Biturbo ES
    Maserati Biturbo 425
    Maserati Biturbo Spyder
    Maserati 420 / 422 / 4.18v / 4.24v
    Maserati 228 / 222 SR / 222 4v
    Maserati 430/430 4v
    Maserati 222 / 2.24v
    Maserati Racing
    Maserati Karif
    Maserati Shamal
    Maserati Ghibli
    Maserati Quattroporte
    Maserati Barchetta
    Chrysler TC by Maserati
    Maserati Spyder
    Maserati 4200 GT
    Maserati Quattroporte
    Maserati MC 12 Corsa
    Maserati Kubang

    A hardback copy book in portrait format ( 195 x 246mm ) with 92 pages containg 118 illustrations. ISBN: 978-83-206-1666-8.

    An interesting and reasonably priced addition to any Maserati book collection.



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