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From Hisato in Japan

"Dear Enrico,

We will be holding a special "Biturbo Festa" at Nihondaira Hotel on Sunday 16th May 2010.

We have already begun accepting registrations for the event, and more than 20 Maseratis were already resistered - as of now, Biturbo, Biturbo 425, 222 SE, 222 4v, Karif, Shamal, Spyder Zagato, Ghibli, Ghibli Cup, Ghibli Open Cup, Quattroporte IV, 3200GT will be in attendance.

Best regards,


From Satoshi in Japan

Many thanks to the recent contributions from our friends Tetsu and Satoshi in Japan, who have recently supplied me with updated data and ideas for improving our Shamal Register. I am sure you will find some of the new entries very interesting. There is some

Check it out at Shamal Register.serious machinery out there !!

From Mike in New Zealand

"Hi Biturbo enthusiasts,

I have a set of Maserati Biturbo tools that I am to offer for sale (TAX to pay!), so am contacting the likely candidates first before putting them on EBAY.

I'm open to selling individual items, and there are a few items that I may wish to hang on to, but for the right price I'll consider parting with anything.

I've attached an XL file below with the list of what I have (missing items in yellow).

At this stage I haven't fixed a price. Let me know if anything interests you. The majority of the items are unused or close to it.

I'm looking for a 3.73:1 ratio Sensitork differential if anyone wants to consider a swap.

Best regards,








Thanks for your help.

The tools have sold and remain in New Zealand.

Best regards,


From Maserati in Italy

Alfa Romeo for Maserati
Maserati chooses the MiTo as a courtesy car

One hundred very special Alfa Romeo MiTos
for the service network of the 'Casa del Tridente'

Maserati and Alfa Romeo: two icons of Italy’s world-famous automotive industry representing sportiness, technology and elegance.

One hundred Alfa Romeo MiTos produced exclusively for the Maserati service network will soon be seen on roads all over Europe. Maserati has chosen the Alfa Romeo MiTo as the new courtesy car for its customers, connoisseurs of Italian style with a keen eye for originality.

The special-purpose cars will be styled in the exclusive Maserati Blu Oceano (deep Blue), and fitted with a sparky 1.4 MultiAir Turbobenzina engine (170 hp) – the most powerful engine in the MiTo range.

The cars will not only be distinguished by their unique color, but also by two other exclusive features: the “Limited Edition” plaque on the air conditioning unit, and the kick plate made from specially treated aluminum, bearing the words Alfa Romeo for Maserati.


The special edition Alfa Romeo Mito

Upholstered in Pelle Frau

'Alfa Romeo for Maserati' kick plates

The 100 cars will also have a series of high-end details, supplied as standard: Pelle Frau upholstery, automatic dual-zone climate control, leather steering wheel complete with radio and telephone controls, a radio navigator covering the whole of Europe, and a hands-free Blue&Me system including USB port and bi-xenon headlights.

The MiTo for Maserati also has a racing temperament. The 180 alloy wheels, rear spoiler, rear bumper and aluminum pedals are all fitted as standard. All the cars will come with Dynamic Suspension, the advanced electronic shock absorber control system that actively varies the set-up to reflect the road conditions and driving style, to guarantee rapid cornering and excellent handling.

Through this partnership with Alfa Romeo, Maserati’s European network will be able to offer customers a special car that reflects its own philosophy, where each choice is the product of the utmost attention and care paid to every detail.

Text and photos courtesy of Maserati

From Philippe in Belgium

"Hello Enrico,

Please check out the website of 'La Galerie des Damiers' at

They have for sale a Maserati 5000GT with coachwork by Allemano, a 1952 OSCA Mt4, a 1957 OSCA 1500 S and a 1957 OSCA S273.




Thanks to the kind permission of M. Pund of 'La Galerie des Damiers', I am able to share these wonderful photographs of the Maserati 5000GT by Allemano #AM103*058*.

One of the truly great Maserati Grand Tourers!




























From Thomas in Germany

"Hallo Enrico

Vorerst vielen Dank für Dein Interesse und Deine Mühe, ich finde es gut dass es noch Leute gibt ( zu denen ich mich übrigens auch zählen darf ) die die Marke Maserati besonders schätzen und in so einer Form natürlich auch unterstützen.

Nun mal zu mir mein Name ist Thomas, Kabelitz bin im Osten unserer schönen Republik 1957 geboren bin seit meinem 14.Lebensjahr ein Autonarr ist höchster Form.

Vor der Wende war da noch nicht all zu viel los, ging eben nicht; nur soweit Motorräder alte BMW R 52, R 50 und eine Zündapp KS 601 ansonsten eher die Ostblock - Marken. Nach der Wende genauer 1996 hatte ich mal eine zerlegte bzw. 2 Benelli 750 sei im Saarland gekauft und wie wir Ossis eben sind daraus EINE wie Ladenneu gemacht. War ein phantastisches "italienisches Motorrad" was eigentlich auch der Funke zur Maserati - Zündung war , , , ,,,,,, Mitlerweilen habe ich acht Maserati besessen.

