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Henny Cate is a very keen photographer and his work is well known by readers for his regular contributions 'Trident', the magazine of the Maserati Club here in the UK. Henny was kind enough to send me these truly stunning photographs taken at the various Maserati events he has attended. My sincere thanks to Henny for allowing me to share these photographs with you.


A 5000 GT by Allemano

The factory 5000 GT by Allemano at the Maserati International Rally at Velden in 1988.

The car was driven at the rally by ex-racing driver Luigi Villoresi.

A detail of the 5000 GT as the great man waits his turn!

Luigi Villoresi one of the truly great 'Piloti' for Maserati.

Henny's Indy

Henny's Indy on the well known east approach of the Passo Stelvio.

Henny's Indy being welcomed outside the Maserati factory!

Henny's Bora

Henny's Bora descending the Gran San Bernardo
after having won the Swiss Club Autumn Rally.

Henny's Bora out for a drive through the New Forest in the Autumn.

Tipo 250Fs at play!

Nigel Corner taking on the complex at Silverstone.

A classic foursome at the 1997 Monaco Historic G.P. Car No. 23 is that of Owen Lindsay-Jones, car No. 21 is Ludovic Lindsay, car No. 7 is David Pennel and the little Cooper is driven by Katharina Schmidt.

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