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Tipo 61 #2457

The identification plate of #2457

According to Maserati Birdcage - The marvellous Tipo 60 and 61 sports racing cars by Joel E Finn, #2457 was "The last of the initial batch of Tipo 61s" and was purchased by Dave Causey from Indiana, USA. Shortly after taking delivery, Causey had the standard "Kamm-back" rear bodywork modified to the longer rounder shape shown above.

At the Sebring 12-Hour race in 1960, #2457 was driven by Dave Pygmy Causey and Luke Watusi Stear. After eight hours another Tipo 61 (#2458) driven by Stirling Moss and Dan Gurney retired whilst in the lead leaving #2457 in third place behind two Porsches. #2457 held on to third place for another three hours before being forced to retire "at the eleventh hour" with gearbox problems.

During practice for the "June Sprints" at Elkhart Lake (USA), "Causey had an off-course excursion that affected front-end stability...". However, #2457 still raced even though there was insufficient time to repair the car properly. Finn writes; "Causey, whose car wandered from one side of the road to the other like a drunken sailor and further darted all over the place under braking, drove very cautiously and managed to come in seventh."

In 1960, at the Elkhart Lake 500, #2457 driven by Causey and Stear earned a well-deserved victory after having driven an intelligent race. During the post-race celebrations their pit crew forcibly shaved off Stear's moustache and most of Causey's hair.


Found your site by accident. I purchased the "Birdcage" from Causey after the engine was blown. Can provide more history.

Thank you for your reply.

I was living in Indianapolis, Indiana at the time. David Causey and his twin brother Dean lived in Carmel, Indiana, a northern suburb of Indianapolis.

The engine was blown, with a connecting rod punching a hole through the aluminum block.

The reason for the thrown rod was Causey had fabricated a larger oil tank. For some reason welding residue inside the tank was not completely cleaned out. Oil starvation on either the #2 or #3 rod caused bearing failure. I cannot remember which it's been 40 years ago.

There was a manual with the car, but it was printed in Italian. I managed to find a graduate student at Indiana University who attempted to translate it for me. This way I was able to find clearances, settings etc.

I stripped the engine down, had the crankshaft turned to clean up the throws and had a patch inserted and welded (heliarced) into the block. Then had the block line bored to make sure it was in line. Found rods and pistons from PPG.

Painted the car in Maserati red, painted the tubes silver, repaired (welded) the breaks and separations in the frame tubes.

The interior color, if you're interested... the seats were upholstered in a sort of velour material in a color between blue and purple. Dave Causey always called it "coffin blue". I had them re-done in black leather before it was sold.

Installed, and could only get it to run for minutes at a time. Took to a race at Indianapolis Raceway Park but did not get it to start.

Due to divorce, personal problems, etc. the ex-wife sold the car. I was told, but cannot verify, that it was sold to someone in the state of Ohio, who planned to install a small block Buick engine. I do not know if this ever happended. The Causey twins were very active in Sports Car Club of America racing at the time. Dave tended toward big bore cars, C and D Jaguars, Dean very competive in smaller engine cars, particularly Porsche.

C. L. McDaniel."

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