Angefangen hatte Alles mit einem Biturbo - Spyder 2,0 Vergaser ein wunderschönes originales Auto mit 35.000 Km auf dem Zeiger war aber wirklich so, weil der gesamte Zustand war wie Ladenneu auch Innerlich Alles blitz - plank ohne Kohleansätze im Ventilbereich oder irgend ein Rostansätzchen selbst hinter und in den Stoßstangen Nichts zu finden.

Dann gings zu den nunmehr Oldies Indy, Merak jeweils Einen, dann wieder 2 Biturbos ( Spyder 2,0 e und 2,8 ( 430 ) ) dann gabst einen 3200 GTA.

Den Shamal Bau.Nr. 336 habe ich noch; zu dem weils Spaß macht noch einen 4200 GT / CC fürs tägliche Ego - wenn s schön ist/logisch.

Habe hier in Taucha bei Leipzig eine schöne Hobby - Werkstatt so ca. 700 m² mit allen was das Herz so begehrt.

Ich hänge mal ein paar Bilder an. Würde mich über eine Rückinfo sehr freuen, bis dahin alles, alles Gute - und weiter so. "D A N K E"

DATEN Shamal : Nr. ZAM 339 B00 NA 300 336 Bj./ Zulassung 01.07.1993

Thomas aus dem Sachsenländle


"Hello Enrico,

For the time being thank you for your interest and your trouble, it's good to find that people (amongst whom, by the way, I also count myself) still give support to those who really appreciate the Maserati marque, and in doing so, form a natural bond.

Now about me, my name is Thomas, I'm from the east of our beautiful Republic, and since my 14th birthday a car enthusiast of the highest order.

Prior to unification there weren't too many opportunities for the car enthusiast; aqt that time only old BMW motorcycles; R 52, R 50 and a Zuendapp KS 601 or marques from the Soviet bloc. After unification, more exactly in 1996, I bought two Benelli 750s (one in pieces) in the Saarland and like we Ossis (East Germans) made from these two motorcycles, one just like new. A fantastic "Italian motorcycle" that was the spark that ignited my Maserati passion ,,,,,,, in the meantime I have owned eight Maseratis.

Everything began with a 2.0-litre Biturbo Spyder (carburettor), a beautiful original car with 35,000 km on the odometer. It was however really just like that, because its entire condition, both inside and out, was as good as new - no trace of any smoke from the engine or any trace of rust behind and inside the bumpers, nothing at all.

I then went on to the Oldies, an Indy and Merak, one of each, then another 2 Biturbos (a 2.0-litre Spyder and a 2.8-litre 430) and then a 3200 GTA.

The Shamal #336 I still have; also because it's fun a 4200 GT cambiocorsa for the daily Ego - because it’s beautiful and correct.

I have here in Taucha near Leipzig a beautiful hobby-workshop of around 700 m² with all that my heart desires. I attach times a few pictures.

I have a few more pictures. Would be very happy about an answer, so far, good luck - and keep up the good work. "THANK YOU".

Thomas from Saxony.

P.S. Incidentally, there is still a Shamal in Leipzig, which currently has a defective engine. It was in its original orange from Austria."

Thomas' Hobby/Workshop in Leipzig


The 4200 Coupe cambiocorsa

The Shamal



The Shamal on track!


A matched pair - 2 Biturbo Spyders




The 3.2-litre V8 engine of Thomas' Maserati Shamal






Where it all started, Thomas' first Biturbo Spyder!

Ménage du Shamal à trois ??




I would like to thank Daniel for his help with the English translation, because unfortunately, "Ich kann nicht Deutsches sprechen!!"

From Cliff in the USA

Dear Biturbo enthusiasts,

I Have presently listed my Biturbo Collection for sale on

My collection consists of two Biturbo Coupes and a Biturbo Spyder, plus a host of spares.

With the availability of spare parts becoming harder and harder, this will be the ideal opportunity for you to keep your Biturbo on the road for the foreseeable future.

Check it out at

"This is a collection of three Maserati Biturbos: one 1987 Biturbo Spyder i, one 1985 Biturbo S Coupe, and one 1985 Biturbo Coupe parts car. There is also a truckload of spare parts that comes with the deal, which includes 4 engines and two transmissions, among other things.

