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Henny Cate is a very keen photographer and his work is well known by readers for his regular contributions to 'Trident', the magazine of the Maserati Club here in the UK. Henny was kind enough to send me these truly stunning photographs taken at the various Maserati events he has attended. My sincere thanks to Henny for allowing me to share these photographs with you.


The Silverstone Classic 2006

Dear Henry,

Further to our chat yesterday afternoon I enclose the shots I took at the Silverstone Classic 2006.


Sir Stirling Moss in the OSCA Mt4.

Albuquerque in the 300S exits Priory and leads Pearson driving a D-Type Jaguar in the Complex

Mark Gillies in the 300S and Alan Minshaw in the Tipo 61 'Birdcage'

The Tipo 61 exiting Priory and entering the complex at Silverstone

Mark Cooke and the rare Maserati 350S in the complex at Priory

Barrie Williams in a Cooper-Maserati and Maseratis at rest.

More Maseratis in the Maserati Club area at the Silverstone Classic.

The Maserati International Rally 2006

Dear Henry,

Further to our chat yesterday afternoon I enclose the shots I took at the Maserati International Rally 2006, hosted by the Swiss Maserati Club.


Maria Teresa de Filippis being interviewd by Swiss television.

This Tipo 250F, #2526, was the Monaco Grand Prix winner in 1956.

Maria Teresa de Filippis at home in the 250F.

'Pilottino' in the cockpit of the 250F and a Maserati MC12 in pole position.

The Maserati MC12 on parade at the airfield on the Saturday morning.

The magnificent Maserati MC12 in the portico of the Hotel Jungfrau and the beautifully crafted front grille of the A6G/54 by Zagato.

A6G/54 by Zagato - The best one to take home!

Andrew Green finishing the test in the 3500GT and on the track with Drummond Bone.

A topless and exposed Maserati A6GCS and the neat and nippy road-going Ligier JS2 of Heini Pfenninger.

The Henny Cate Indy - At the airfield awaiting the start on the Saturday morning and later parked on a meter with the Jungfrau Massif in the distance.

The Shamal of Walter Gualdrini gets the chequered flag whilst an A6 1500 by Pinin Farina has time to check the oil level!

The Indy of Henny Cate and the trophy awarded to Henny and Drummond (and the Indy) for their well-earned second place in the 'Sporting Day Classic Cars' class.

Coincidence - The Ghibli and A6 1500 Coupes in the hotel garage and later at lunchtime the Ghibli and A6 1500 are seen parking together during the road event.

Pinin Farina's finely crafted A6 1500 Coupe and the Victoria Jungfrau - Home to the 2006 Maserati International.

The Saturday morning - The Maseratis await the off for the hill section and later stop for a coffee break, it's thirsty work is this!

The Saturday morning - Massed Maseratis at the airfield.

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