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Henny Cate is a very keen photographer and his work is well known by readers for his regular contributions to 'Trident', the magazine of the Maserati Club here in the UK. Henny was kind enough to send me these truly stunning photographs taken at the various Maserati events he has attended. My sincere thanks to Henny for allowing me to share these photographs with you.

"Dear Henry,

....I am sending you the black and white shots taken at the 1957 British G.P. at Aintree. Maserati did not excel themselves and it was won by Vanwall, Moss taking over Tony Brooks's car. Brooks was not well.

I have pretty well all the cars in action on the Friday practice day - Ferrari, BRM, Vanwall as well as the enclosed of Maserati and Fangio in particular. The ones of him sitting in the 250F in discussion with Bertocchi are I think a bit special! (Special! Henny, I think they're fabulous).

So, the works team consisted of no.2 Fangio, no.4 Jean Behra, no.6 Harry Schell and no.8 Carlos Menditeguy. Behra has his 'trademark' chequered band around his helmet, but I have numbered all the prints on the back.

I hope this lot will make a seperate little display if you think fit.

All the best,


Henny, on behalf of all Maseratisti, thank you very much!


Fangio in the car with Guerino Bertocchi.

Fangio listening to Bertocchi?

Fangio getting into his car.

Behra and Fangio in discussion.

Maserati pit; left to right - Fangio (big bloke!), Behra, Harry Schell (with cap laughing), and Menditeguy.

Behra explaining the way to the Gents to Fangio?

Jean Behra (small bloke).

Pit entry; Fangio in his own car - dry conditions - goggles as usual.

Pit entry; Fangio in Mendieguy's car - wet, so he wears a visor, which I do not remember seeing him in before.

Maserati pit; left to right - Schell with cap, Menditeguy, Orsi with sunglasses and Ugolini. You can also see Bertocchi with cap in the middle (these were identified by Denis Jenkinson!). It is a sobering thought that within a short time only Fangio of the drivers remained alive and Bertocchi died in a testing accident.

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All photos are the copyright of: Henny Cate - © 2003 2004. All rights reserved.