I just rebuilt the motor in the Biturbo S coupe, but it hasn't been run yet. I put new bearings, rings, and rebuilt turbos in it. It needs a battery, coolant and oil to run. Then all the bugs need worked out of it, including brakes, hydraulic clutch, etc. It's been sitting for several years. The interior is very good. The tires show no wear at all. The odometer reads 35k, but the speedometer was replaceed at 16k. The speedometer is problematic in this car. There is some bodywork that needs done. The driver door needs adjusted, there is a small dent in the front right fender, and some dings on the hood. The paint should be redone at some point.

The Biturbo Spyder is in very nice condition, but the motor is not in it. I have just finished rebuilding the motor, but I need to buy a clutch and get the turbos rebuilt before the engine can be put back in it. The person that had it before me spent a lot of money on it, but I've never had it running. I know he put a straight through drive shaft in it to reduce vibration and a mink center armrest. The interior is in good condition with no tears in the leather. there is 57k showing on the odometer. The body is in real good condition. The convertible top needs replacing. There is a small tear in the left rear corner, and the window is fogged up. The tires are OK.

The 1985 Biturbo Coupe is my old car. I drove it all over the U.S. It's got about 160k, and it looks it. The interior is all torn and deteriorated. The paint is peeling, but the body and frame are still pretty solid. I was planning to make a racer with it, but I'm running out of time to do it.

I have a truckload of spare parts that comes with the deal. There are books, CDs, engines, heads, camboxes, valves, transmissions, springs, wiring harness parts, spare carbs and intakes, turbos, exhaust parts etc., etc., etc."

Good luck!






























































From Kristoff in Belgium

Dear enthusiasts,

I want to thank all who responded to my call for a gearbox cylinder. I now have the new piece and hope that my technician is able to install it so I can go out again and take some pics to send to Enrico.

With best regards,

Kristoff - Belgium."

From Paul in the USA

Interesting !!!! Check this out on

Here are some pics, the car is completely made in Argentina, South America at Pur Sang........the famous Bugatti replicators.







From Emblem Sports Cars in the UK


Emblem Sports Cars of Poole, the Emblems Restaurant at Fovant and Gurston Down Hillclimb have agreed to jointly support a fantastic day out for owners of all Maserati cars.

The event will start at the Emblems Restaurant, on the A30 close to Fovant, where a three course lunch with an Italian menu will be served in the restaurant which has panoramic views of the Fovant Badges carved on the hillside. During lunch, a short talk on the history and the significance of these national monuments to all those who remember the sacrifices made by British and Commonwealth armed forces over the years, will be given.

We will then drive the short distance to the Spring British Hillclimb Championship meeting at Gurston Down where especially reserved parking has been arranged. Following the last timed event, we will then form up in the paddock for a Maserati only run up the hill which will be a programme event. Please note that inclusive tickets for this unique charity event are of necessity limited.

The price is £45 per head ¹ .

ALL funds raised will be donated to the Fovant Badges Society, a registered charity, for the continued upkeep of the badges. A raffle will also be held on the day in order to raise money for 'Help the Heroes'. The organisers of the event will not be charging any expenses.

Approximate event timings are:

• From 11.00 - Assemble at the Emblems Restaurant Car Park
•          11.45 - Emblems Lounge for socialising and pre-lunch drinks
•          12.15 - Lunch and Fovant Badges Talk
•          13.45 - Drive around to Gurston Down Hillclimb
•          14.00 - Spring National Hillclimb events
•          15.45 - (Timing subject to change) assemble in the paddock for run up the hill
•          17.00 - End of event

The organisers would like to thank the following organisations for their support and assistance:

Emblem Sports Cars - 01202 722247

The British Automobile Racing Club at Gurston Down - 01722 780340

The Emblems Restaurant - 01722 714206

For more information on the Fovant Badges please visit the website at

¹ The cost of the three course lunch, entry to Gurston Down Hillclimb and run up the hill are all included in the price. All drinks, gratuities and other refreshments are not included. A vegetarian option will be on the menu.

For further details please contact at Richard at

See you there !!!

From Newspress in the UK


Maserati GB will display two of its latest models at the London Boat Show which runs at EXCEL London between January 8th and 17th 2010 thanks to its partnership with Ventura UK Limited, the official importer for Ferretti Group in the UK.

A Maserati Quattroporte S and a GranTurismo S in Nero Carbonio (carbon black) will be displayed alongside a Riva Aquariva Super and a Riva Rivale, offering the London Boat Show visitors the chance to appreciate the two companies’ common traits: strong heritage, Italian roots but international appeal, unmistakable style, timeless elegance and unique craftsmanship combined with state-of-the-art quality and the latest technologies.

The Maserati Quattroporte S, the latest incarnation of Maserati’s iconic flagship saloon, has a dual soul as a luxury saloon with sports-car performance and is fully responsive in all driving conditions whilst cosseting the driver in its luxurious and distinctive ‘Made in Italy’ interior. It’s equipped with a 4.7 litre V8 delivering a maximum power output of 430 hp, accelerates from 0 to 62 mph in 5.4 seconds and has a maximum speed of 174 mph.

