The Ferrari Maserati Festival
Brands Hatch 2002

"Maseratis in the pits on practice day!"

I would like to offer my sincere thanks to Octagon Motorsport for allowing me access to the pit area during practice and to the owners of these fabulous competition Maseratis for allowing me to photograph their beautiful cars.


There are many images on this page so please be patient!

Maserati Tipo 300S #3051

The identification plate of #3051

Medardo Fantuzzi's gorgeous creation.

Just take a look at this!

The magnificent 3-litre engine of the Tipo 300S.

The three twin-choke 42 DCO3 Weber carburettors.

The twin ignition system.

Six cylinders, twelve spark plugs.

I can just about see it! It's on your side under the bulkhead.

I can't quite reach it!

It's OK, I've got it!

The Tipo 300S handbrake?

A Maserati 300S and a Ferrari 250GT LWB ready to do battle!

The driver's discussing tactics before the practice session.

Info from Maserati: Una storia nella storia, dal 1945 ad oggi by Luigi Orsini and Franco Zagari.

Chassis #3051

#3051 was built in 1955 and is listed as a Briggs Cunningham car for Bill Lloyd. It was the first Tipo 300S produced.

Tipo A6GCM #2033 Tipo 300S #3069

Tipo A6GCS #2002 Tipo 250F #2526

Tipo 63 #63006

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