The Ferrari Maserati Festival
Brands Hatch 2002

"Maseratis in the pits on practice day!"

I would like to offer my sincere thanks to Octagon Motorsport for allowing me access to the pit area during practice and to the owners of these fabulous competition Maseratis for allowing me to photograph their beautiful cars.


There are many images on this page so please be patient!

Maserati Tipo A6GCS #2002

Meticulous preparation in the pits.

A 'Monofaro' senza faro!

The early cars had 2-litre engines with a single overhead camchaft and developed 130 bhp @ 6000 rpm.

Two later cars had 2-litre engines with twin overhead camshafts and dual ignition. Note the slightly off-set 2-litre engine of the A6GCS.

The six into one exhaust system.

The usual trio of Webers.

Classic and modern instruments combine.

The water temperature gauge.

The ornate Maserati clutch and brake pedals.

Note the large ventilated drum brake.

Note the reverse gear stop.

The tubular chassis and rear differential.

The driver's cockpit.

The rear suspension.

The side louvres.

The front suspension.

Note the restricted co-driver's footwell caused by the off-set engine and transmission.

Info from Maserati: Una storia nella storia, dal 1945 ad oggi by Luigi Orsini and Franco Zagari.

Chassis #20?

#2001, #2002, #2003, #2004, #2005, #2006, #2007, #2008, #2009, #2010, #2011, #2012, #2014 and #2016 were originally powered by the single overhead camshaft engines.

#2019 and #2039 were originally powered by the dual overhead camshaft engines.

Tipo A6GCM #2033 Tipo 300S #3069

Tipo 250F #2526 Tipo 300S #3051

Tipo 63 #63006

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