The Maserati GranTurismo S is the ultimate expression of the Trident’s sportiness. Its 440 HP V8 4.7 litre engine, electro-actuated gearbox with fast MC Shift, transaxle layout, sporty exhaust and dual-cast brakes make the GranTurismo S a true ambassador for Maserati’s sporting flair, with acceleration from 0 to 62 mph in 4.9 seconds and a maximum speed of 183 mph, the highest ever reached by a standard production Maserati.

Prices for the Maserati Quattroporte S start from £85,005 whilst the GranTurismo S is on sale at £89,910.

Text and photo courtesy of Maserati

From Daniel in Germany

"Hi Enrico,

Happy new year, my best wishes to you.

For many years now, we (my father and I) have had a small trading company specializing in the sale of carburettor repair kits.

The kits are newly manufactured ( not old stock ) by an Italian factory, and are of a very high standard in quality.

There are no original Weber parts !!!

We have never had any problems with these kits.

The kits include; gaskets, pump diaphragms, needle valves ( in fact all the parts shown in the photos below ).

If you would like, you may add the list and the photoigraphs to your "Parts for Sale" page.

The kits come with an official invoice and will be sent via registered air mail ( 6 Euro inside Europe, 9 Euro worldwide ).

We accept Paypal ( +4% to cover Paypal fees ) and Bank Transfer with IBAN and BIC.

All equiries should be made direct to Daniel at, thank you!

We can offer the following kits specially made for Maserati for a special price.

Kit for 1 x Weber 36 DCNVH - Maserati Biturbo - price 15,90 Euro

Kit for 3 x Weber 42 DCNF - Maserati Merak 3000 - price 41,90 Euro

Kit for 3 x Weber 44 DCNF - Maserati Merak 3000 SS - price 38,90 Euro

Kit for 4 x Weber 42 DCNF - Maserati V8 engines
Ghibli - Indy - Bora - Khamsin - Quattroporte with DCNF carburettors - price 52,90 Euro

Also available are kits for Weber DCOE carburettors; 40 DCOE and 45 DCOE which are installed in some 6-cylinder Maseratis such as the Mistral.

From the Maserati Club
The Maserati Club in Italy

The Maserati Club, headquartered in Modena at Maserati S.p.A., serves as a point of reference for fans of these vehicles from all eras, as they share their passion for the Trident they are offered opportunities to gather together at national and international events to fully experience the pleasure of driving on some of the world's most fascinating circuits and roads.

Members who own classic vehicles can enrol in the ASI - Automotoclub Storico ltaliano (The Italian Classic Car and Motorbike Club) through the Maserati Club and take advantage of the benefits it offers to classic car owners.

Heading the association are personalities that have provided important contributions to the growth and reputation of Maserati, such as Maria Teresa de Filippis, the first female F1 driver and today a proud supporter of the Trident.

Each member will therefore have the opportunity to participate in the activities that are developed by the Club: sports and tourism events, international rallies, guided tours of the company headquarters, previews of new models, test drives and Maserati sporting events like the FIA GT races.

The annual membership fee is € 300 (€ 341.32 if applying for registration with ASI). Upon enrolment, each member receives a very special "Welcome Kit" containing a personalised sterling silver Club membership card, a fine pair of leather driving gloves, a top quality polo shirt and a distinctive Club cap.

A very smart Maserati Club car badge is also available at a very reasonable price!!

Members also benefit from a 10% discount on any items purchased from the Maserati Store - sure to come in very handy when searching for that ideal gift for the Maseratista!!!


The Maserati Club 'Welcome Kit'

The central Maserati Club in Modena have announced a special promotion aimed at existing paid-up members of the following Maserati Clubs:

Club Maserati Australia
Maserati Club Austria
Maserati Classico Belgio
Maserati Club France
Deutscher Maserati Club
Maserati Club Japan
Maserati Club Holland
Norsk Maserati Klubb
The Maserati Club (SA)
Maserati Club of Sweden
Maserati-Club Schweiz (CH)
Maserati Club UK
The Maserati Club USA

Members of the Maserati Clubs listed above will now qualify for membership to the Official Maserati Club at a specially discounted one-time enrolment fee of EURO 200. This special offer represents a saving of approximately 33% off the normal joining-up fee of EURO 300.

This enrolment fee entitles each applicant to one year's membership (the membership year runs from 1st January to 31st December), plus that very special "Welcome Kit".

Members are also entitled to take part in the special events scheduled for 2009.


The solid silver Maserati Club Membership Card ...

... and authentication certificate

"Maserati: storia di un mito" - A DVD given free to members in 2008

"Disco Orario" and silver lapel badge free to members in 2009



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