The Goodwood Revival Weekend 2002

"Maseratis in the paddock!"


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Tipo 4CM #1120

The unique radiator grille of #1120!

According to MASERATI - A complete history from 1926 to the present by Luigi Orsini and Franco Zagari, #1120 started life in 1932 as a Tipo 4CM 1100 for Giuseppe Furmanik of Rome and was converted to a 4CM 1500 in 1936 for Gino Govere of Turin.

From the same source, #1120 with its 1100 cc engine was converted for a World Record speed attempt in 1936 by removal of the front brakes, a three-speed gearbox, a more aerodynamic bodywork and its overall weight was reduced to 470 Kg.

The cockpit and driver's seat ot the Tipo 4CM.

The rear suspension by leaf spring and friction damper, and the front finned drum brake.

The ornate radiator cap and the gearbox. Note the 'Trident' on the bell-housing and the pedals either side of the gearbox.

The steering mechanism and the front suspension by leaf springs with friction dampers.

The 1½-litre supercharged engine developed 150 bhp @ 7200 rpm.

Tipo 61 #2457

Tipo 200SI #2416

Tipo A6GCS/53 #?

Tipo A6GCS #2098

Tipo A6GCM #2033

Tipo 4CL #1556

Tipo 250F #1556

Tec-Mec Maserati #F 451

JBW Maserati

Tipo 4CLT #1604

Tipo 6CM #1535

Cooper-Maserati #?

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