The Ferrari Maserati Festival
Brands Hatch 2002

"Maseratis in the pits on practice day!"

I would like to offer my sincere thanks to Octagon Motorsport for allowing me access to the pit area during practice and to the owners of these fabulous competition Maseratis for allowing me to photograph their beautiful cars.

This year's event was the second and judging by the number of Ferrari and Maserati enthusiasts who attended Saturday morning's early practice session it will not be the last!

As a Maserati fan, I had heard that last year's event was more about Ferraris than Maseratis but this year there were signs that this is about to change. The obvious trading success of the latest models from the Casa del Tridente means that there are now more Maserati owners in the UK than ever before. I believe that next year's event will be an even better one for Maserati enthusiasts. Maserati are presently testing the new Trofeo for a monomarque series and hopefully next year's event will include a race from this series.

I arrived at the circuit at 8.30am and already there were queues forming. Having left home at 5.00am that morning, naturally my first stop was at one of the refreshment stands where I prepared myself for the morning's work with a huge bacon baguette and a cup of coffee. Not only was this snack delicious but represented excellent value, something you don't find too often at today's motor sport events.

I was here to photograph the Maseratis competing in the two classic race series, the Shell Historic Ferrari Maserati Challenge, Drum Brakes and the Shell Historic Ferrari Maserati Challenge, Disc Brakes.

Although lacking in numbers, the Maseratis present certainly didn't lack quality. An ex-Stirling Moss 250F (#2526), two 300Ss (#3051 and #3069), an A6GCM (#2033), an A6GCS 'Monofaro' (#?) and a Tipo 63 'Birdcage' (#63006) formed the Maserati line-up. Unfortunately I was unable to stay for the whole day and had to leave before lunch, but that didn't stop me taking some very nice photos of some very nice Maseratis.

I have already marked down this event for next year, and as soon as the official dates are announced, I will let you know. It is hoped that the Maserati Club will organise a get together to coincide with this event so it should be very interesting.

Let's make sure that next year the Maseratis outnumber the Ferraris!


There are many images on this page so please be patient!

Maserati Tipo A6GCM #2033


The bulkhead chassis plate of the Tipo A6GCM.

The cockpit and driver's seat.


The front suspension and ventiated drum brakes.

The rear suspension.


The radiator grille (note the neat aperture for the starting handle.

The 2-litre DOHC six cylinder in-line engine.

The aluminium bulkhead and the bulge that accomodates the three twin-choke 38 DCO3 Webers.

The A6GCM weighed 560 kg and developed 160 bhp at 6500 pm.

#2033 stamped on the chassis.

Info from Maserati: Una storia nella storia, dal 1945 ad oggi by Luigi Orsini and Franco Zagari.

Chassis #2033

Two A6GCMs, #2032 and 2033, were built in 1951 for Escuderia Bandierantes of Brazil.

Tipo 300S #3051 Tipo 300S #3069

Tipo A6GCS #2002 Tipo 250F #2526

Tipo 63 #63006

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