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Henny Cate is a very keen photographer and his work is well known by readers for his regular contributions to 'Trident', the magazine of the Maserati Club here in the UK. Henny was kind enough to send me these truly stunning photographs taken at the various Maserati events he has attended. My sincere thanks to Henny for allowing me to share these photographs with you.


The Fabulous Maserati 250F T2

I photographed the V12 at Old Hall corner during the Seaman Trophy Meeting at Oulton Park in July 1988 and it was driven by an American called Stephen Griswold, who had done the restoration.

This Fabulous 2½-litre V12 engine produced 310 bhp @ 10000 rpm. Apparently, during the restoration, Marelli could not build a suitable magneto, so the car had coils for each pot! You can see them behind the bank that has the protection cover over the inlets of the right bank.

1994 Coy's Silverstone: Thomas Bscher in the Tipo V-12 250F T2.

An OSCA Tipo F2

Following on from their experiences with Formula 1 in 1951, the Maserati brothers designed this 2-litre Formula 2 car. The twin overhead camshaft engine had dual ignition and produced 170 bhp @ 6500 rpm. With a dry weight of 650 kg, its top speed was estimated at 225 kph.

The cockpit of the OSCA F2 and an action shot of the OSCA, driven by the late Anthony Mayman, during the Seaman Trophy Meeting at Oulton Park in 192. The action shot was taken from the inside of Lodge Corner.

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