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Grille trident on a Maserati Quattroporte I - 2a serie
You can click on some pictures for a better view!!
From George in the USA

"Hi Andrea & Enrico,

Thanks for the prompt reply to my query: "At any point of the Merak SS production run did Maserati start using solid exhaust valves?" Just for the record I live in Atlanta, Georgia. Prior to buying my Merak SS, I read the "Please Help"- Merak section of your web site very was very helpful. You do a great service for the Maseratisti.

In my recent visits to the site, it appears that no new posts have been added in that section. This is in no way a complaint, just an observation. We are all busy, so what you have put out on the net is great. I would just like to see more on the Merak SS. Maybe, I am just not looking in the right section of your web site. Forums are great, but a lot of times it's a hit or miss proposition.

My 1980 SS has had an ongoing driving history with about 22,000 miles on it. I took your advise about buying one in really good shape, and not one that has just been sitting around either. All the vitals oil pressure etc., look good, 3,000 rpm is my shift point, and 4,000 rpm is about as high as I go. So I don't anticipate exhaust valve problems for the time being. I just enjoy driving it. Later on I will look into replacing the exhaust valves.

The reason I asked about the valves was that on one of the forums there was a long discussion about the exhaust valves of the C 114 engine. As the discussion went the original valves were EL BM FS for - Eaton Livia Bi Metallic Filled Sodium. The SS C 114 Engines were labelled EL ST BM FS [ST for the STellite hardening process to reduce wear]. Finally, it was said that the factory shipped solid valves marked EL BM. However, some of the exhaust valves it was said were solid and others were marked as solid but were not. The discussion ended saying that a magnet should be used to truly know what kind of exhaust valve is in that engine.

Just thought you might want to know.



From Eduardo in Spain

"Hi Enrico!

Yesterday, when I was with some friends looking at the pictures I posted to your site, something got my eye... Hehehehe, I see 30 was not a proper Maserati speed limit so you just decided to make some little changes...

Actually, that little road is a fantastic road to drive hard, there is no traffic at all and the blue cup and myself decided to use all those nice Maserati horsepower. I have to say that Cups are all entertainment !!! We really got great fun driving that day.

I attach a satellite picture of this road (north of Madrid).




From Horacio in Argentina

"Hola Enrico

Mi nombre es Horacio **********, vivo en Buenos Aires, Argentina, y en estos ultimos años estuve restaurando una Maserati Touring 3500 del 1960, la numero de chassis AM101*1124*.

Este vehiculo fue presentado en la Argentina en la Exposicion del Automovil del año 1960, realizada en Buenos Aires. Desde entonces se encuentra aca.

La he comprado en Noviembre del 2003, y en el verano del 2004 comenze el proyecto de restauracion que finalizo en Septiembre del 2006.

Creo que todos los que estamos apasionados por los autos, sabemos las angustias y alegrias que nos da este tipo de aventura,.... el automovil se ¨termina¨...pero la puesta a punto para que acelere y frene, como salido de fabrica, es otra historia, el tiempo que requiere y las ganas.

Recien en estos momentos estoy conforme con las performance que he logrado.

Creo que puede ser de interes para la pagina, ver fotograficamente, el avance en las distintas etapas de la restauracion.

No se si es muy tedioso, pero tengo mas detalles de la restauracion de la carrozeria ???

Te adjunto fotos del trabajo en aluminio en el frente de la carrozeria.




"Hello Enrico,

My name is Horacio **********, I live in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and in these past years I have been restoring a 1960 Maserati 3500 GT by Touring, the chassis number is AM101*1124*.

This car was presented/displayed in Argentina at the Exhibition of the Automovil in 1960, held in Buenos Aires. Desde is aca.

I bought it in November 2003, and in the summer of the 2004 started the restoration project that I finished in September 2006.

I believe that all of us who are passionate about these cars, know the anguishes and enjoyment that this type of adventure gives us.... the car is ¨finished¨, just as it left the factory... but during that completion we felt as though one moment it was getting closer and the next further away, but that's another story, all it required was the time and the will.

For the moment I am very satisfied with the results that I have obtained.

I think that it might be of interest for the pages, to see photographs, the progress made during the different stages of the restoration.

I don't know if it is too boring, but I have many details of the restoration of the bodywork???

I am also sending you some photos of the work done in aluminium to the front of the bodywork.



































From Jacques in France

"Hi Enrico,

I include some pictures I made in ESSEN:

You will recognise. At least, it's written on... an A6G 2000 by Zagato.

Is it A6G 2000 or should it be A6G/54?

"Its both! In period all cars referred to as A6G 2000 and I believe only more recently referred to as A6G/54 to distinguish from earlier two litre cars. More of an internal factory designation if you see what I mean.



Before the end of the week I'm going to see my car in Italy. I will let you know....

Meanwhile, meilleures salutations








From Jonny in The Netherlands

"Hi there!

Was just having a read through your update and told the story about the '77' on the concept car to my wife. She immediately pointed out that G is the seventh letter in the alphabet... so the designer's initials are GG, which would be 77 in terms of letters in the alphabet.

I went to the Amsterdam Motorshow on Friday. After introducing myself to one of the assistants, I was invited onto the Maserati stand to have a closer look at the GranTurismo. Have you seen it in the flesh? It's much nicer in real life than in the pictures! I took a few pictures of the car, you can see them HERE. Let me know if you'd like to use any of them and I can send the originals.

Jonny has added a few notes on his observations, which are well worth checking out - Enrico.

Happy Easter!

Cheers... Jonny."


"Hi Jonny,

A Happy Easter to you both.

Even I didn't think about that seventh letter. Your wife is very astute!

You have some nice photos of the new GranTurismo. I was chatting with a friend in Italy a week or so before the official launch at Geneva. Members of the official Maserati Club in Italy had a private preview prior to Geneva, and he also said it was very nice and very big. It would be, it's on the Quattroporte platform.

Some copies would be great, thank you.

Best regards,




I had to reduce the size a bit otherwise I doubt your email server would accept the file. If there's any in particular that you'd like a bit larger then let me know!

Indeed, the car is on the same chassis as the Quattroporte, although the Quattroporte looks much bigger.

I read a magazine article about the GranTurismo that mentioned that Maserati are working on a third car which will be more of a sports car that a grand tourer... Can't wait to see that! Would be nice to get a sneak preview of that car like those lucky Italians did!

Cheers... Jonny."




















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