The Goodwood Revival Weekend 2002

"Maseratis in the paddock!"


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Tipo 4CLT/49 #1604

The identification plate of the Tipo 4CLT/49.

Became known as the Sanremo after Ascari's and Villoresi's one-two at the 1948 Sanremo GP.

Medardo Fantuzzi's bodywork on the tubular chassis which Ing. Masssimino and Ernesto Maserati worked on as early as 1946.

The dry sump oil reservoir filler cap moved from inside the cockpit on the earlier examples to the outside on the later models.

The driver's dashboard.

The driver's cockpit.

Note the extended gear lever.

The aero-screen shaped like a driver's helmet!

This little supercharged 1½-litre 4-cyl 16-valve engine produced over 270 bhp @ 7000 rpm.

One of the Roots superchargers.

The eight branch exhaust manifold.

One of the two Roots superchargers, this one driven
by the camshaft gear: note the pressure safety valve!

The rear-engined JBW Maserati.

The twin Weber carburettors.
This 1½-litre 4-cyl 16-valve engine with twin Roots superchargers produced 260 bhp at 7000 rpm.

The huge finned and ventilated front drum brakes.

The rear suspension.


Tipo 6CM #1535

Cooper-Maserati #?

Tipo 4CM #1120

Tipo 61 #2457

Tipo 200SI #2416

Tipo A6GCS/53 #?

Tipo A6GCS #2098

Tipo A6GCM #2033

Tipo 4CL #1556

Tipo 250F #1556

Tec-Mec Maserati #F 451

JBW Maserati

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